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This Is My Yankee Stadium…

Posted: September 23, 2008 in MLB

…so I was watching ESPN yesterday, and it honestly was like Superbowl or something…from 11am to 1am…all about Yankee Stadium! A 24 hour farewell to a stadium! People essentially honoring concrete , grown men sobbing and recalling great days of yole and the memories of the best!…. concrete in sports.I’m not really sure why guys get worked up about facilities….maybe women do the same thing when they close a nostrum’s…I have no idea, I don’t get it, I don’t get sentimental attachment to motor and bricks and concrete..but clearly I’m in the minority , so here is my sappy tribute to the Yankee Stadium that I know and that I love!

“It was a steamy august afternoon, 2 years ago riding the subway with my pops! I couldn’t tell where I stopped..and the bum began! I considered buying my cousins both a pennant and a tendinitis shot! We arrived in 94 degree weather, drenched and ready for our beloved past time…trying to ignore the stench of stale beer and Bronx urine, we made it to our seats…or soo we thought! and a very humble yet vulgar stadium attendant, let me know that we were 2 rows off, from there my thirst of the game was first quenched by a $9 Heineken…warm, and flat but historic Heineken, I explained to my mom the infield fly rule and the sacrifice bunt and why two guys in front of us were being ejected! But the best part was saved for the 7th inning when a mom behind us dropped an f-bomb after Giambi had killed another rally. The Yank’s lost and my mom, as we left, she clung to my father and I, like she had never clung to us before….mostly because she had never been this frighten…that’s the Yankee Stadium I know and the Yankee stadium I love…thanks [sniffles] that one is gonna sting!