USC is officially cleaning house!…even burning anything that resembles a Bush on the main campus!

Posted: June 22, 2010 in NCAA Football

…the good news for USC is that Lane Kiffin, the first thing he did when he got to USC was got the “hang-rounder’s” and the “wanna-be’s” out of the program. He said “there is too much dangerous exposure to the program, there’s too many people with proximity close to the program” and that really was the issue during Pete Carroll’s reign. If you’re a USC fan, you can whine about this, but you can’t have a star running back like Reggie Bush deny that he got a $300,000 loan from 2 shysters and then deny it, deny it, deny it….and then on the day he goes to court “okay!” and then pays back the $300,000, pfft come on!

You know, do I feel bad…do I feel bad for the players in USC’s program? oh absolutely!!…ummm, but the thing with Reggie Bush is…and this is one of the very very very things I’ve been true and very consistent on. I always blame Calipery for Kentucky and Memphis’s problems “he didn’t know!” you might say…oh come on; you are suppose to know, so get over it! I tend to give football programs, the USC’s and Ohio States a break, because there’s more players…its a bigger business…you can’t see everything. But Reggie Bush’s’ parents (not affluent) suddenly they live in a beautiful home and they’re going to road games…you gotta pay attention to that stuff.

Now, Pete Caroll was very loosy goosy…umm, that was not exactly subtle is what I’m saying, with respect to the Reggie Bush situation, this is not a David Blaine slide of the hand thing…heck the Reggie Bush situation was about as sutle as a bank hold-up/hostage situation. I mean you had to know that something’s…I mean, people talk, Reggie’s parents on road games, $300,000 loan…suddenly outta the blue Reggie denied it, denied it, denied it…goes to court “err, okay here’s your money back!”..sorry!!!, you’re going to get in trouble for that!

We can argue all day weather it’s too much …..Pete Caroll ran a very loose program; the way to look at it is this… Pete Caroll and Dennis Erickson, both have left their NCAA schools with baggage, BOTH are pro coaches and bring a pro sensability to the table…so does Tim Floyd, who left USC’s basketball program as an utter train wreck…and who is now also a pro coach. Be very careful as an athletic director when hiring pro coaches…they bring a pro sensability to the program, Pete brought it, Dennis brought it and Tim Floyd brought it. They did! And those guys will leave town and go to the pro’s in a heartbeat and leave kids and administrators and other coaches on the vine…and I feel terrible for them.

One of the good news for USC, is that when Lane Kiffin got there (and it was a great move!) the first thing he did, he said “listen, I am limiting access to our practices, and our sidelines, we got too many people in the locker-room it was a great move…it didn’t get good reviews from the NCAA but it just seems that their locker-room doesn’t give off that collegiate feel…it probably felt like the Miami Hurricanes and the two-live crew era…you had too many pro’s, too many doors open, too much proximity and it was ultimately gonna come back to haunt you….See, there are two types of baby-sitters: theirs the babysitter that lets you eat ice-cream and lets you stay up past your bed-time and lets you on the computer all night (that was Pete Caroll). Then there’s the other kind of baby-sitter:  Nick Saben, where they inspect your teeth, every single one of them after you’ve washed them…haha, okay? Pete, Dennis Erickson…you know those guys, were the fun baby-sitter. It doesn’t make them bad, it just makes them fun. Nick Saben is no fun, and Nick Saben makes you eat all your vegetables and wash your teeth and inspects every single one of them.

Lane Kiffin is a lot more like Nick Saben then he is Pete Caroll. Lane Kiffin is bottom-line, he is strict, he is intense…nothing is going to get through the cracks with Lane Kiffin, it’s just not! Listen, everybody is doing something here…it’s just impossible when you’re at these amazing football programs…I’ve defended Ohio State, this is one of those days that I couldn’t care less what my inbox says “ohh Andrew you’re a homer!” noo I’m defending USC right now am I not? ….College football programs, there’s too much money…you think Wall Street is clean this afternoon? There’s too much money, too much access, you’re gonna have insider trading, you’re gonna have rule violations…uhh but I do believe that the good news for USC is that Lane Kiffin came in and …and I’ve also said this. There is 3 programs in the country…UNLV basketball, Miami football & USC football…it is tougher, it is much tougher with those 3 to keep them squeaky clean. There’s a lot of people in Vegas, Miami and LA…you get a lot of people, a lot of agents, a lot of sudo-celeb’s, a lot of wanna-be’s, a lot of hanger’s on…you don’t get that at Iowa, you don’t get that at Columbus, you don’t even get them at Austin, Texas. But you do get them in Miami, Vegas and LA…and all 3 of these programs have had a history of getting wacked!…you don’t get them in state-college pa’s, you don’t…you just don’t get them there. Maybe you got some high faloon flashy cows, but that’s about it!

So I went onto USC’s message board last night for about 5mins…just to get updates, updates and updates…clearly it is not a news source, haha ….I mean “ is out to get us…so is and as well” you’d think after reading a couple that USC was gonna get a reduction of a couple of practices. Listen, nobody is out to get anybody…i feel terrible for the current players (I really do) I feel bad for Lane Kiffin, I feel bad for both coaches and players…but this is a cautionary tale of being about hiring guys from the NFL or NBA…I feel really bad.


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