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Here’s the story behind the story, Chris Paul wants to be a New York Knick. Maverick Carter, is Lebron James’ agent, Maverick Carter has signed Chris Paul…so Maverick Carter is telling Chris Paul “you gotta get to a major market…you get yourself to a sexy city…you can’t stay in New Orleans!”

Portland is a great fit for Chris Paul, but Chris Paul played at Wake Forest and now New Orleans…he’s done the small market thing before, he don’t wanna go to Portland, I think he’d be a great fit in Portland, I think he’d make Portland really good, but he’s done that…Maverick Carter doesn’t want to send this guy out to a region of the country that is geographically isolated, whether it’s a good fit or not – and it may be the only good fit –because you gotta give New Orleans something back, they wanna put him in New York.

The story behind the story is that Maverick Carter is now representing Chris Paul, that’s a guy that has some say in Chris Paul’s life, they’ve been talking recently, I’m sure Chris has a couple of guys representing him…they want him in New York. And for New York, it’d be better for the Knicks…he’s a better player than Amare Stoudemire, Chris Paul is the real deal…Amare Stoudemire is mostly fool’s gold, doesn’t rebound for his size, doesn’t play defense…those are huge in the NBA.

Chris Paul is the real deal…Chris Paul is a leader, he’s tough, he’s battled through injuries, he is a tremendous player, it’s a guard driven league, Chris Paul would turn you around much faster than Amare Stoudemire, Amare makes Amare better…Chris Paul makes everyone better, but here’s the problem…and this has been for 2 or 3 years… what the New York Knicks did is that they cleared out space, it’s called clearing cap space…anybody that had any money, they cleared them out! The problem is that when you clear out the contracts, you clear out most of your talent…so now the Knicks , they had all this room for Lebron and Bosh.

The problem is, so did Chicago and Miami, but while Chicago and Miami cleared their cap space, they were still viable and had a star on the team that was still attractive to Lebron and Bosh, cause Lebron and Bosh know that two good guys… doesn’t make an NBA championship when you’re as good as the Lakers or the Celtics, so Lebron never took the Knicks seriously as I had somewhat ranted almost two months before Lebron moved to Miami….because you look at the Knicks and Lebron was like “yeah okay…me and Bosh…who else??

Lakers got a bench, Celtics got a bench, they both got bigs…we can’t win it!…oh but 3 guys?” that’s why Lebron considered Chicago and Miami more seriously…and what has happened is, with the Knicks and Chris Paul…he wants to go to New York, he would be a great fit in New York, but what does New York give New Orleans?

Remember New Orleans still has to run a business…this is a day-to-day operation in the NBA…you can’t give me a bunch of Euro’s, nobody’s ever heard off…I’ve gotta sell tickets in an NFL city…and whereas Portland can give me something if I’m the GM, cause I’m giving you Chris Paul…well what am I getting to sell Tuesday night against the Memphis Grizzlies? Yeah, like this is not a liquidation sale…you gotta give me something back, I gotta day –to – day business, in an NFL city I’ve got an NBA franchise.

Well Orlando can give you Vince Carter and Jamire Nelson, I can sell that to New Orleans…you can’t sell anything on the New York Knicks except Amare Stoudemire!! And I’ll tell you what it’s very reminiscent off…it’s like staging a house, any realtor will tell you, and it’s much tougher to sell an empty house, than a house you stage!

When people walk into an empty house and they can’t SEE themselves in the house, but if you stage it…buy some furniture, there are professional staging companies…you stage a house, you put limited furniture in. But a guy walks in with his wife and says “you know that would be a cool den” and she goes “omg omg omg, I like so like love those bar stolls!…I like soo love this kitchen!” [High maintenance type’s lol] the Knicks are an empty house! They are an empty house…it’s hard for stars to envision …you know it’s hard for Lebron to look at the Knicks and go “ Yeahhhhhhh???” whereas he looked at Miami and Chicago and went “Yeah!!!!!!!! Derek Rose, Noah and I got that guy and this guy…and he’s not bad…pretty good house, I see where I fit!”

