Boston, we’ve got a problem! An analysis of the Celtics/Lakers NBA Championships after Game 5

Posted: June 12, 2010 in NBA

Fans by in large are emotional animals, up/down…high/low…vulgarity in the privates messages and threats to break-off our friendship, that’s the world I live and you know its fine…I just…stay in the middle. But let me give you a story…when space shuttles come back to earth, you know how space shuttles always leave and then come back to know they land in like Lane Caster, California or somewhere remote….now, during that re-entry to earth, there is a 2 minute window of re-entry where NASA loses communication with the space shuttle and the pilot…we know it going in. When the space shuttle re-enters our orbit, there is two minutes that we can’t hear. Everybody knows it, everybody in the control room knows it…but my argument is that if you put an NBA fan in that NASA control room, the minute you lose communication, that NBA-NASA fan will be yelling “do you copy…do you hear me? WE LOST THEM…OMG, THEIR DEAD, IT’S ALL OVER…WE CAN’T REACH THEM, WHAT IN THE WORLD HAPPENED?”…pfft, settle down knuckle-head, settle down.

Lakers/Celtics heading into Game 6…prediction here, it will go 7!!…this is EXACTLY what everyone predicted…just like re-entry, you knew there was going to be 2 minutes….cooler heads prevail, right on track, it was a six/seven game series according to everybody…some took LA some took Boston. I took Boston before the series, I kinda like the Lakers after 3 games…it’s going to go 7, it is…I mean listen, the Lakers shoot 36%, the Celtics shoot 56%, the Celtics score on their first 12 of 13 possessions and they beat LA by 6 in Boston???? Really??? Derek Fisher 2 for 9, Gasol 5 for 12, Artest was terrible, and they shoot 36% and you only lose by 6 on the road? Even Phil Jackson admitted it afterwards that it was eventually going to happen “they had a run…we knew they were going to have a run and as I told the players before the game, this team is going to shoot well one of these games…and they have a shot at it, yeah on their home court..” and that was Sunday night…they shot almost 57%!!

Now if I’m the Lakers, I go home…coming off my worst offensive game, Boston’s coming off their best shooting night…I feel pretty good for Game 6, I think if we’re the Lakers and we shoot 57% and they shoot 36% I beat them by more than 6 in LA. Boston’s big 3 were 10 for 15 in the 3rd Qtr…..Kevin Garnett and Perkins were 7 for their first 7 shots! 14 points no misses….it’s amazing how the animals go crazy! first 3 games…LA looked better…..last 3 games, Boston has established its toughness especially on the interior…now we go cross country, now we go back to LA and if Bynum can (and he will) play 28-32 minutes, LA will get the breaks, LA will get the calls…LA will re-establish position down low…listen there is a rule on these rants that I do …it’s called the “desperate and talent rule”…when you get really talented people, and their usually more desperate….they usually win, not all the time though….but they usually win! If Boston loses Sunday night its 3-2 LA going back to LA for 2 at home….Boston Sunday night played like a desperate team, huge intensity…but Kobe Bryant said afterwards “where the fans are panicking…pfft, we’re not panicking”.

This series has really proven two things. Both teams can take a punch, neither team is great, there is no dominate gladiator here….LA has an advantage with length & Kobe, Boston has advantage in depth and shooters…Boston leads, but LA is going back home for 2! So this is nothing to worry about, this is right where we said we’d be…this reminds me sooo much of the college football season! Everybody rips the BSC and then it always ends up okay…”ahh its terrible…ahhh its unbelievable!” and we always end up “Alabama vs. Texas…two unbeaten teams from major conferences playing for the national championship”…it’s just okay.

My hunch is that LA is not going to shoot 36% at home, Boston is not going to shoot 58% in LA…call me nutty, call me cynical…but I’m going to be that NASA guy in the control room saying “alright, re-entry…lost communication for a couple of minutes!”


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