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…the good news for USC is that Lane Kiffin, the first thing he did when he got to USC was got the “hang-rounder’s” and the “wanna-be’s” out of the program. He said “there is too much dangerous exposure to the program, there’s too many people with proximity close to the program” and that really was the issue during Pete Carroll’s reign. If you’re a USC fan, you can whine about this, but you can’t have a star running back like Reggie Bush deny that he got a $300,000 loan from 2 shysters and then deny it, deny it, deny it….and then on the day he goes to court “okay!” and then pays back the $300,000, pfft come on!

You know, do I feel bad…do I feel bad for the players in USC’s program? oh absolutely!!…ummm, but the thing with Reggie Bush is…and this is one of the very very very things I’ve been true and very consistent on. I always blame Calipery for Kentucky and Memphis’s problems “he didn’t know!” you might say…oh come on; you are suppose to know, so get over it! I tend to give football programs, the USC’s and Ohio States a break, because there’s more players…its a bigger business…you can’t see everything. But Reggie Bush’s’ parents (not affluent) suddenly they live in a beautiful home and they’re going to road games…you gotta pay attention to that stuff.

Now, Pete Caroll was very loosy goosy…umm, that was not exactly subtle is what I’m saying, with respect to the Reggie Bush situation, this is not a David Blaine slide of the hand thing…heck the Reggie Bush situation was about as sutle as a bank hold-up/hostage situation. I mean you had to know that something’s…I mean, people talk, Reggie’s parents on road games, $300,000 loan…suddenly outta the blue Reggie denied it, denied it, denied it…goes to court “err, okay here’s your money back!”..sorry!!!, you’re going to get in trouble for that!

We can argue all day weather it’s too much …..Pete Caroll ran a very loose program; the way to look at it is this… Pete Caroll and Dennis Erickson, both have left their NCAA schools with baggage, BOTH are pro coaches and bring a pro sensability to the table…so does Tim Floyd, who left USC’s basketball program as an utter train wreck…and who is now also a pro coach. Be very careful as an athletic director when hiring pro coaches…they bring a pro sensability to the program, Pete brought it, Dennis brought it and Tim Floyd brought it. They did! And those guys will leave town and go to the pro’s in a heartbeat and leave kids and administrators and other coaches on the vine…and I feel terrible for them.

One of the good news for USC, is that when Lane Kiffin got there (and it was a great move!) the first thing he did, he said “listen, I am limiting access to our practices, and our sidelines, we got too many people in the locker-room it was a great move…it didn’t get good reviews from the NCAA but it just seems that their locker-room doesn’t give off that collegiate feel…it probably felt like the Miami Hurricanes and the two-live crew era…you had too many pro’s, too many doors open, too much proximity and it was ultimately gonna come back to haunt you….See, there are two types of baby-sitters: theirs the babysitter that lets you eat ice-cream and lets you stay up past your bed-time and lets you on the computer all night (that was Pete Caroll). Then there’s the other kind of baby-sitter:  Nick Saben, where they inspect your teeth, every single one of them after you’ve washed them…haha, okay? Pete, Dennis Erickson…you know those guys, were the fun baby-sitter. It doesn’t make them bad, it just makes them fun. Nick Saben is no fun, and Nick Saben makes you eat all your vegetables and wash your teeth and inspects every single one of them.