There’s no question that everybody in the Chris Paul camp…EVERYBODY wants New York…there’s no question it’d be great for the NBA, it be great for the Knicks, Chris Paul is the real deal…but I keep looking at all these deals with the Knicks and their drive to clear out all this cap space …they’ve got nothing left to sell you!…remember, to do a trade, theirs two GM’s, just because you want Chris Paul, your just one part of it…if you live in New York today, you’re the New Orleans Hornets’ GM, Orlando is offering Nelson and Carter…what are you giving to me that I can sell?

Don’t be a basketball purist and start naming euro’s and guys on the Knicks bench…who COULD be good…I gotta start selling tickets to the games soon….so it is interesting, umm you know the NBA is a dollar for dollar league when it comes to trades, theirs suppose to be equal values going both ways…if you’re getting Chris Paul, what am I getting? Haha, like Tony Douglas isn’t pulling of that deal, so it’s an interesting situation and all of Chris Paul’s people now and Lebron’s people now are involved in this…they want him to go New York because they know, they’ve done the small market thing…it doesn’t get you anywhere, he wants to play with stars!

So Chris Paul is at least so far, sounds like he wants to get outta New Orleans, I don’t blame him as you well know, I wanna see him as a member of the New York Knicks, I don’t hide that…not that I’m a Knicks fan, but I think it’s great when…I disagree with everybody, I think if the NBA has 6 great teams: Celtics, Lakers, Miami, Dallas, Chicago and New York…it’s a great league, baseball has got fewer great teams than that, and it’s doing well…


… Soo Cliff Lee of the Seattle Mariners goes to New York last night, he is now 5-0 in his last 5 starts against the Yankees in Yankee Stadium, he’s got a 1.73 ERA against the best hitting team in baseball….just say that out loud when your reading this…last 5 times Cliff Lee goes to New York, he’s 5-0. One of the things with pitching for and against the Yankees is that some guys don’t handle the pressure very well. Cliff Lee wants to pitch in New York, he said he loves to pitch in New York…admits that he’s a Mariner now, but knows he won’t be long-term. I think it’s better for baseball if he goes to Minnesota or the Dodgers, because I think if Cliff Lee goes to New York…it’s literally all over!

I mean it is all over. They literally will have a starting 4 in the post-season and they don’t need a 4th pitcher outta CC, Pettite and Cliff Lee…and a closer (still the best in baseball)…you’ve got 3 very experienced post season dominating pitchers…I don’t think you’ve had a staff in the history of baseball where you have 3 pitchers who are proven post season pitchers…Pettite is money in October and November, CC has proven it last season, Cliff Lee did very well against the Yankee’s last year. Then you have Phil Hughes, and you’ve also got Mariano Rivera at the end…I mean literally it’s all over!

With the Yankees’ hitting and probably will have home field advantage potentially…you know, I mean it’s good for the Yankee’s… I don’t know if it’s good for baseball…… But the thing is I can’t spend money all day, it’s hard for me to waste money…it drives me insane, and that’s how I was raised! If you sign Cliff Lee, and it looks like according to reports that’s what the Yankee’s will do…with them chasing after him and are the one team that would sign him after the season, as well as picking him up on his contract…..aren’t you acknowledging that you wasted $82 million dollars on AJ Burnett?

Seriously!! Brian Cashman picks up Cliff Lee and everyone pats him on the back…but your also acknowledging that you wasted $82 million against the opinion of almost all prominent baseball analysts in the country on AJ Burnett, who has never been strong above the shoulders, everybody doubted that he would be able to work on the big stage in New York!

So congratulations on getting Cliff Lee, but the Steinbrenner’s (with a lot of empty seats at Yankee stadium) and the Steinbrenner’s are not as free willing and willing to spend on wheeling and dealing as they were in the past, your basically saying if your Brian Cashman “I wasted $82 million dollars!” because Burnett at best has been inconsistent and right now he is a dumpster fire, he is like a car burning on the side of the road and Yankee’s are driving 75MPH past it! He’s an absolute mess…he can’t even get through the 4th inning anymore

So it’s very similar to you building a Ferris wheel in your backyard for your wife, costs you $10,000 and your kids think its dorky, and you then go out and spend another $10,000 on a pool and your kids say “wow, dad good call..We love you!” and your wife then asks you “why did you spend $10,000 bucks on a Ferris wheel?” The Steinbrenner’s, who aren’t in love with Cashman anyways, say “thanks! But you just wasted $82 million on AJ Burnett” because he is irrelevant if you get Cliff Lee. AJ Burnett will never throw in the post-season , especially with the ascension of Phil Hughes who is the real deal….then you got CC and Pettite, Hughes and Lee…you’re not going to a fifth guy! You don’t need him…you barely need to go to a fourth starter

Sometimes things happen in sports that most sports fans don’t pay too much attention to, and it’s not your fault, it more of the sports analysts’ fault. As sports analysts they are suppose to pay attention to certain things. Slowly over the last 3 years, something has happened in sports that nobody has really talked about it.

