Welcome To The Stephen Strasburg Show….The Rise of A New Superstar!

Posted: June 5, 2010 in MLB

…I gotta say that Stephen Strasburg was really great stuff!…I mean ask yourself this, how many times does the performance live up to the hype?…that kid lived up to the hype! that is awesome!!!…to use an over-used word. It just doesn’t happen very very often. It’s so rarely when the performance meets or exceeds the hype! and this kid did it…now i’m going to ask you this…outside of the name (the New York Yankee’s) not a player…outside of the brand (the New York Yankees) who’s a bigger star in baseball today? I didn’t say if he was a better player, that’s a different question…Stephen Strasburg, outside of the brand (the New York Yankees) is the biggest star in the game today.

“But Andrew, he’s only pitched…” pfft, excuse me? where does it say to be a star you must have 400 innings? and a Cy Young…where does it say that? like you find me where it says that and then we’ll talk…I went and looked up the word “star” this morning…”a star is a massive, luminous ball full of plasma that is held together by gravity”…alright that’s the wrong one, haha…I went to the next star ” a person who is celebrated or distinguished in some profession” Well is Stephen being celebrated? (check) a prominent actor, singer or athlete, is he prominent? (check) One who plays the leading role in a performance, did he play a leading role on Tuesday night? (check)..so he’s celebrated, he’s prominent and he played a leading role (check check and check!)

Albert Pujols will not sell out road games like Strasburg and neither will Joe Mauer. In 2010, YouTube, iPhone, Twitter, the Internet…Carrie Underwood was a star, she didn’t have any Grammys. Carrie Underwood was a star within an hour of you seeing her. William Hong couldn’t sing and he was a star…Lebron was a star from day 1..Dale Earnhardt Jr was a star before he won a race…Do you understand what Stephen Strasburg did last night? In the last 40 years of baseball, I was not even more til half way through those years…but let’s say for argument sake that I was 45 today, if i was 5 years old 40 years ago…Do you know how few players, not the Yankees, not a brand…Do you know how few players, where you could put the player on the marquee in the last 50 years in baseball…a sport always reluctant to promote its star…could sell out a stadium? Nolan Ryan and Mark McGuire, but only for a very brief time and perhaps Bo Jackson, Reggie Jackson…and that is it! Like 4 guys…and now add Stephen Strasburg.

Stephen Strasburg isn’t just selling out home games oh no…Cleveland, about a week ago, the Red Sox’s were in town with beautiful weather and all…The Red Sox’s (huge baseball brand) drew 15,000…Strasburg’s going to Cleveland, heck it’ll be a potential sell out! Pujol’s ain’t doing that…okay like honestly, this kid is amazing! I’m getting all these messages…here’s one “I’m not trying to take anything away, but it is the Pittsburgh Pirates….a rock bottom team in a rock bottom division that probably won’t see any improvement anytime soon. Once this kid is faced with elite hitters like Pujols, Hanley Ramirez…we’ll see if he truly shines!” ….dude, why are you hating? The kid is humble, he’s overpowering, he’s a sensation….North America please, soak it up!!

This is absolutely great…get rid of the envy and the jealousy, this is outstanding!! this is as good as sports gets. You baseball nerds (I’ll be the first to admit myself to this) stop it! Bobby Costious…good for Bob. And Strasburg seems like a good kid. It was funny after the game on Tuesday..it was wonderful, Ivan Rodriguez..20 years in the big’s as a catcher, even he was blown away! and major league baseball promotes the kid!! …”Well, I mean what if he turns out to be…” to be what? A crackhead? (Doubtful) an arsonist? (I don’t see it coming)..I mean seriously. NASCAR promoted Dale Earnheart Jr…NBA promoted Lebron…stop baseball fans, maybe it’s the passive-aggressive nature of baseball fans…everything is built on fear.

 “Oh what if we use instant replay oh…” pfft, the NFL uses replay and they’ve lapped you. Stop letting fear run your life!! Aggressively, ambitiously promote this kid, it’s fantastic! “Well what if…” what if what?? He ends up being pretty good the rest of the year?…it’s still a great story i think. It’s just EXACTLY what baseball needs. Fresh, mythical, young, overpowering, celebrity, stardom, don’t run from it…run to it!


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