Lane Kiffin is a lot more like Nick Saben then he is Pete Caroll. Lane Kiffin is bottom-line, he is strict, he is intense…nothing is going to get through the cracks with Lane Kiffin, it’s just not! Listen, everybody is doing something here…it’s just impossible when you’re at these amazing football programs…I’ve defended Ohio State, this is one of those days that I couldn’t care less what my inbox says “ohh Andrew you’re a homer!” noo I’m defending USC right now am I not? ….College football programs, there’s too much money…you think Wall Street is clean this afternoon? There’s too much money, too much access, you’re gonna have insider trading, you’re gonna have rule violations…uhh but I do believe that the good news for USC is that Lane Kiffin came in and …and I’ve also said this. There is 3 programs in the country…UNLV basketball, Miami football & USC football…it is tougher, it is much tougher with those 3 to keep them squeaky clean. There’s a lot of people in Vegas, Miami and LA…you get a lot of people, a lot of agents, a lot of sudo-celeb’s, a lot of wanna-be’s, a lot of hanger’s on…you don’t get that at Iowa, you don’t get that at Columbus, you don’t even get them at Austin, Texas. But you do get them in Miami, Vegas and LA…and all 3 of these programs have had a history of getting wacked!…you don’t get them in state-college pa’s, you don’t…you just don’t get them there. Maybe you got some high faloon flashy cows, but that’s about it!

So I went onto USC’s message board last night for about 5mins…just to get updates, updates and updates…clearly it is not a news source, haha ….I mean “ is out to get us…so is and as well” you’d think after reading a couple that USC was gonna get a reduction of a couple of practices. Listen, nobody is out to get anybody…i feel terrible for the current players (I really do) I feel bad for Lane Kiffin, I feel bad for both coaches and players…but this is a cautionary tale of being about hiring guys from the NFL or NBA…I feel really bad.


…so everyone has been made to think that Donovan is the end all and be all of American Soccer. Granted he is the all time goal scorer for the US and is perhaps the greatest attacking player that has come out the ranks in America (Villarreal forward Rossi would lay claim to this had he opted to play for the US, where he moved to when he was 12 years old, but then again can’t blame him for making it into a soccer powerhouse squad like Italy).

Donovan has more considerable experience in Europe, having played in Everton FC recently and been mightily instrumental in their tie against my beloved Arsenal at the Emirates (slotted a beautiful pass to Steven Pienaar for the game timing goal and almost had Felani head in his free kick in the last 5mins of the game). Bradley though brings a different set of tools to the team, and the stats are certainly showing it after 3 games in the tourney.  He ranks third, according to FIFA, in distanced covered (sitting behind Khedira of Germany and Torrado of Mexico). Has completed 73% of his passes. Granted it’s only after 3 matches, but a stat like that after half an EPL/La Liga/Bundesliga/Serie A season would quickly have him labeled as a world class player. Is near the top in terms of tackles (tackles that have gained possession and in term sof recovered balls).

FIFA apparently has it that he has yet to lose possession of the ball, has only been whistled 4 times (this is significant since he does have a reputation of creating dumb fouls in his infant soccer careers). His greatest strength, believe it or not, lies in his versatility to play with various central midfielders. Partnering up with Edu, Torres and Clark in the 3 matches has seen him be the key man in shutting down England (played fantastic in closing Frank Lampard and Steven Gerrard).  Donovan even acknowledged him with being the centre-piece of the offensive attacking style that helped them win the group.

So if the US play well and triumph over Ghana, look for Michael Bradley to play an influential part in the game. Believe it or not, you could even see him being coveted by the world biggest domestic clubs to have a 22 year old influential midfielder dazzle in the pitch like he has done so far.

Manny Ramirez is going back to Boston this weekend, the Dodgers’ interleague play having to go to Boston….so Manny’s going back to Boston and the big question is: Are they going to boo Manny Ramirez…and well of course they will because its Boston! And they always wake up in a bad mood…haha! There’s a saying that a friend of mine told me once, exists in the New England area “Fence’s make good neighbours”…that quote says it all about the New England region!

People just wake up ready to boo. But you know, I always laugh at this… that Manny Ramirez, your Boston, you go 90 years of frustration, loser attitude, little brother to New York…Manny comes, and you get 2 championships… “ohh he didn’t run hard to first base…ohh he got into a fight with the travelling secretary”…pfft what do you care? You didn’t see it! It wasn’t your father he was fighting….what do you care of what he does? All these guys are messing around with their wives and you still cheer for them!! You don’t know what’s going on in clubhouses….so he’s going to go to Boston this weekend.