Everybody rips baseball for the steroids, but have you noticed (and I don’t think you’ll know this) so you really haven’t noticed it but, Baseball now has the toughest testing for steroids They test the most often, it’s the most strident. Bud Selig announced sometime this summer that minor leaguers will be subjected to BLOOD testing randomly and it goes into effect immediately. This will make baseball the first sport in the US to conduct blood testing, HGH, and steroids testing, and this is something that you really haven’t heard any of the major sports networks discuss. Now baseball has been crushed by people for the steroid stuff and rightly soo,let’s at least give them credit for this.

There is no question that in all pro sports, soccer and the Olympics, baseball now is testing more often, to more people, at more levels including the minor leagues (which don’t have the players union). So what does this mean for baseball? As of Thursday night, in 5 of the games there was a shutout, in another game Cincinnati scored one run, in 4 other games a team scored just 2 runs, and in the highest scoring game of the night there was a no-hitter into the 8th. 6 of the 12 games on Thursday night were a shutout or one run was scored.

In the National League, 9 of 16 teams are hitting under .260, four others are at .262 or below…80% of the National League hits under .260 in the American League, the power league, 6 of the 14 teams (almost half) are batting under .260…there was an article by Sports Illustrated’s Tim Marchment in May said “the real change in May, was the slugging average, it down 24%, the league is hitting .257 right now, and it’s the lowest average ” he goes on to say, and here is the key to his entire article ” it’s the lowest average since 1992!” anybody remember what 1992 was? The day Jose Canseco arrived in Texas and the steroid era truly branched out!!!

Folks, take away 92’ until last year…we’re playing pre 1992 baseball! And don’t tell me we’re in a cycle, because we’re not. The only cycle we’re in, is the “nobody is on the cycle”, that’s the cycle were in! Fans love to use that term. You might say, “Well Andrew, it’s cyclical” that is the most over-rated word in sports, the pendulum–cycles are incredibly gradual and take decades!

I’ll give you a cycle that was true… ESPN isn’t necessarily to blame for this, but ESPN is a factor in this….fundamentals of basketball eroded from about 1980/85ish – 2005, for about a 20 year period…ESPN, because they show highlights, and not actual games…most people don’t watch games, they watch highlights…SportsCenter show ratings are much higher than game ratings, so SportsCenter highlights created a bunch of young kids who wanted to dunk and make great plays and make behind the back passes, because that’s what they grew up on…highlights, not watching the entire game! And because of that, you can argue that the fundamentals of basketball to some degree, for 20 years, gradually eroded…absolutely ESPN is part of that. Now, they’re not necessarily to blame, their business is highlights, that’s what they do and they’re not to blame, I mean it’s an industry.

But you can make the argument, and people have made it and its very valid, that over 20 years there has been a gradual erosion to some degree of the fundamentals of basketball because we live in a highlight society. But you don’t go from “everybody is hitting long balls” to “nobody can hit” overnight! That’s not a cycle, that’s sudden…that’s a foset being turned off and the steroid/HGH foset has been turned off. The games are now faster, it’s not that the pitching is THAT great. Like I’m sorry but if San Diego’s pitching was that great, they’d win the World Series and you and I know that they won’t.

Okay, so the foset has been turned off!, this is not a cyclical thing…you don’t go from no pitching to the greatest numbers in the history of the sport….folks as of Thursday night, it was the 13th time this year we had a no-hitter into the 8th inning, and it was at a hitters park!! So I honestly think baseball deserves some credit for this. The media continues to bang on baseball for the steroids, but now in minor leagues you’ve got random blood testing!

