Just as every guy at one point in their life has had to “eat it” for a while, be it in business/ sports argument/ relationships, so did the L.A.Lakers for about 4 years…now they’ve been vindicated!

Posted: June 3, 2009 in NBA

…I’ll tell you what, the first thing I thought of on Saturday at like 10:45pm eastern time was…and I can’t speak for women…I can only speak for guys cause that’s all I really know…every guy at one point in their life has had to “eat it” for a while, even though they were right! Could be in a relationship, could be in business, could be in a sports argument, you’ve had to “eat it”…. you have to eat crow for a while and you know you’re right, you’ve always been right but you take it in the shorts…short-term!  

My good friend’s dad has a buddy who got married to this Baywatch type looking model, apparently she was a stand in on Baywatch and she was smokin hot…I mean you’ve never seen anything like this in a bikini… and umm, well he divorced her and said to my friend’s dad “she’s a train wreck” I gotta get outta this…and you know for about two years guys were banging on him saying “Your nuts!” “I’ve seen her on Baywatch…she’s unbelievable!” 18 months 2 years later she’s divorced again…and the guy was like “TOLD YOU SO!!!” for like 18 months, he never heard the end of it…saw her on Baywatch and she looked great, buddies were killing him and he finally comes back at them saying “see, what did I tell yah!” It’s her third, she’s only 27 years old…she’s a mess!

Let’s go back to the Kobe/Shaq separation…they won 3 titles, they’re going for a fourth and the Lakers had to choose between Kobe and Shaq. And the Lakers obviously chose Kobe! Ownership (Jerry Bust) chose Kobe! he was younger, he was healthier, he was a better practice player, he was more focused, he was more driven….but Shaq left, won a championship and verbally abused the Lakers every chance he had! “Kobe’s a selfish player, he’s a bum…Lakers made a mistake” they’d been hearing that for about 5 years! Today…and by the way it was always the right move to go with Kobe…Shaq’s into Rap video’s…Kobe’s into basketball, Shaq is un-focused…Kobe is completely focused…Shaq is falling apart physically…Kobe is now still in his prime for another year or two, it was always the right move…but for 4 or 5 years, Shaq loves to talk and the Lakers had to “eat it!” Shaq won a title, Shaq is doing his videos “Kobe how’s my [blank] taste!” you all know how Shaq rolls.

Saturday night at 10:45pm, the Lakers were vindicated! They always chose the right guy, the younger more focused, ambitious, more driven gym rat! he was always the right choice and I said it at the time…but sometimes in life, be it Tom Kofflin, be it the guy who invented McDonald’s, people are going to bang on you…when Ray Kroc first invented McDonald’s and franchising, people said “you want me to pay…for your name?, Your crazy!…that’s stupid!” now he is the model on how to franchise a restaurant! He bought it from the McDonald brothers…franchised it! Sometimes you have to wait for people to catch up to you…and this was always one of those…the Lakers were always right! Shaq was a 300 something pound center, bad wheels, bad practice player, unfocused, could gain weight, played hard about twice a week, mailed it in about 3 times a week and Kobe was this driven, ambitious, focused kid and Saturday night at about 10:45pm the Lakers finally proved what everybody knew…they made the right decision, they are now poised to win a couple more championships and Shaq is a beaten up, washed up, vagabond who everybody…

Now Cleveland this morning (barring Lebron James’ decision) is trying to unload his contract, Shaq had the first laugh, Kobe gets the rest of them…the Lakers are poised for championships , nobody in the league wants Shaq’s deal…nobody!! the Suns got rid of it last year, the Cav’s want to get rid of it ….90% of this league would take Kobe tomorrow, the Suns bailed water and now the CAVS are doing everything they can to bail water so that somebody for at least a year will help them let go of Shaq, Shaq has become a $20 million dollar luggage set, he has just become everybody’s worst financial nightmare! He got the first laugh, Kobe gets the rest!….So to all you guys out there, I don’t care if its business or sports, life, relationships that you’ve had to “eat it!” for a year or two…you knew you were right, you were absolutely right, but people abused you …and well, Saturday night was for you!! Saturday night was for all of you!


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