I guarantee you that he’ll get booed, and here is what I’ve always felt about stuff like this….if you pay me off, if you give me greatness or happiness…I’m going to look past all of your flaws! My 2 former best friends offered me a great friendship, were willing to take a hit if need be, engage in conversation, offered up solid advice…..I could honestly care less about their baggage! Pfft, what do I care if we don’t get along on certain stuff….Manny gave you 2 titles, what do you care if he got into a fight with the travelling secretary of the Red Sox’s…you didn’t know the guy! You wouldn’t have even known about it if it wasn’t for the Boston media…”well Andrew, he dogged it in the end” oh really?

His last month…I went online and looked it up. Batting average…up, on-base percentage… up, slugging percentage…up! He had a very good last month with the Red Sox’s, go look it up! By the way, Ortiz was never really better with him and never worst than without him. Same thing with Jason Veritek…Veritek and Ortiz are less players than without Manny Ramirez…I mean he gave you W’s!! He gave you World Series Championships…I mean to me, people in life wake up in a sorta good move and sorta bad move…and then the daily life events push them more so in that particular direction.

And I just think that Boston guy, wakes up in a sorta bad mood…you know I’m streaming Boston radio this morning and guys are calling in saying [in their Boston accent} “yeah, I’m gonna boo him!”….you hate you!! You don’t hate Manny. You hate your miserable life, you don’t hate Manny. The guy gave you 2 championships, he’s left…and you’re not close to one since!! You weren’t close last year and you’re not in New York or Tampa’s league this year…so I mean, you can sit there and complain about what bad things this guy did.

Listen, Boston has a history of treating their great players like dirt!! Even guys like Ted Williams…Tom Brady wouldn’t even live there in the off-season anymore….Tom Brady would spend more time in LA and New York then he would in Boston….so I mean, if you’re gonna boo the great players..the greatest player’s you’ve had…yah, they’ve had problems there…Jim Rice had problems there, Nomar had problems there…if your gonna boo those guys, it’s just not a very attractive stuff…that’s why the Mark Texiera’s choose New York over Boston…New York (I’m not from Boston or New York) though I like New York significantly more…the difference from New York and Boston is this….New York, once you deliver in New York…they have your back for life! Bill Parcell, Joe Torre, Derek Jeter…back for life!

In Boston, they treat you like gold for the first week…..and then no matter what you do, no matter how great you are…they try to tear you down!! Manny gave you something that you may never get again. I would argue that the Yankees are separating from the Red Sox’s more and more financially with a new stadium…so New York is really separating from Boston …you may not win another championship for a long long time. Minnesota now has increased revenues, that’s a well run franchise, the Phillies, the Dodgers, the Cardinals….there’s a lot of well run franchises…there’s a lot of competition, the Braves are surging….I mean Ted Williams had a contentious relationship with Boston, what does that tell you?

So the idea that, “I’m going to boo him” it’s funny cause like I said, I went on this morning to look at his stats…spoke with another avid baseball fan while going to campus this morning….” Ohhh Manny, he was just terrible at the end” and then I went online and looked up his last month in Boston, he had a string of multiple multi-hit games, let’s see here had..1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8….9 multiple hit game!! In the month…his average went up 16 points, his last month in Boston….”oh so he just mailed it in then eh”…”well he didn’t run to 1st base hard enough…have you seen Stephen Strasburg? He moon walks to first base!!! …”ugh, like I mean we got into a fight and what not”…he said he was hurt against the Yankees, you know what? He probably played hurt for a lot of years!!! And he took one off and you all ripped him for it. I think this is just revisionist history for Boston fans…total revisionist history!! How can you boo a guy who gave you guys that much?