A good friend of my dad’s use to work in minor league baseball down south in Texas, they had no blood testing back then. Blood testing is when you get to the heart of HGH. Curtis Granderson, who is a player representative for the New York Yankees, said “whoa whoa whoa, we gotta fine tune this testing, not so fast” But where does baseball NOT have to deal with the players union? Double A baseball, Single A and Triple A baseball, they’re going right after them!

So give baseball some credit….now, you can argue that baseball isn’t as interesting…I would argue that a 2 hour and 27 minute baseball game is every bit as interesting as a 3 hour 17 min slug fest! I do believe that in the society we live in today, I mean, let’s be honest, for people who go to a lot of baseball games, generally your pretty successful people, I mean it’s expensive, but their probably successful people, got their own businesses, went to university, have very paying jobs. When a game starts at 7:30pm, is not great for the sport, a 7:05pm start, game is over by 9:28pm and your home by 10 and in bed by 10:20pm, that’s regular. But when you’re getting home at like 11:14pm, asleep by 11:58pm, your losing sleep…that’s not good for the average American and Canadian worker. So I don’t know if the lack of steroids is good, I will say though…the home run derby certainly isn’t what it used to be! So baseball nowadays looks a lot like the early 90’s and 80’s baseball, but let’s give baseball some credit…a lot of people aren’t giving them some credit, they are really tightening the foset!!!

This story is not really about sports, but it is, so we’ll begin it in that context, but this is a bigger issue which I’m going to present to you today. Chris Paul was a tremendous college basketball player, Chris Paul goes to the NBA and initially in his NBA career, he was surrounded by good players, he had a coach that he really liked and they won a lot of games!

But things have deteriorated in New Orleans…several teams now have upgraded massively in the NBA and Chris Paul no longer wants to play for the Hornets…he wants to go and play for a contender. He wants to play for a major market team…now, unlike Lebron, Chris Paul is under contract…one of the reasons I defended Lebron was that he gave the Cavs 7 years and 2 contracts…ideologically, many people… many of you are opposed to what Chris Paul is doing…leaving mid contract!

But I gotta be honest, I’m not too worked up over it…first of all (and this is inarguable) it’s much better for the NBA if he goes to New York for the same reason LA will eventually end up with an NFL franchise…but the thing about contracts, there’s a reason God created attorneys… basically to get outta contracts!

If you really look at what attorneys do…it’s to protect to a large degree, people who get stuck in bad places…that is, to a large degree, what attorneys do….and I mean, I’ve always been and have tried to be consistent…life evolves, you gotta evolve with it! Lane Kiffin at Tennessee, oppourtunity presents itself that may never for the rest of his life…he bolts! I have no problem with that…similarly I have no problem with a recruit outta high school going to USC, USC then goes on 3 years probation and the star recruit says “I’m gonna go play for Texas” I have no problem, that player is breaking that contract as well.

Divorce is essentially you breaking a contract! life evolves, contracts get broken, things change, I tend to be (and I’ve mentioned this often) if you’re gonna sit there and have this bunker down mentality and you can’t evolve and you can’t sit down and you can’t communicate…I think your limiting your oppourtunities in life

I think in this instance, for example what happens if you get into a relationship with a business partner and the business partner becomes a drug user? Don’t you want outta the contract? Don’t you want outta the business? What if you’re a woman and get married to a man that becomes a degenerate alcoholic and gambler? Wouldn’t you want outta the marriage? Don’t you have a right? He changed! So things, as you watch technology and media change, things change!

My dad, every few years, will go get a contract with his suppliers (runs a welding company) and he always wants fewer years rather than more! They offer 5, he wants 3 or 2 because things change! Like to me, you gotta be nimble and be willing to say “okay!” and Chris Paul is looking at this and saying “top teams have gotten better! We’ve eroded, you got rid of a coach I liked and I’m not happy right now with where I’m at!” and I’m honestly not gonna kill a guy for that and the thing that is really (and in the bigger picture) what’s interesting about this situation… you can argue that the Hornets would be better served if Chris Paul played for the Knicks, because the league would have more domestic and global value with New York being better, whereas New Orleans means almost nothing to the NBA’s bottom line and the league is more profitable…the league is better, basketball is better as a whole if New York is elite!

