The NBA Finals Match We’ve Always Wanted….

Posted: June 3, 2010 in NBA

…and so often in sports, we don’t get the match up we crave…Thursday night in the NBA we are getting it! This is the NBA series that will get baffle ratings, will give us (on their last legs) the Celtics team (KG, Pierce, Ray Allen and Rashid Wallace) …this is it, this is their last punch!

This is their last great series…they’re not gonna re-sign, probably all of these guys …Rashid, your never gonna spend big money on the guy, KG is not the player who he was…and you’re getting a Laker team, where pretty much everyone (even Kobe) has peaked! And there is slight erosion….though with Kobe it’s hard to tell in these playoffs..Derek Fisher, Odom…you know, you’re starting to see…oh and then you got Bynum on the other end and Jordan Farmar don’t give consistent enough minutes or production you need…this is it! this is truly the last great fight…I think it’s the last time we see the Celtics and the Lakers for a while…unless their front offices pull of major moves!

You know it’s funny in sports, I can count on one hand, the championships that have lived up to the hype…Texas/USC national championship…Vince Young/Reggie Bush..I soo remember watching it…THAT lived up to the hype! Colts vs. Patriots a couple of those lived up to the hype! But by and large, sports don’t give us what we really want and what it promises…

Starting Thursday, I think we’ll get it! I think we’ll get the two best teams, two best coaches, a lot of manipulation…a lot of chess pieces and we’re gonna get two rosters and combine 9 and 10 big time NBA players…just look at the Lakers/Celtics rosters and then compare the Cav’s and the Suns to it and you realize why the Cav’s and the Suns are at home and the Celtics and the Lakers are not


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