An Analysis of the Laker/Celtics NBA Finals…Ray Allen Has One Of The Greatest Performance in NBA Playoff History….Does it Really Matter Though?

Posted: June 7, 2010 in NBA

…it’s interesting, I’m apparently suppose to love the Celtics today…as you know, I picked the Celtics before the series in 7, I like their depth, I like their consistency and their physical nature…so i picked Boston in 7….umm, after Game 1 I said “oh boy, the Lakers’ length is an issue”…folks, after 2 games, the Lakers’ length continues to be an issue. I think everybody is missing it! Jump up and down and tell me how great Ray Allen is….folks, Ray Allen is never going to shoot like that again! Ray Allen has the greatest first half in the history of the NBA playoffs!!!

Kobe was barely on the floor….and the Lakers trailed by 6? if Rondo was barely on the floor and Kobe had the greatest first half ever,  Lakers would lead by 22 at half. 2 minutes into the 2nd half…with Kobe playing tentatively because of foul trouble, when he was out there…and Ray Allen coming off the greatest 3 point shooting…in the history of the league’s playoffs…2 minutes into the 2nd half its tied. The Lakers’ length…you know fans are high and low, the Lakers’ length continues to be a HUGE issue for Boston in these playoffs….Boston’s big men are doing nothing! Ray Allen is honestly irrelevant in this series…this series is all about Rondo and Kobe and the Lakers bigs…Ray Allen is not going to do that again!

I went this morning and looked up the numbers…it’s just amazing now how some many people are like ” uh, the key to the series is Ray Allen”…pfft, really? You think Phil Jackson wakes up this morning and is worried about Ray Allen? he’s scared to death of Rondo…I went back and looked at Rondo, every playoff game he’s played for the Celtics…here is what’s remarkable about Rondo. He totally controls every win or loss for the Boston Celtics, completely and almost single handedly. In games in which Rondo has 10 assists or less, and their good games….8 assists, 13 points = loss to the Lakers, 6 assists, 19 points, against Orlando  = lost to Orlando…8 points, 9 assists against Orlando …loss again, 8 assists 18 points against Cleveland = lost, 9 assists, 23 points against Miami = loss. Yet Boston is 8 -1 when he goes 10 or more assists…he completely controls the Celtics. Even when he’s pretty good…8 or 9 assists, 18/19 points.

Boston is not good enough to win against Miami or Orlando or Cleveland…and you’re not beating the Lakers, unless you get what you get with Rondo….think about Sunday night. Kobe…who will never play that few of minutes for the rest of this series…Kobe’s in foul trouble from the beginning so he’s playing less and he’s playing attentively. Ray Allen is having the greatest game ever…we enter the 4th quarter and the Lakers lead! The Lakers lead…why? Because of their length! The first time in the entire series…Boston got a second chance point…was about 6 minutes into the 3rd Quarter…so ahh, its interesting…like look at everyone how they were Monday morning “oh look at Boston!” yah look at them eh..Ray Allen gave you that and you’re up by 6?  They have got to get something…anything from Garnett, they have got to get something more than 24 footers from Rashid…they need Davis and Perkins, cause I’ll tell you what, with the Lakers, Gasol and Bynum have done in 2 games, anything that they want to do. That is going to happen for the rest of the series, what Ray Allen did…wont’ happen again….so umm, if I was a day trader, I think the suckers today are buying Boston and Ray Allen stock and umm..

Doc Rivers after the game…I mean Doc Rivers knows who leads this team and its not Ray Allen…Not only is he there quarterback for the team, he’s also their offensive line…he led them in rebounding Sunday night! He is this entire…everybody is paying attention to the wrong people….I mean Phil Jackson said after the game..and he wasn’t talking about Ray Allen, he was talking about Rondo….umm this is going to be a really long series I’d imagine…I was on my way to my Taxation class this morning and I met one of my good basketball friends on the bus, he’s not a totally huge NBA fan..and I like that, it’s like how I always say “talk to a women about sports, or your mom about sports or somebody who doesn’t have the passion, because the first thing…get outside the circle and talk to people about sports, cause fans get all worked up about it….like I mean I always get the same 30 people private messaging me everyday…their all crazy and nuts and then they get too high and low…and this guy who’s not too much into the NBA says “you can just tell its going to be a long series”…absolutely! LA is going to win a game somewhere in Boston, your then going back to LA, it’s going to be 6 or 7 games.

Unlike Phoenix or Cleveland or Orlando…both teams can take a punch…uh, you’ve got superstars in this series with Kobe and Rondo…and Rondo is a superstar…I made the argument that during the Orlando series I think he’s the 3rd best player in the league and I stay with that..I think it goes with Lebron, Kobe and then Rondo…I don’t think there is anybody else like him in the league… It’s like playground meets aggressive meets smarts…he just…I mean he’s just an incredible player.


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