And here’s the thing about the NBA…it’s a sport for major cities, here are some of the ratings I was able to briefly find for all the major cities in the US t…and then NBA does very well in New York, LA and Chicago, Boston, Miami, Atlanta, Dallas, Houston…big cities, lots of diversity, lots of transplants…it does very well! It doesn’t do well in rural America, it doesn’t do well in medium sized markets….college basketball does better in rural America and smaller markets …so the better the major market teams are in the NBA, the better the league is!

And right now, LA, Chicago, Boston, Atlanta, Miami, Dallas…are all playoff teams in the NBA with stars, Chris Paul to the Knicks and the NBA would be set for a very long time! That doesn’t mean you can’t have solid franchises in Indiana, San Antonio, Portland, Milwaukee…but never forget this: this is an absolute inarguable fact about sports, and I talked about this briefly in my last basketball rant… the medium sized markets will look up and watch the major markets, but the major markets will not watch smaller markets…so the viability of sports leagues depends on traditional powers, college basketball ratings go up when Duke is in the final four or in the championship game…the Yankees take it to a different level!

New Yorkers will not watch the Royals and Tampa Bay in the series…Tampa Bay and the Royals will watch the Yankees…I don’t know why, but that’s just the way it works! Traditional powers get the numbers…and the traditional powers are big football programs, big NBA cities, big Major League Baseball series…that’s just the way it works!

Soooo, I’m not going to kill Chris Paul. And a lot of people are saying “But he’s breaking a contract!” ahh, god they get broken everyday though…things change, he wants to change…and I understand that a lot of you are just diametrically opposed to the idea of breaking a contract…I get it! I totally do!!

Now it is time to do it for the NFL, two days ago I released my take on Vegas’ picks for college football and where I personally thought that they had whiffed…now it’s time to focus on the NFL….as I’ve said before in my rants, I’m not really a fantasy football league type of guy…I do bet games, I bet futures and I bet games…I’m not into fantasy football…fantasy football is one of those things where everybody pleads with you to join and says “ohh it really doesn’t take that much time!” but what happens is that 40% of men actually like their jobs which means that 60% don’t….those are a lot of fantasy football players, because the 40% of guys who love their job, generally are important…they’re not playing a ton of fantasy football on their computer.

So the 60% of guys who don’t like their jobs, are looking for something at their job to pass the time…that’s the group that plays fantasy football and so you say it only takes 20 minutes a week, when in fact that is the minimum time…but you end up on your blackberry, on your computer, on your iPhone, screwing around with it…so it overtakes your life because you’re in a miserable job, which statistically 61% of you are! So I don’t play fantasy football, I just don’t have time for it and I like my job (Business Analyst at Cancer Care Ontario…as of September 2010 and my job right now as an Economics student at U of Waterloo) and I’m not just looking for areas to just add fluff to it…I like betting games, it takes like 5 minutes to do and then by Saturday or Sunday night I’ve got my money.

But I will say this, Sports Betters are doing a better job than ever against Vegas and bookies, because you have more information, sports guys are smarter than ever…the average guy on the street is smarter than ever when it comes to gambling…there’s more access to more information, if you really follow sports and you wanna win (and you can)…but I think Vegas also sometimes makes mistakes and there are 4 teams in College Football and 4 teams in the NFL that I really think Vegas has made a mistake on …now the 4 college teams who I think are better than Vegas predicts are….[sorry, look it up on the previous football rant!] Now let me give you the 4 NFL teams that I think that Vegas has undervalued….drum roll please!!…

#1 the Green Bay Packers! Vegas has the Packers at 9 ½ wins…if you look at Green Bay’s schedule, one of the first things I always look at when studying schedules is “how does it start? And how does it end?” Now Green Bay is gonna be in a playoff race with the Vikings until the end, they’re not resting any starters and that schedule gets absolutely soft down the stretch!…Detroit, Chicago, San Francisco @ home, a New York Giants that may be outta the running… very winnable, they will be in a playoff race and I doubt Chicago and Detroit will be….they also start the season with 6 games in which they will be favored in all of them! Philly, Buffalo, Chicago, Detroit, @ Redskins and Miami…they have tremendous skilled people, the schedule is very tough in the middle of the season, but it starts well….they will gain a lot of confidence and it ends against softer teams when they should be embroiled in a playoff race…Green Bay to me, straight cash homie, is better than 9 ½ wins…..drum roll please….

