Amare to the Knicks Absolutely Makes No Senses…You Hijack your Roster For 3 Years for Lebron…You Get Amare and New Yorkers Wake Up The Next Morning And Cannot Say “Yeah!! Feel Great today!”

Posted: July 3, 2010 in NBA

You know, there is an old saying that “if your parents won’t loan you money, neither will banks!” so somebody comes up, and somebody did ask me for money (about a year ago) and I said “well what about your parents?” and he said “well my parents won’t loan me money” and I said “well, I’m not loaning you money” because the people closest to you in life know you, you can really hide a lot of stuff, but when a guy gets the divorce and the papers come out on what happened….when you live with somebody, it’s a totally different ballgame then being somebody’s neighbour or being their cousin, but when you live with somebody…you know that somebody!

So if your parents won’t loan you money, I don’t even need to know anything else …neither does a bank ….You can’t be trusted, You won’t pay it back!! So what does that say about Amare Stoudemire?? The Phoenix Suns, a really good organization, have let him go…what does that tell you? Steve Kerr tried to trade him for 2 years, Mike D’Antoni didn’t want any piece of him…now he’s been saddled with him! What does that tell you? Amare is one of those guys…he’s in the neighbourhood, ”ohhhhh boyyyy….sexy!!”….pfft, but you don’t know the baggage! You don’t know the half of it…the sexy bombshell six houses down, you don’t wake up and go to bed….you don’t have to deal with the drama and the high maintenance….she just looks good when she pulls out in a Lexus in the driveway…you don’t have to live with her! Amare Stoudemire to the Knicks is a big fat fail if your goal is to win championships!!

This idea that “well, he makes us better!” that was the goal???? Hell you better be better, you guys were horrible in New York for a decade!!! The goal for the Knicks this off-season wasn’t to be better, it was “its New York City folks…money, Wall Street, architecture, food, to be # 1, to be world-class” you think the Yankees settle for a wildcard spot and appearances? They want championships; think Giant fans are happy just making the playoffs? They want championships!! They almost ran Tom Kofflin…and he made the post-season!!!

This isn’t Kansas City, its New York! “Win big or go home!” is there mentality. You can’t eat, sleep, breathe, talk Lebron for 2 years… land Amare Stoudemire and say “yeah [round of applause] feel great about this!!”…go back to what I said before the start…if your parents won’t loan you money, that’s all I need to know! And the Phoenix Suns have had Amare since High School…and they let him go! And they wouldn’t pony it up and they’ve been trying to trade him…they know the odometer, okay….nobody is fooling the baseball team that’s had the pitcher since he signed at 17…if they let him go at 26, they’ve had him for 9 years, they know the exact reading of the odometer…so before everyone jumps up and down saying “this is unbelievable!!”

Does Amare make you better than with Wade, Bosh and Lebron in Miami? Nooope!! Orlando? Nooope!! Boston? Noooope!! Chicago ?? (who landed Carlos Boozer) Nooope!!…FAIL!!! Now you just lost your point guard Chris Doughton…soo… and Amare’s whole game…he’s not a post up player, he’s more of a pick and roll type of guy…..and well, I guess you just lost a part of that New York…so the morning of the Amare acquisition, I was listening (getting ready to go to school)…streaming New York sports talk radio ….and there was this host who was essentially trying to say “hey!! This is just the beginning!” pfft, no its not!!

Now if you would’ve added Lebron to Amare…your suddenly way better than Cleveland without Lebron …now your compelling! Now your interesting….anybody with Leborn is interesting…but let’s not sugar coat this…the goal of the Knicks or anything in New York is not to be “better”, it’s to be “great”…that’s the way New York rolls…I mean Amare was ready to declare the Knicks’ off-season acquisitions as an absolute success!!…’s interesting because this morning, when growing up, I watched a lot of Western Conference games, even if it meant getting the belt a couple of times for staying up too late, and I’ve always felt that with Amare, there is just a ton of fool’s gold with him…he’s much closer to T-Mac than he is to Tim Duncan…and it’s interesting, when you go look at Amare’s numbers…it is shocking how little correlation there is to him having a good night and the Sun’s winning!! It’s amazing.

