Manny’s triumphant return to Boston: Will he be booed or welcomed with open arms? Bet your house its the former…its myopic, too intense, no perspective north east New England mentality for crying out loud!

Posted: June 18, 2010 in MLB

Manny Ramirez is going back to Boston this weekend, the Dodgers’ interleague play having to go to Boston….so Manny’s going back to Boston and the big question is: Are they going to boo Manny Ramirez…and well of course they will because its Boston! And they always wake up in a bad mood…haha! There’s a saying that a friend of mine told me once, exists in the New England area “Fence’s make good neighbours”…that quote says it all about the New England region!

People just wake up ready to boo. But you know, I always laugh at this… that Manny Ramirez, your Boston, you go 90 years of frustration, loser attitude, little brother to New York…Manny comes, and you get 2 championships… “ohh he didn’t run hard to first base…ohh he got into a fight with the travelling secretary”…pfft what do you care? You didn’t see it! It wasn’t your father he was fighting….what do you care of what he does? All these guys are messing around with their wives and you still cheer for them!! You don’t know what’s going on in clubhouses….so he’s going to go to Boston this weekend.

I guarantee you that he’ll get booed, and here is what I’ve always felt about stuff like this….if you pay me off, if you give me greatness or happiness…I’m going to look past all of your flaws! My 2 former best friends offered me a great friendship, were willing to take a hit if need be, engage in conversation, offered up solid advice…..I could honestly care less about their baggage! Pfft, what do I care if we don’t get along on certain stuff….Manny gave you 2 titles, what do you care if he got into a fight with the travelling secretary of the Red Sox’s…you didn’t know the guy! You wouldn’t have even known about it if it wasn’t for the Boston media…”well Andrew, he dogged it in the end” oh really?

His last month…I went online and looked it up. Batting average…up, on-base percentage… up, slugging percentage…up! He had a very good last month with the Red Sox’s, go look it up! By the way, Ortiz was never really better with him and never worst than without him. Same thing with Jason Veritek…Veritek and Ortiz are less players than without Manny Ramirez…I mean he gave you W’s!! He gave you World Series Championships…I mean to me, people in life wake up in a sorta good move and sorta bad move…and then the daily life events push them more so in that particular direction.

And I just think that Boston guy, wakes up in a sorta bad mood…you know I’m streaming Boston radio this morning and guys are calling in saying [in their Boston accent} “yeah, I’m gonna boo him!”….you hate you!! You don’t hate Manny. You hate your miserable life, you don’t hate Manny. The guy gave you 2 championships, he’s left…and you’re not close to one since!! You weren’t close last year and you’re not in New York or Tampa’s league this year…so I mean, you can sit there and complain about what bad things this guy did.

Listen, Boston has a history of treating their great players like dirt!! Even guys like Ted Williams…Tom Brady wouldn’t even live there in the off-season anymore….Tom Brady would spend more time in LA and New York then he would in Boston….so I mean, if you’re gonna boo the great players..the greatest player’s you’ve had…yah, they’ve had problems there…Jim Rice had problems there, Nomar had problems there…if your gonna boo those guys, it’s just not a very attractive stuff…that’s why the Mark Texiera’s choose New York over Boston…New York (I’m not from Boston or New York) though I like New York significantly more…the difference from New York and Boston is this….New York, once you deliver in New York…they have your back for life! Bill Parcell, Joe Torre, Derek Jeter…back for life!

In Boston, they treat you like gold for the first week…..and then no matter what you do, no matter how great you are…they try to tear you down!! Manny gave you something that you may never get again. I would argue that the Yankees are separating from the Red Sox’s more and more financially with a new stadium…so New York is really separating from Boston …you may not win another championship for a long long time. Minnesota now has increased revenues, that’s a well run franchise, the Phillies, the Dodgers, the Cardinals….there’s a lot of well run franchises…there’s a lot of competition, the Braves are surging….I mean Ted Williams had a contentious relationship with Boston, what does that tell you?

So the idea that, “I’m going to boo him” it’s funny cause like I said, I went on this morning to look at his stats…spoke with another avid baseball fan while going to campus this morning….” Ohhh Manny, he was just terrible at the end” and then I went online and looked up his last month in Boston, he had a string of multiple multi-hit games, let’s see here had..1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8….9 multiple hit game!! In the month…his average went up 16 points, his last month in Boston….”oh so he just mailed it in then eh”…”well he didn’t run to 1st base hard enough…have you seen Stephen Strasburg? He moon walks to first base!!! …”ugh, like I mean we got into a fight and what not”…he said he was hurt against the Yankees, you know what? He probably played hurt for a lot of years!!! And he took one off and you all ripped him for it. I think this is just revisionist history for Boston fans…total revisionist history!! How can you boo a guy who gave you guys that much?


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