The other team that I think that is really being overlooked (kills me to say this…Marc F if your reading this, you’ll smile and know I’m being objective)….#2 The New England Patriots!….now, I know what you’re saying “Andrew, but you love Tom Brady as a QB!” ….yeah the schedule is tough, but here is where people are seriously overlooking their schedule…here are their 6 toughest outta conference games….Cincinnati, Baltimore, Minnesota, Indianapolis, New York Jets and Green Bay….all of them, are @ HOME!!! 2 of them, nationally televised night games…where New England historically is very good, they also get lay-up games and they play teams: Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland…if you really believe that Belichick is dumb and Brady isn’t elite and Moss and Welker aren’t very good…then don’t listen to me! They get every tough outta conference game @ home, every single one and have some lay-up W’s! So you are also talking about a very motivated Belichick and Brady, coming off a massively disappointing season…they will be fine!….drum roll please….

Here is where I think Vegas has massively OVER-VALUED a team…I’m talking about over’s and under…future bets in the NFL…..Vegas has the Chicago Bears at 8 wins, I think that could be double what they win…1st of all, outta conference schedule, brutal!! @ Dallas, @ Giants, @ Miami, New England, @ Minnesota, Jets…that’s a brutal outta conference schedule…you have a team that has a lame duck head coach, an inconsistent QB, does not have elite skill people , so unless your defense is outstanding, you are playing some of the best offenses in the league. Dallas, Green Bay twice, Minnesota twice, New England…that’s a tough schedule…again, lame duck head coach…and what happens is that if Chicago is (with a lame duck head coach) at the end of the regular season…when Green Bay and Minnesota have already surpassed them, you’ve got a lame duck head coach, a QB with an attitude…nothing to play for and here are your final 4 games : New England, Minnesota, Jets and Green Bay….4 playoff teams, fighting for playoff position…the Chicago Bears are NOT an 8 win football team!….and my final team that I think is seriously being under-valued is…..drum roll please….

The San Francisco 49ers at 8 ½ wins!!! You can argue that they have the softest schedule in the NFL, Vegas basically sees them as an 8-8 football team….Seattle, Kansas City, Oakland, Carolina, Denver (with Tebow) St. Louis, Tampa, Seattle, St. Louis, Arizona…And it should be noted, they have always played Seattle and Arizona tough…the 49ers play Seattle and Arizona tough, even when the 49ers stunk!! When they were terrible… they have had 3 good drafting years…if they can keep Alex Smith upright, there’s only 3 games on this schedule…where they will be touchdown underdogs…New Orleans, @ Green Bay and @ San Diego. Other than that, coin flip games throughout the season…for a team that has a ton of young talent, especially at skilled positions…Vernon Davis, Crabtree, Gore…they drafted two offensive linemen, their better upfront…I think San Francisco is better than an 8-8 football team…so there you go!

My NFL picks….I think Green Bay, San Francisco and New England are better than what Vegas thinks and I think Chicago is significantly WORSE than Vegas thinks… you might say “but Andrew, outta all the 8 teams that you picked…you only chose one under!” well that’s true…I guess with a rough economy that we are still in and what not…I’m trying to be optimistic and give people a reason to be cheerful when placing these bets….like heck, I could’ve picked like about 10 college football teams that aren’t as good as Vegas thinks…I tried to pick teams that are better than what Vegas thinks…I want my audience to feel good about themselves…like I really do, like sometime yesterday I was saying that “ half the league can’t win the Superbowl!”I was a total downer when first analyzing the lines…

 Two days ago, USC basically cleaned house. They brought it Pat Heighten, he’ll be the new athletic coach and the first bold move he’s made is getting rid of anything that resembles Reggie Bush, they took Reggie’s Heizman outta Heritage Hall and moved it off campus, their getting rid of anything that resembles a likeness to Reggie Bush, they may even take away shrubs and bushes on campus, hahaha, just to get anything resembling a bush of the campus. I think it’s good, I think it’s symbolic and I think it’s totally smart!

Remember when you were like 4th of 5th grade? And the teacher had a chalkboard, you were in 4th or 5th grade and the teacher would bring the old dusty eraser and kinda move the chalk around. A couple of times a year though, the teacher would use the wet sponge to clean the chalkboard, and the board would turn forest green, USC just went to the wet sponge!! And it’s a real smart move…O.J. Mayo, anything with O.J. Mayo is gone, anything with Bush… gone! Anything with Todd McNair… gone! Tim Floyd… gone! Pete Caroll… gone! Mike Garrett… gone! Gone, gone, gone, gone, and gone!!! Get them outta there.

