“Don’t Let People With No Life…Take Over Your Life”…Thoughts after Baseball Umpire Jim Joyce Blows Call and Costs Tiger Pitcher Perfect Game

Posted: June 2, 2010 in MLB

…I am going to give you a line, that I hope on your darkest days (and we all have bad days) but on those really bad days on your life…divorce, you lose a friend, you get terrible news, a bad day at work… I want you to remember this line…”don’t let people with no life, take control of YOUR life”…told to me 7 years ago by one of the smartest people I know (you know who you are…)

Last night, Jim Joyce great umpire for 20 years…he made a big mistake, acknowledged it, owned his own baggage…this morning the outrage is absurd…let me read you some of the messages that I’m getting in my inbox…”last night he made a call that changed the history of the game! Someone wrote…Really? The history of the game? how about this other person…”Jim Joyce should be booed outta the stadium, he influenced a historic game”…hey, thanks again you idiot…here’s another one “what Jim Joyce did last night was ethically intolerable…it was a tragedy!”  Really? I’d say 9/11 was a tragedy…you go with a blown umpire call…here is a final one “I don’t wanna listen to you say that instant replay in baseball doesn’t work anymore…that was an absolute terrible….this is the worst I’ve ever seen…now I have seen it all!”…dude, honestly…chill out man!….to all those of you whose comments I just quoted….people, it’s a freakin game!…even the player himself (who definitely has more to lose than you and I) didn’t get worked up over it…like heck, the player that was victimized was recorded to be laughing at himself when interviewed after the game, like people make mistakes.

Jim Joyce is no different than a 20 year accountant or a 20 year Senator, 20 year school teacher, 20 year pilot, 20 year writer…he’s no different than people who’ve been outstanding for 20 years in their profession, and for 1 second…he stunk! okay, and Jim Joyce to his credit owns his baggage…pretty likable guy actually…Curt Schilling said this morning in an interview “Umpires, their human..Lord knows I’ve had my disputes, Jim Joyce is and always has been exception and a fantastic guy, he’s a rare bird and he’ll be the first to admit on Wednesday that he blew the call”

He’s a damn good umpire and incredibly consistent, which wins him the boat with both hitters and pitchers…but most of all he’s accountable…too many umpires, especially the young ones, fail to see that….yah, Jim Joyce made a call on Wednesday that he’ll never forget, for all the wrong reasons…but nobody feels worse than Jim Joyce…the good news is that 90% of you who are reading this, who I know have real perspective…understand that!

Don’t let people with no life, take control of yours…bad day for good umpire…don’t worry, the sport will be fine….in fact can I leave you with something to think about….can we not say that introducing video replay into the sport is perhaps just an immediate temporary solution to a deeper problem in the sport…which is that of the absolutely poor quality of umpiring that seems to permeate the sport?


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