Series Ain’t Over Til Its Over…An Analysis of Lakers/Celtics Championship Series After Game 1

Posted: June 4, 2010 in NBA

…so based on Thursday night’s game between the Lakers and the Celtics, it would be easy to say…series over…..I still want to watch the next couple of games…but I will tell you this, everybody’s getting caught up in the numbers and the points (including myself to an extent)…but hold on a minute…go look at the dates! Let me explain…..

Why have the Lakers been soo in good in Game 1 of a series? ….due to time off! Andrew Bynum can drain the fluid from his leg, Kobe Bryant can rest up…the Lakers on rest have not lost a game in the playoffs, they have the best first 6 in the NBA (that’s not disputable) they have the best coach (say what you want…that’s not disputable). When you give this Laker team rest, Kobe Gasol… Phil Jackson’s game planning, and Bynum’s knee gets to get drained….nobody in this league has beaten the Lakers on rest….and here I look at the NBA finals and I heard Phil Jackson talk about this very thing Thursday night before the game.

In both the 1st 2nd and 5th games of this series…the Lakers get 3 day’s rest…huge edge for the Lakers. Phil game planning edge, Kobe rest edge, Bynum drains the knee edge….remember, Bynum didn’t play in the 08 finals…he played 28 minutes on Thursday night and Bynum is at the centre piece of Boston’s problems in this series because you don’t get shorter over the next two weeks…Boston looked really long over everybody else, boy they don’t against the Lakers and Bynum didn’t play against them in 08. Bynum is a massive problem! and he got 28 minutes on Thursday and I bet you he’s going to get 28 minutes tonight and he’s gonna get 28 minutes in Game 5…so he’s either in foul trouble or you pray for knee issues with him…because what Bynum created on Thursday night, it’s not going away.

The Celtics are not as long The Lakers with Artest and improved Gasol and Bynum give them huge issues and it rendered Boston into a jump shooting team….well if Ray Allen is guarding Kobe Bryant, you’ve got an issue! he’ll be sapped offensively, because he’s gonna spend all night fouling Kobe (hence why he was up to 4 fouls by the start of the 3rd Qtr in Game 1 and sat the entire quarter out) or chasing Kobe. So this Bynum playing on 3 days rest and Phil Jackson mentioned it…as I was getting ready to go to my Business Finance class Thursday night …and he mentioned it, and boy does Phil Jackson know it! Phil Jackson knows…Bynum on the floor…big edge Lakers, big edge Lakers. And wasn’t it obvious Thursday night…do you know how many 2nd chance points the Celtics got Thursday night? Bynum 28 minutes… zero! Bynum is not getting shorter, the Lakers aren’t getting shorter, and you can’t overcome that.

So to me, everyone’s getting points rebounds…remember, 3 games in this series, Lakers have 3 days rest, they haven’t lost in the playoffs on 3 days rest, they are very good. Now nobody disputes that they have the best coach, they have the best closer, nobody disputes that! They won in the playoffs, best coach/best closer. Lebron may be a overall player, you can argue that all day…they got the best coach/best closer…they also have the best starting 5, starting 6 if you count Lamar Odom and so that really really jumped out to my Thursday night. The presence of Andrew Bynum and if his ability to play 25 minutes in Game 1 and Game 2 and Game 5 …those are tough games for the Celtics. And what do we always say in sports….whoever makes the other team less comfortable, win’s almost every time. Boston with Bynum on the floor, looks very uncomfortable…they seriously looked very uncomfortable.

I was reading the LA Times, Mark Heizler and he wrote “with Bynum, they outscored the Celtics in the paint 48-38, and out-rebounded the Celtics by 11” Soo umm, that’s a big issue….now, I’m not here…remember, that’s only 3 games that the Lakers have that advantage. But Boston would then have to win the remaining 4, cause umm, if Bynum can play 28 minutes…Boston is gonna really struggle in that scenario. Doesn’t mean they can’t win those games, but there gonna struggle in that scenario. With 3 days rest, I’m taking the Lakers in those 3 games in the series. Oh and by the way, one of those games is in Boston…last game of the 3 is in Boston!


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