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….let’s start with the last year’s World Series champion New York Yankee’s “money doesn’t buy happiness is an old proverb” yet the guy who said that, did so before free agency! Let me ask you this; were Yankee fans happy the morning after they won their 27th World Series last year? Uh yeah…thus proving that money DOES buy happiness! But we feel guilty, as North Americans saying that, we feel dirty saying that. “We’re not about money” you might say, “who’s to say your all about money? Just because it makes you happy?”  Well, ever seen people win the lottery? They seem happy to me!

As my man 2Pac said years ago, remember what 2Pac said years ago?…he’s said “money can’t buy happiness…but I’m happy as when I have the things I want… and I can get those things with money” if the person who said money doesn’t buy happiness really meant it, it’s because there wasn’t much to buy back then! We didn’t have today’s technology, we didn’t have today’s luxuries, we didn’t have today’s free agency…iPods, Bentley’s and C.C. Sabathia were not around!!! When “money doesn’t buy happiness” popped outta somebody’s mouth! Socrates, Aristotle, Shakespeare, they didn’t have the option to buy a Vizio! Okay, we feel guilty in saying that money buys happiness.

I had this conversation a couple of days ago with my hot friend Anne, and I said “you know once you get over the guilt of money, it’s actually a fun ride!” money also buys food for the homeless, a private education, independence…and the entire left hand side of the Yankees infield!! Haha.  There’s a lot of good stuff with money. For example, it bought Alabama a really good college football coach from the NFL, it bought North Carolina college basketball probably the best coach in the game and a national championship last year…it bought the Dallas Cowboys a shinny new stadium to attractive sponsors, fans and free agents… and now if they could just buy the right coach! I remember seeing lots of haters the morning after the Yankee’s won last year. One particular friend I met on the bus, going from Kitchener to Waterloo said something along the lines of “ugh the Yankess bought the World Series” well; I think there’s examples all over sports where the last 20 championships in every single sport we’re essentially bought!

When Baylor football wins a BCS title or Cornell basketball wins a final four, THEN I’ll believe that money doesn’t buy happiness in all of sports! And I was seeing a lot of haters that morning. My good friend Steven said to me “it’s just too much, their payroll ranks higher than 20 countries’ entire GDP” ahh get over it! Colin from Ohio wrote to me and said “See what money buys you? Thank you end of story… baseball is finally over”  By the way in Ohio, Ohio State pays a lot more for their football facilities than Northwestern does… you don’t have a problem with that!

Before fans braid the Yankees, look at college football and basketball programs, the expensive coach, the amazing facilities…you’re all basically buying championships are you not? And it works!! And by the way, the guy who said that money doesn’t buy happiness… that’s when money had like the same value as like woodchips and bacon!  Of course it buy happiness…it just bought the Yankees a World Series, their happy…it work!!! DON’T TELL ME MONEY DOESN’T BUY HAPPINESS…GET OVER IT!!!

I tell my hot friend Anne that all the time….”gotta get over the guilt”. Like would you like to send your kids to a private school? Yeah of courses you would….well, then money buys you happiness! And it buy them an education…everybody wins! The teachers win, your kids win, you win, society wins…private education…everybody wins! You know I was getting bombarded with messages that morning.

Here’s another one, Scott from Cincinnati ”I’ll be listening to music for a few days instead of your rants and the Yankee praising. I’m a sports junkie just like you Andrew, but I watched 20 mins of last night’s baseball game and opted to watch instead more of Monday Night Football. The Yankees are an All-Star joke!” Hey Scott, by the way, this is again from Ohio!  Is their Big Ten football parity? How many times has Northwestern beaten Ohio State in 20 years? You don’t complain when Ohio State gets the top recruiting class in the Big Ten every year? Ohio guy….save it!! Here’s one final message I got later that afternoon…oh by the way, lots of people enjoyed that World Series…it got a 15.5 rating (Harris Interactive Poll 2009)….”Congrats” says Brad from St Louis “on your big market, over spending, East Coast, 27 time World Champions. I’ve heard your Manifesto before Andrew. I don’t care what you say, I’d rather root for the underdogs and those who do it the right way, building from within the system” that’s from my dear friend Brad in St. Louis. By the way, St Louis has a higher payroll than 95% of baseball. The only reason as to why their gonna keep Albert Pujols is because their gonna outspend everybody in baseball to do it!