Fans by in large are emotional animals, up/down…high/low…vulgarity in the privates messages and threats to break-off our friendship, that’s the world I live and you know its fine…I just…stay in the middle. But let me give you a story…when space shuttles come back to earth, you know how space shuttles always leave and then come back to know they land in like Lane Caster, California or somewhere remote….now, during that re-entry to earth, there is a 2 minute window of re-entry where NASA loses communication with the space shuttle and the pilot…we know it going in. When the space shuttle re-enters our orbit, there is two minutes that we can’t hear. Everybody knows it, everybody in the control room knows it…but my argument is that if you put an NBA fan in that NASA control room, the minute you lose communication, that NBA-NASA fan will be yelling “do you copy…do you hear me? WE LOST THEM…OMG, THEIR DEAD, IT’S ALL OVER…WE CAN’T REACH THEM, WHAT IN THE WORLD HAPPENED?”…pfft, settle down knuckle-head, settle down.

Lakers/Celtics heading into Game 6…prediction here, it will go 7!!…this is EXACTLY what everyone predicted…just like re-entry, you knew there was going to be 2 minutes….cooler heads prevail, right on track, it was a six/seven game series according to everybody…some took LA some took Boston. I took Boston before the series, I kinda like the Lakers after 3 games…it’s going to go 7, it is…I mean listen, the Lakers shoot 36%, the Celtics shoot 56%, the Celtics score on their first 12 of 13 possessions and they beat LA by 6 in Boston???? Really??? Derek Fisher 2 for 9, Gasol 5 for 12, Artest was terrible, and they shoot 36% and you only lose by 6 on the road? Even Phil Jackson admitted it afterwards that it was eventually going to happen “they had a run…we knew they were going to have a run and as I told the players before the game, this team is going to shoot well one of these games…and they have a shot at it, yeah on their home court..” and that was Sunday night…they shot almost 57%!!

Now if I’m the Lakers, I go home…coming off my worst offensive game, Boston’s coming off their best shooting night…I feel pretty good for Game 6, I think if we’re the Lakers and we shoot 57% and they shoot 36% I beat them by more than 6 in LA. Boston’s big 3 were 10 for 15 in the 3rd Qtr…..Kevin Garnett and Perkins were 7 for their first 7 shots! 14 points no misses….it’s amazing how the animals go crazy! first 3 games…LA looked better…..last 3 games, Boston has established its toughness especially on the interior…now we go cross country, now we go back to LA and if Bynum can (and he will) play 28-32 minutes, LA will get the breaks, LA will get the calls…LA will re-establish position down low…listen there is a rule on these rants that I do …it’s called the “desperate and talent rule”…when you get really talented people, and their usually more desperate….they usually win, not all the time though….but they usually win! If Boston loses Sunday night its 3-2 LA going back to LA for 2 at home….Boston Sunday night played like a desperate team, huge intensity…but Kobe Bryant said afterwards “where the fans are panicking…pfft, we’re not panicking”.

This series has really proven two things. Both teams can take a punch, neither team is great, there is no dominate gladiator here….LA has an advantage with length & Kobe, Boston has advantage in depth and shooters…Boston leads, but LA is going back home for 2! So this is nothing to worry about, this is right where we said we’d be…this reminds me sooo much of the college football season! Everybody rips the BSC and then it always ends up okay…”ahh its terrible…ahhh its unbelievable!” and we always end up “Alabama vs. Texas…two unbeaten teams from major conferences playing for the national championship”…it’s just okay.

My hunch is that LA is not going to shoot 36% at home, Boston is not going to shoot 58% in LA…call me nutty, call me cynical…but I’m going to be that NASA guy in the control room saying “alright, re-entry…lost communication for a couple of minutes!”

So I wanted to start off the rant today by kinda talking about the psyche of the North American men. I’ve always thought deep down inside that they are better human beings, their more self-less. Now, I’m not saying that their aren’t women who are selfish (cause their certainly are) but women, especially with kids, do a lot of work and their usually is no payoff and there is no glory…your just wiping diapers, staying home, working for your guy and there is no glory in it.