He’ll have nothing to do with USC’s appeal, because you can’t use these new people on the appeal process, it’s irrelevant in regards to the appeal, it won’t have nothing to do with the appeal process, it wouldn’t help them nor hurt them. They just did this, because when your USC right now (fair or not) a lot of people in the US, and some even on this side of the pond, you know what they say? “eek, kinda dirty…USC is dirty”

I got a facebook message yesterday saying “well Charles Woodson took money and he kept his Heisman trophy” yeah, but Michigan wasn’t facing the crisis that USC is…the new president at USC took a hose, turned it on full blast and he is cleaning out the athletic department…and I’ve always said this about Reggie Bush, If USC didn’t know that something was going on…they were NOT doing their homework!

Listen, when you go recruit a kid…and I don’t care if your Nick Saben or Urban Meyers or Mac Brown or Lane Kiffin, I don’t care!…when you go recruit a kid, you know the income of his family, you know the neighbourhood, the cars, the clothes…you can look around… if they got old shag carpets and wooden panels, this is a border-line poverty stricken story okay…..if they got a 1970 El Camino out in the front yard in a horrible neighbourhood, bars on the windows …you know the situation okay?

So if you go to an affluent suburb you know the situation as well…okay, so you know if the kid goes to Thousand Oak’s High School, just north of Los Angeles …you know the parents have money, it’s like 25K a year to send your kid there… Its a private school…so you know when you recruit Reggie Bush, that that family didn’t have a lot of dough…suddenly Reggie has got new cars, new clothes, the parents are now flying to road games, like to Notre Dame try to get a flight…LA, Chicago…that’s a $2,000 trip!!!…you were in that home recruiting him, you saw the house, the neighbourhood, and the lack of material items…you saw it! So when coaches say “I don’t know” you’ve got to have an idea.

And for the record, I would be highly suspicious of any of my star athletes, other than maybe (and I’m dead serious about this) other than my QB’s driving nice cars….but historically, if you look at college football, I mean most of your QB’s…the # 1 thinking position in football, come from pretty successful families, generally speaking.

I mean Colt McCoy’s dad is pretty successful, Bradford…I mean you look around, the family comes from some money, generally at QB…GENERALLY, not always…and by and large, most highs school athletes, most of the great Division 1 football players, don’t come from a lot of money families…there is a lot of desperation, there is some poverty…I mean , that’s what creates the athlete…desperation!! “I gotta get outta here…escape for a better life” that…essentially what creates it!

 I’ve never been a fan of public apologies, and the reason being is – do you really think that D-wade wrote that press release? Pfft no he didn’t! It’s not very authentic, people often seeking apologies get them, but the people granting the apology don’t really mean it or they wouldn’t have said it at the time…D-wade didn’t offend me, a lot of people are easily offended, so I don’t know exactly who he is apologizing too, but he did.

Tim McCarver is in trouble…well not really.Fox is not gonna fire him, at least when he has a career of 25 years, and I wasn’t terribly offended by what he said, but apparently it did offend somebody.

The reason I hate apologies is 1) their not authentic, I wouldn’t apologize to somebody unless I meant it. If you made me apologize, I probably would…to keep my job! But I wouldn’t believe it. So if I ever apologize 5 days later, I don’t really mean it…I’m just doing it to keep my job!

And that is what McCarver is doing…because what he said had a really valid point to it…and that’s why I hate apologies. What happens with apologies is that, generally you have to apologize for language that is too abrasive, that is not politically correct, and what it does is that clouds a really good point…and McCarver made a really good point, but nobody is gonna talk about it..instead it’ll be about the language that offended somebody… and that ends up being the story…and that is not really the story…here is what McCarver said, cause he was talking about the Yankees and Joe Torre and he makes a good point…but the way he makes, it apparently offended too many people…

He said “you remember some of those despotic leaders from WWII, primarily in Russia and Germany, where they use to take those pictures that they’d taken of former generals, who are no longer alive, they have shot them” McCarver continued “they have airbrushed the pictures, and airbrushed the generals outta the pictures. in a sense, that’s what the Yankees have done with Joe Torre, they’ve airbrushed his legacy, I mean there’s no sign of Joe Torre at the stadium, that’s ridiculous, I just don’t understand it”

Well first off all, I feel smarter after McCarver said that!! It’s historical knowledge being dropped on baseball fans, and I know most baseball fans are like freakin 80 years old, but for anybody in their 20’s (including myself) still watching the game, like 8 people… there was some actual historical perspective, which I personally appreciated!

