Everyone is hopping on the “USC Is No Good This Year” boat…As With Most Trends, The World Goes One Way…I’ll Go The Other. Everybody Is Selling Their USC Stocks…I Don’t Have Enough Cash To Buy All Of Them!!

Posted: June 9, 2010 in NCAA Football

So I wanted to start off the rant today by kinda talking about the psyche of the North American men. I’ve always thought deep down inside that they are better human beings, their more self-less. Now, I’m not saying that their aren’t women who are selfish (cause their certainly are) but women, especially with kids, do a lot of work and their usually is no payoff and there is no glory…your just wiping diapers, staying home, working for your guy and there is no glory in it.

We guys, wanna payoff! I mean, there are certain guys out there who think “well I bought you dinner, so I better get this and that at the end of our date” that’s how most guys are, the ego…we like to think that society has been built around us, so we gotta get a payoff! And if there is no payoff…we quit! We move on, we want a new contract, we’re not happy, we’re not the same guys….you know, a women for years can go out, selflessly running a family…no payoff! Guys don’t do that though, we just don’t!

The majority of volunteers are women, they’re not men…and that is what I think makes them the superior species, at a DNA level, then us. Umm, but I thought this was interesting…..USC started practice, and it’s become very trendy to say “well USC is gonna be no good this year!” even in the PAC-10!!! Hahaha….like heck, Oregon was picked over USC? Really? Umm Oregon loses their starting QB (was kicked off the team) …and they are going to be better than USC, who are returning their starter, who have the #1 rated QB in high school all over the US?…starts as a freshman, who @ Oregon and Ohio State…Oregon has to play @ USC, after embarrassing the Trojans @ Oregon last year…Oregon has, and always has had inferior talent compared to USC…college football is all about talent!

Why did Alabama and Texas end up in the national championship? Because they always have the top 5 recruiting classes …why does my beloved Ohio State dominate the Big 10? They out-recruit everybody in the Big 10…USC has better talent by a mile than anybody in that conference!! Their better at QB, their better on the defensive line, much better defensive coordinator…they host Oregon…but the reason why we’re picking Oregon is because, well…there is no pizza party at the end of the year for USC, they can’t go to a bowl game…think about that.

Remember back when teachers did that in elementary and middle school? “alright, you kids do this….pizza party at the end of the year!” wow, I remember that thing had a lot of pull! I mean literally, a good family friend’s son came up to me last time out I was back home with the rents….its summer! He’s in camp, he came up to me and said “hey Andrew, I just found out who my grade 3 teacher is…” he goes “a grade 3 teacher is soo much fun…you get like a pizza party at the end of the year!” Like wow, it’s amazing when you dangle something!!!

And there is no bowl…now a lot of people have said to me, and that’s why I’m saying “I think USC is gonna be fantastic this year” but I really don’t know how they are going to react to the fact that there won’t be no pizza party at the end of the year for them! People have said to me “well Andrew, look at Alabama….compare USC to Alabama!”…well you know what, its sorta hard….cause like heck, Alabama was on probation 4 times over 14 years!!…it’s hard to find a time from 97’- 04’ where Alabama wasn’t on probation!!

They’re kinda like Lindsay Lohan…they just got used to an ankle bracelet; it just became a fashion accessory!! You can’t find a 2 year period when they WEREN’T in trouble! So folks, I can’t compare USC to Alabama. And I also can’t compare the SEC to the PAC-10…you lose scholarships in the SEC…heck, your done! You lose them in the PAC -10 and your USC…I still think you win 10 or 11 games! But this will all rest on how Lane Kiffin, creating an “us against the world” mentality, with no pizza party, no bowl games, no big payoff…takes a bunch of young men, and we know as guys, we are always better when we get the ultimate payoff!

Now if Lane Kiffin was coaching women’s intramural football…there’s no doubt in my mind that they would go 12-0 and win the national championship! Cause women, by and large, don’t need the big payoff! They want it, but they don’t need it!!!


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