We guys, wanna payoff! I mean, there are certain guys out there who think “well I bought you dinner, so I better get this and that at the end of our date” that’s how most guys are, the ego…we like to think that society has been built around us, so we gotta get a payoff! And if there is no payoff…we quit! We move on, we want a new contract, we’re not happy, we’re not the same guys….you know, a women for years can go out, selflessly running a family…no payoff! Guys don’t do that though, we just don’t!

The majority of volunteers are women, they’re not men…and that is what I think makes them the superior species, at a DNA level, then us. Umm, but I thought this was interesting…..USC started practice, and it’s become very trendy to say “well USC is gonna be no good this year!” even in the PAC-10!!! Hahaha….like heck, Oregon was picked over USC? Really? Umm Oregon loses their starting QB (was kicked off the team) …and they are going to be better than USC, who are returning their starter, who have the #1 rated QB in high school all over the US?…starts as a freshman, who @ Oregon and Ohio State…Oregon has to play @ USC, after embarrassing the Trojans @ Oregon last year…Oregon has, and always has had inferior talent compared to USC…college football is all about talent!

Why did Alabama and Texas end up in the national championship? Because they always have the top 5 recruiting classes …why does my beloved Ohio State dominate the Big 10? They out-recruit everybody in the Big 10…USC has better talent by a mile than anybody in that conference!! Their better at QB, their better on the defensive line, much better defensive coordinator…they host Oregon…but the reason why we’re picking Oregon is because, well…there is no pizza party at the end of the year for USC, they can’t go to a bowl game…think about that.

Remember back when teachers did that in elementary and middle school? “alright, you kids do this….pizza party at the end of the year!” wow, I remember that thing had a lot of pull! I mean literally, a good family friend’s son came up to me last time out I was back home with the rents….its summer! He’s in camp, he came up to me and said “hey Andrew, I just found out who my grade 3 teacher is…” he goes “a grade 3 teacher is soo much fun…you get like a pizza party at the end of the year!” Like wow, it’s amazing when you dangle something!!!

And there is no bowl…now a lot of people have said to me, and that’s why I’m saying “I think USC is gonna be fantastic this year” but I really don’t know how they are going to react to the fact that there won’t be no pizza party at the end of the year for them! People have said to me “well Andrew, look at Alabama….compare USC to Alabama!”…well you know what, its sorta hard….cause like heck, Alabama was on probation 4 times over 14 years!!…it’s hard to find a time from 97’- 04’ where Alabama wasn’t on probation!!

They’re kinda like Lindsay Lohan…they just got used to an ankle bracelet; it just became a fashion accessory!! You can’t find a 2 year period when they WEREN’T in trouble! So folks, I can’t compare USC to Alabama. And I also can’t compare the SEC to the PAC-10…you lose scholarships in the SEC…heck, your done! You lose them in the PAC -10 and your USC…I still think you win 10 or 11 games! But this will all rest on how Lane Kiffin, creating an “us against the world” mentality, with no pizza party, no bowl games, no big payoff…takes a bunch of young men, and we know as guys, we are always better when we get the ultimate payoff!

Now if Lane Kiffin was coaching women’s intramural football…there’s no doubt in my mind that they would go 12-0 and win the national championship! Cause women, by and large, don’t need the big payoff! They want it, but they don’t need it!!!

…Michigan State basketball coach Tom Izzo, a very good coach and a very good man reportedly visited Cleveland on Thursday and met with Cavalier officials. Now this is all part of the domino effect of Lebron James…I don’t know what Tom Izzo brings to the table in regards to Lebron James, I don’t…but according to Michigan State sources, Izzo had scheduled the trip, sat down with his players, told his players “this is what I’m going to do…” and in my HAVE to take this job!

You go from commuter planes, and dinner’s at Arbey’s and high school gyms, and AAU basketball to private charters, lobster dinners, Ritz-Carlton hotels, and Lebron…now Mr. Izzo I will warn you it’s still Cleveland, but I think you have to take this job. Tom Izzo is a smart man and smart people don’t pass up this oppourtunity…remember, when Coach K at Duke turned down the Lakers, they were in transition…it wasn’t a guaranteed home-run! And even then, Coach K with the best job in college basketball (arguably) listened!

