Cav’s Owner Dan Gilbert Does Not Have a Filter!! An Examination Of His Press Release!

Posted: July 8, 2010 in NBA

…well here’s the thing about Dan Gilbert, at least he’s not passive aggressive…I never really liked those people anyways. Dan Gilbert (it should be noted) was not born in Ohio, he made his fortune there, he was born in Michigan and left….apparently he doesn’t like others doing it though.

Lebron James was born in the projects, he’s 25 years old, and though he probably should’ve given Dan Gilbert a phone before he left…I think he handled it much better than what Dan Gilbert did this morning. He made the Cav’s into a franchise, which is already one of the weakest free agent destinations, into absolute poison. And don’t forget, this league is nothing but a bunch of 25-30 year old kids, and they like Lebron. And Dan Gilbert, after 7 years of carrying the franchise, has called him a bum! That’s not going to be a very attractive place for free agents to land…umm, let me tell you another story.

Last night, after my interview with Scotiabank during the day, I headed off to the hospital for sick kids and watched it with a friend who is currently in the hospital. It just so happens that the psychologist/life coach was in there at the time of my visit and this psychologist/life coaches’ job is to watch human beings and analyze their predictive patterns. He doesn’t know Lebron James, but knows he’s a great basketball player. But we watched this together because my friend didn’t’ want to be distracted and so the psychologist (an avid basketball fan himself) watched it as well.

This man was very professional about it and I think it’s awesome that he has this title of a life coach. So he watched Lebron James with us for about 7 or 8 minutes and he blurted out “ohh he’s a caretaker!” and I said to him “well, what do you mean?” he said “ohh clearly he’s carried his family for 20 years” so I asked again “what do you mean?” he said “ well, theirs different descriptions for people…caretaker, people who are often caretaker’s become nurses….they tend to carry their husbands, they find people with trouble and can carry the burden and help them…their called caretakers…there are borderline personalities…narcissisms, there’s a lot of different personalities…so Lebron James is definitely a caretaker” and I said “well again, what do you mean?” and he asked me “well, what’s his back-story?”

I said “well at 12yrs old, Lebron basically became the father of the family..” and he goes “anybody this articulate, in this type of pressure….umm, you can listen to his vocabulary, you can listen to what he’s saying….he’s really a caretaker” and I thought it was really fascinating because he didn’t know Lebron’s backstory …and we can bang on Lebron James, but I would just say this… 25yr old kid, had to make a brutal decision…cause he clearly loves Ohio…and yet the millionaire, the one hundred, three hundred million dollar guy acts like a petulant child this morning…it is quite amazing, as people criticize the kid who grew up in abject poverty (with no dad)…yeah he could’ve done it better and given Dan a call…but ended up coming off pretty classy in that moment…yet Dan Gilbert this morning looks absolutely ridiculous

Like when I read the comments by Dan Gilbert I honestly thought it was a post from a message board or something…and the first thing I said to myself when I read that was “that man doesn’t have a filter!!” I run things by my sister, my mom, my dad, and my brother and those in the inner circle of trust…I have a friend down in St Louis, ultra sports fan, 10x bigger of a sports fan that I am and leaves me in his dust…that I run all my sports rants (every single one) through him before I post them up…(he doesn’t look for the grammar…just for the analysis and insight, is a professional sports gambler by profession, has been doing it for almost 15 years now) Clearly he’s good at picking winners.

Anyways to me, reading Dan Gilberts’ comments, that is just someone who just doesn’t have a filter. He should’ve honestly had someone edit that, have a look at it before that post went out…because now, he’s made the city of Cleveland even less desirable!! To a professional athlete that may want to go there and work for him…ask yourself this “would you wanna work for him today?”

I had a contact at MLSE text me last night…he works with NBA Canada offices…really nice fellow, and he said to me “wow, as a former agent…if I were still in the business, I’d never send a player to that franchise…I probably would’ve…but after this for sure I wouldn’t even dare to think of sending someone there”

Remember, players LIKE Lebron, he’s one of THEM…he’s a 25 yr old kid who didn’t grow up with affluence ..and he just gave you 7 years of unbelievable basketball…and today he’s a bum????? Like I was streaming Cleveland sports talk radio this morning and heard the host say “Lebron leaves Cleveland…he leaves like a loser!” and I’m thinking…wait, noo, Lebron wakes up this morning in South Beach, with playing for a more prominent franchise because now he’s a part of it…oh and by the way, for a great great owner…and to a place where we’d all wanna be during the winter season, with no state tax.

No, Lebron is not the loser this morning, the city that lost him is the loser, but hopefully they’ve learned to handle it a bit more different than it seems how their owner handled it. The only thing that stuck out to me about last night was that Lebron didn’t seem more joyous about the announcement…and I think it pretty much confirms what the psychologist/life coach told me…he’s a caretaker…it was a brutal decision….

check out the letter from Dan Gilbert at the link below


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