He didn’t actually mention Stalin by name; he made a reference to those generals being airbrushed in photos. Somebody from there, took the leap and said “it’s outrageous!”…like literally everything offends anybody these days!!! So, but the problem is that the point he makes is a much better point, and nobody talks about it, which is in essence, let’s be honest here, George Steinbrenner was kinda of a shmuck a lot of the time

Sorry folks, the 24 hour window is over, we can talk about him now [in reference to 24 hours after his death] we’re all grown up right? And you all know it’s true…you’re a bad guy if you get banned from something…the dude was banned twice from baseball!!

Now George did a lot of good, but he was often a horrible person…a terribly petty and small person…and by not putting more of Joe Torre in the new stadium, is absolutely small and petty, power hungry…who didn’t want Don Mattingly to sport his hair a certain way and Guss Gosache…George was all about bullying, he was all about power, he did a lot of good things…but he was often a horrible person…there I said it! Is anybody offended with that too??? wouldn’t surprise me if it’s true

The problem I have with McCarver’s apology is that it clouds a really issue….now the 24 hour window, the ill of the dead, don’t speak ill of them… but just because you die, it doesn’t mean we could never criticize you, it doesn’t erase horrible things, you’re not absolved from your issues!!! who is firing managers?, being cruel and bullying people?, banned twice from baseball?…I mean you get banned from airports, you get banned from casino’s, you get banned from sports leagues ONCE …and you’ve got issues!!! Twice? Your kind of a criminal to some degree aren’t you?

If that’s how your sport views you…they’ve viewed George like that twice and Pete Rose once …your kinda a criminal to some degree…so the 24 hour window is over and McCarver makes a good point regarding the pettiness of Steinbrenner, which is absolutely true, which will deeply offend somebody who needs to get a life!! Now the way he said it might have been a bit too much…ugh it may be a little bit too abrasive, ugh it doesn’t bother me, but apparently it offended deeply some people in the organization.

But for as great as Joe Torre was…4 World Series Championships recently, turning around the franchise, he DOES deserve more than a picture or two at the new Yankee Stadium don’t you think? Maybe more than a picture or two? Absolutely!!! And, let’s be honest, if Steinbrenner wasn’t the Yankees owner, they would’ve never let him back in

You think the owner of the Kansas City Royals gets kicked out twice? And let back in? Heck noo!! …and for the record, you Yankee fans for 20 years have hated Steinbrenner, you hated him!! And the Yankee’s got better when he left, because the baseball people ran the team

So let’s not be overly offended by comments a well respected McCarver made…look, it really unfortunate that a smart guy like McCarver makes a good point, which is really a good topic, but we’ll talk about some WWII regime (which really isn’t the story here). But unfortunately somebody was offended and so it will overtake the real story

Similarly with Dwayne Wade!! Who made a really interesting point…he said “were gonna lose 2 or 3 straight games, and you guys are gonna make a big deal about it!”…that’s a really interesting point. What’s really interesting is that everybody concedes that Miami is really good, their gonna go on a losing streak…Lakers lost in Minnesota, Lakers lose in Sacramento, Lakers go on losing streaks and everybody freaks out!

But what happens when Lebron, Bosh and Wade go on a three game losing streak…but THAT POINT WAS LOST TOO!!! Because apparently somebody connected something he said, which I heard and I wasn’t offended by that either, and in both instances, McCarver and Wade made good points, too bad we can’t really talk about them.

Listen, I’m just not offended by words seriously, “that guy said something!” well what do you mean? “It was a sentence!” what do you mean? “It was words next to each other…I’m deeply offended by that!” I’m 22, you know I’ve lost friends to cancer, I’ve seen animals killed in front of me…I’m just not offended by sentences, I’ve had real pain…having to write rants about sports in July is real pain…feel my anguish please!!