I think what is happened is that college basketball is becoming a tough tough tough place for elite coaches and elite programs. Not Gonzaga or Butler, because you’re not getting NBA players from there. But for the Carolina’s , UCLA, Michigan State, Syracuse, UConn and Kentucky…your basically recruiting NBA kids and every single one of them on your program…basically every single program is a diving board. In Gonzaga and Rutgers, that’s not the case…but in Syracuse, UConn, Michigan State and UCLA…it’s a diving board into the NBA pool. And I’ve said this before…college basketball to some degree has become a big apartment complex…you rent not own, nobody really wants to be there, there’s no sense of neighbourhood, its every man for themselves…that’s the proposition that it is.

We’ve all lived in that apartment complex briefly, everyone eventually wants to get into the house…and the house is the NBA. You stay there for years…the apartment complex, you see people, you say Hi but you know it’s not long-term and I think Tom Izzo, 5 years ago, passes this up…but now you get Lebron for 10 years, so he’s gonna double his contract, much more stability, a higher quality of life…what’s their not to like?

And I will say this….Coach K I think has about the best job in college basketball, I think Coach K would consider Lebron. If you said today “Lebron James is staying in Cleveland…Coach K will you come?” I think even HE would consider it! Because what I think has happened is that college basketball has become a real beating at these elite schools, it’s really tough…it’s a revolving door! And it’s a really tough proposition for these guys…so don’t blame Tom Izzo…sometimes oppourtunities come, and you know loyalty…the 70’s called it “they want their word back!”…nobody is really loyal. That company, that laid you off…nobody is really loyal…Chris Rock says it best ” you’re as loyal as …a man is as loyal as his options”

So I hear all this “ohh Tom Izzo, he has been great for the school, he’s upgraded the basketball program (which was good to begin with actually)” and now you just get oppourtunities that anybody in their right mind would take. So I hope that people don’t bang on Tom Izzo…totally loyal guy…and you might say “but he said…that he would..” pfft, people say a lot, but things change! I didn’t think I’d ever have a crack at playing provincial soccer again, this changed!…loyalty often in these days means STAGNATE!! Un-willing to evolve, scared, fearful, stationary

So Tom, you gotta take this gig…I mean seriously you gotta take it. Now I don’t know what it means for Lebron James, I don’t know if Lebron looks at it and says “eek, college coach?” But I will say this…Lebron loves college basketball, knows who Tom Izzo is, and quite frankly it does feel like Izzo is a massive upgrade from Mike Brown, so I don’t think its necessarily a negative….I think that Coach K and Izzo are the two coaches that have the PERSONALITY to make it to the NBA.

Don’t forget that, Coach K…dealing with superstars on the Olympic team created an environment where superstars are un-selfish and played hard for no money! I mean, look at what Coach K did in the Olympics!! Heck, you’re not even playing for money and that quite frankly drives the bus in the NBA, so let’s not kill Izzo on this…you gotta evolve, I think he’s a nice fit…I don’t think it hurts in the pursuit of Lebron.

…it’s interesting, I’m apparently suppose to love the Celtics today…as you know, I picked the Celtics before the series in 7, I like their depth, I like their consistency and their physical nature…so i picked Boston in 7….umm, after Game 1 I said “oh boy, the Lakers’ length is an issue”…folks, after 2 games, the Lakers’ length continues to be an issue. I think everybody is missing it! Jump up and down and tell me how great Ray Allen is….folks, Ray Allen is never going to shoot like that again! Ray Allen has the greatest first half in the history of the NBA playoffs!!!