The playoffs are just a great example…listen to this, he scores 7 pts and they win! He scores 28pts and they LOSE!!…soo, its…like heck, don’t sugarcoat the fans…fans aren’t stupid, I mean you know, fans are emotional, so they sometimes go too high and too low….but fans aren’t stupid, but anybody selling Amare to a Knick fan, to a guy who knows the NBA, as some magic wand “oh were an elite Eastern Conference team”…remember, the East is way below the West in depth and talent…pfft, come on!!…Okay, so here’s pretty much everything you need to know about Amare Stoudemire…he scores all his points basically on the pick and roll, he’s not a jump shooter , he’s not a back to the basket post type player… he’s a pick and roll guy! He just left the best passing guard in the league…Steve Nash, a two time MVP! He just left that guy…for the Knicks, who now don’t have a point guard…he clearly moved for the money!

And you know, in life…let’s put this in terms of football…it’s as if Amare were a Wide Receiver, he just left Payton Manning for Jamarcus Russell…I mean, that’s what basically he did. He just left the best pick and roll guard in the league, for a team with no point guard…He left for money! And you know what, I’m not saying money doesn’t matter in life…of course it does! Somebody can spend a lot of money on you…but like Phoenix would’ve spent some money on him…but they weren’t gonna spend THIS kinda money on him…but when you leave for money, these NBA guys…good luck!!

All I’m trying to say is that Amare….I went and looked at some of the playoff numbers this morning on Amare…and they are a testament to how over-rated Amare really is…his results don’t change game results! Listen to this, this is interesting.

So I looked at this year’s playoff numbers…with no agenda, as objective as possible…to just look at the numbers… Amare Stoudemire had 18pts and 8 rebounds against Portland…average game they lost…the next night he goes 18 and 7 and they win! His best game in the series he had 26pts against Portland…and they lost!! Yet the game he scored the least (18pts) and had the most boards in the game (7) they won! …Let’s go to the San Antonio Spurs series… He had his worst game in Game 3 against the Spurs, 8 rebounds & 7pts…they won by 15pts!! He had his best game in Game 4…29pts, they won by only 6!!…there is absolutely no correlation with how he plays and how his team performs…Let’s go to the Lakers’ series… he had 42 pts, they won by 9! The next game he had half that…21pts…they won by 9 again!….then , you go conversely to Pau Gasol of the Lakers, a highly skilled high basketball IQ guy…in the Oklahoma City series, he had a stinker…13pts ,4 rebounds, Lakers got crushed!…in his best game, 25pts and 11 rebounds, they crushed Oklahoma City… In the Utah series, he had 3 great games and 1 good one…the closets game against the Jazz was in his good game…not his 3 great ones…against the Suns, he had another stinker…15pts, 5 boards…Lakers got crushed by the Suns. His best game, 29pts & 9 rebounds…they beat the Suns by 12pts.

You see a trend here? Go to the series against the Boston Celtics…he had 1 really bag game…the 12 pointer, they got beat…by the way, game 1 he was great…21ps, 14 boards…the biggest Laker win…by the way, last game…19pts & 18 boards…the Lakers win! So when Pau Gasol stinks it up…there is a correlation…now granted, Lakers have much more talent than the Suns, and they could win some without Kobe…I mean they win games in the regular season without Kobe…but when Gasol it dominant…the Lakers are really tough to beat….I mean, you know, he drops a good game…I can look at Gasol’s numbers and tell you how the Lakers played… Amare scores 7 pts and they win!! 28pts and they lose!!…what??? And so you kinda have to watch the NBA, for every great basket that Amare scores …when he goes on his big offensive nights… he’ll give up another on the other end!


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