Here is a guy who has it right! Let me read to you what a mutual friend of my dad’s wrote in to me…this is umm, Pedro from Springfield, Missouri, I love this guy’s attitude!  He goes onto say

“Yankee haters are nothing more or less than a result of society, a society that believes that all is owed to them and all should be fair. The Yankees are the ultimate example of capitalistic success, they represent everything that is right in America…determination, striving for excellence, desire for victory…even domination! The free market system it works! Home grown talent, well managed assets/income…integration of purchased commodities, good old fashion hard work with high expectation, the organization puts winning and excellence above everything else… that is fundamentally American…they wanna win every year and they expect it! Baseball is the last facet of the free market and liberty…the Yankee’s are the pinnacle of sporting success…and the hater’s too jealous to see passed their own bias!!”

Wow….that is more like it! Darn right its good for America…screw the Kansas City Royals, I feel great today!! This rant was presented by…Progressive Insurance #1 in Motorcycle Insurance, just like the Yankees!!! haha….God Bless America!!! God Bless the Yankee’s!!!!!!

So Estuardo in Baltimore wrote something to me that I’ve never really thought about… “Andrew, screw the Yankee haters…today sports is better….look at who are the champions are in big sports…Yankees in baseball, Saints in football, Lakers in the NBA, Blackhawks in hockey, Alabama in college football, Duke in college basketball…after a decade of fluke champions here and fluke champions there….the big sports and their traditional powerhouses rise to the top and I couldn’t feel any better about it…Sports is better for it…makes them more interesting” Thank you very much, Estuardo from Baltimore, you are 100% right! Umm, let me also say this…Let me defend the Lakers and the Yankees and the Alabama football and Duke Basketball and people like Florida football who overpay for their coach…..let me defend the Yankee’s and those who claim that they bought a championship.

How were they able to buy the best free agents? Not with money…but with PASSION! Because without passion, the Yankees don’t have the revenue streams to buy World Series titles…why does the SEC pay their coaches double to triple than every other college football conference? Is the Deep South really richer than USC? Or Austin, Texas? I think not!! They just CARE MORE…they rally; all their money goes to college football….SO PASSION FUELS THEIR COMMERCE!

How can Alabama charge more for a football ticket that UCLA…Pasadena to Tuscaloosa…it shouldn’t be that way. Money is only their because of the passion…okay, the Yankees and the Lakers and the Duke basketball and Alabama football…they charge more for their tickets because of the enormous passion for their products that exists …a higher percentage of their fans buy jerseys, and hats…Yankee fans call radio shows demanding that the general manager, NOT ENCOURAGING BUT DEMANDING, that he sign CC Sabathia, ponying up the dough, knowing that their parking doubles and that the Heineken goes to $11.50 a bottle…but in New York, baseball is #1, in the South its College Football, in the West it’s the NBA and in the Carolina’s its college basketball….but passion ultimately wins all those championships, not money, since it’s the passion that drives the revenue.

People make fun of New England sports fans…calling them “too intense, no perspective, wacko get a life!”…but it’s that intensity that you don’t find out West, which drives the bus….look out West right now: Padres, Giants, Mariners, D-backs, A’s, Raiders, Chargers, Seahawks, Niner’s…pathetic!! And nobody really cares…In the North East it’s the Yankees and the Phillies and the Steelers and the Patriots and the Red Sox’s and the Ravens and the Eagles…And everybody REALLY cares. Not to say they don’t care in Seattle, they care…but they just care about coffee and technology! The only reason why the Yankees charge $18 for a program, $11 for a Heineken and $700 for a single ticket is because their fans CARE MORE! Its Economics 101, its supply and demand.

By the way, I went online this morning…the Mets for a field box seat charge $175, the Yankees charge $375…you’ve got two teams in New York, one charges more than double than the other! So it must be that Yankee fan cares more, demands more than Met fan. Laker fan demands more than Clipper fan, Alabama fan demands more than Auburn fan…and Ohio State fan demands more than Purdue fan…so it’s not money, money is JUST THE RESULT of the passion fuelled all over the US, Nebraska Football, Alabama Football, they’re not as rich as UCLA…Stanford has got more money than anybody else…they just don’t care as much! If they did…they could quadruple the salary of every coach on their staff. So before you bang on the Yankees…look at who right now, as Estuardo in Baltimore so brilliantly pointed out…look at who is winning these championships…Chicago in hockey, New Orleans in NFL, Los Angeles in NBA, and the Yankees in MLB…passion drives the bus, not the money…you only get that money, with unbridled, unrivaled passion!