Kobe was barely on the floor….and the Lakers trailed by 6? if Rondo was barely on the floor and Kobe had the greatest first half ever,  Lakers would lead by 22 at half. 2 minutes into the 2nd half…with Kobe playing tentatively because of foul trouble, when he was out there…and Ray Allen coming off the greatest 3 point shooting…in the history of the league’s playoffs…2 minutes into the 2nd half its tied. The Lakers’ length…you know fans are high and low, the Lakers’ length continues to be a HUGE issue for Boston in these playoffs….Boston’s big men are doing nothing! Ray Allen is honestly irrelevant in this series…this series is all about Rondo and Kobe and the Lakers bigs…Ray Allen is not going to do that again!

I went this morning and looked up the numbers…it’s just amazing now how some many people are like ” uh, the key to the series is Ray Allen”…pfft, really? You think Phil Jackson wakes up this morning and is worried about Ray Allen? he’s scared to death of Rondo…I went back and looked at Rondo, every playoff game he’s played for the Celtics…here is what’s remarkable about Rondo. He totally controls every win or loss for the Boston Celtics, completely and almost single handedly. In games in which Rondo has 10 assists or less, and their good games….8 assists, 13 points = loss to the Lakers, 6 assists, 19 points, against Orlando  = lost to Orlando…8 points, 9 assists against Orlando …loss again, 8 assists 18 points against Cleveland = lost, 9 assists, 23 points against Miami = loss. Yet Boston is 8 -1 when he goes 10 or more assists…he completely controls the Celtics. Even when he’s pretty good…8 or 9 assists, 18/19 points.

Boston is not good enough to win against Miami or Orlando or Cleveland…and you’re not beating the Lakers, unless you get what you get with Rondo….think about Sunday night. Kobe…who will never play that few of minutes for the rest of this series…Kobe’s in foul trouble from the beginning so he’s playing less and he’s playing attentively. Ray Allen is having the greatest game ever…we enter the 4th quarter and the Lakers lead! The Lakers lead…why? Because of their length! The first time in the entire series…Boston got a second chance point…was about 6 minutes into the 3rd Quarter…so ahh, its interesting…like look at everyone how they were Monday morning “oh look at Boston!” yah look at them eh..Ray Allen gave you that and you’re up by 6?  They have got to get something…anything from Garnett, they have got to get something more than 24 footers from Rashid…they need Davis and Perkins, cause I’ll tell you what, with the Lakers, Gasol and Bynum have done in 2 games, anything that they want to do. That is going to happen for the rest of the series, what Ray Allen did…wont’ happen again….so umm, if I was a day trader, I think the suckers today are buying Boston and Ray Allen stock and umm..

Doc Rivers after the game…I mean Doc Rivers knows who leads this team and its not Ray Allen…Not only is he there quarterback for the team, he’s also their offensive line…he led them in rebounding Sunday night! He is this entire…everybody is paying attention to the wrong people….I mean Phil Jackson said after the game..and he wasn’t talking about Ray Allen, he was talking about Rondo….umm this is going to be a really long series I’d imagine…I was on my way to my Taxation class this morning and I met one of my good basketball friends on the bus, he’s not a totally huge NBA fan..and I like that, it’s like how I always say “talk to a women about sports, or your mom about sports or somebody who doesn’t have the passion, because the first thing…get outside the circle and talk to people about sports, cause fans get all worked up about it….like I mean I always get the same 30 people private messaging me everyday…their all crazy and nuts and then they get too high and low…and this guy who’s not too much into the NBA says “you can just tell its going to be a long series”…absolutely! LA is going to win a game somewhere in Boston, your then going back to LA, it’s going to be 6 or 7 games.

Unlike Phoenix or Cleveland or Orlando…both teams can take a punch…uh, you’ve got superstars in this series with Kobe and Rondo…and Rondo is a superstar…I made the argument that during the Orlando series I think he’s the 3rd best player in the league and I stay with that..I think it goes with Lebron, Kobe and then Rondo…I don’t think there is anybody else like him in the league… It’s like playground meets aggressive meets smarts…he just…I mean he’s just an incredible player.