Lebron To Miami? Not a chance…New Yorkers Think Everybody Wants To Live In New York…Is Staten Island Really That Much Better Than Los Angeles Or Dallas? An Analysis on Lebron’s Future..And Why Its Really Cannot Be New York

Posted: July 8, 2010 in NBA

…I don’t believe that Lebron is going to Miami, others in the media have said that its happening, I don’t believe it to be true…I just wanna say up front, I love Steven A. Smith, but he had Lebron going to New York guaranteed and he now has him going to Miami guaranteed and I don’t buy either one of them.

I think almost everyone is going to stay put, I think Carlos Boozer is probably going to leave Utah, I will tell you this though…the funniest thing about all of this is New Yorker’s tend to think that everybody wants to live in New York and I got a good buddy Tim in Los Angeles who lives in Manhattan Beach and he grew up in New York and he just laughs at it, he likes “New Yorkers can be as peroquial as anybody in the country, maybe their sophisticated, maybe they make a bit more money, but they really believe that everybody wants to live in New York” I got news for you though, the quality of life in Staten Island is not very good compared to living in a lot of other places in the US. There are parts of New York that are great but its brutally expensive, the weather stinks 6 months of the year, it is packed, it’s hard to get around, you get nibbled at constantly….you know, it’s not for everybody! It’s just not for everybody!

New Yorkers tend to think that everybody loves New York….yeah they do, but for a weekend! Umm and they think…and its so funny cause New Jersey and New York are absolutely sure that their getting Lebron and their battling over it, and I don’t think Lebron is going…don’t think he’s going to New Jersey or going to New York. The New York Post has a story that Lebron James was eyeing real estate in New York this past weekend! And they tell you about this one condo that he liked, what they don’t tell you is… and they save it until the very ending of the article… is that he wasn’t in town to house hunt, he was going to a Mary J Bilage concert…you know, and before the concert he went around and looked at a condo.

Here’s the thing, its sooo funny cause New York has basically…New York is a bit delusional, it’s one thing for the Yankees (people like to go to the Yankee games) but even CC Sabatthia didn’t want to be a Yankee, they just overpaid ridiculously that he became a New York Yankee. But in the NBA you can’t over pay! Okay, so don’t take the Yankees and say “pffft, that’s just how it is!” Have the Jets been good for the last 20 years? Not really… have the Giants been a top free agent market for the last 20 years? Not really… Have the Mets? Noo…Knicks? nooo….Rangers? noo…the Yankees are because their revenue streams are so gigantic.

They can just outspend the Twins or the Dodgers for Cliff Lee. I would like to see Cliff Lee go to the Twins or Dodgers, but they will just pay him significantly more than anybody else will….But this idea with Lebron, that when all things are equal with salary, that he’s just going to go to New York…well it’s an old building, the roster is horrible, and what New York has done for 3 years…and part of the delusion is in essentially saying “hey, we’re gonna clear out our entire roster of cap space”….so they’ve been virtually unwatchable for 3 years…it’s the least talented roster in the NBA, their is like nothing there!!

Like David Lee is their go to player for the Knicks…well the problem is that if they don’t get Lebron…their gonna either wake up (that is Knick fans) with either the best Christmas present ever or with a lump of cole….because they have literally cleared the whole roster for Lebron, their absolutely sure that they are going to get him…and if they don’t…than New Jersey will get him?…Lebron doesn’t want to go play in Newark for 2 years!! And he doesn’t want to play for the Knicks, and they’ve got all these stories that he’s checking out real estate.

I’ll tell you New Yorkers, I love visiting New York…but I wouldn’t want to live in New York City…I’d take Manhattan Beach, California….like my buddy Tim the New Yorker, any day of the week…yeah, like nothing against New York but New Yorkers…Minny and Staten Island, it’s the only places he’s ever lived…and he’s just sure, New York’s crowded, it’s expensive, the weather stinks…it’s tough to live in New York. And if you don’t grow up there, it’s fun to visit but not everyone wakes up saying “god I gotta live in New York City” they don’t!!…they just don’t!

And so I just look at this free-agency and at least Miami, if they don’t get Lebron, has some backup plans…New York literally, I read sports illustrated this morning, here is their pitch! Their gonna get Bosh, Joe Johnson and Lebron and they’re all going to ask them to take less than max contracts…that’s their pitch! And their gonna pitch tomorrow or Friday, I think their gonna make their big pitch.

So let me get this straight…so your gonna go to the best player in the world, the global icon and your pitch is “can you take less than max money!”…really?? and the Net’s pitch is “wanna play in Newark for 2 yrs” hahahaha….Now, don’t get me wrong here…Lebron in New York, you cannot explain how profoundly important this would be for the league…if Chicago doesn’t get Lebron, but gets let’s say a couple of good players…like a Boozer or Bosh, Chicago is still gonna be good.

So if the Lakers, Boston, New York and Chicago are all very good and are 4 of the top 5 or 6 teams in the league….the NBA is the # 2 sport in the US, and you can’t argue about it…So New York is profoundly important to the league, LA is good, Chicago is really close to being good, Boston is good….if New York had Lebron, you can’t…it’s hard to put into numbers how big it would be! Don’t forget the NBA is a star driven league….when Cleveland and San Antonio were in the finals, 6.2 rating…just 6.2! Boston and LA gets about a 14.

So it’s always been a star league, a celebrity league…big city league, diversity league…that’s what it is. So from my vantage point of view, I would love to see Lebron go to New York…I really would. For my business, with these rants, it would be fantastic!! But I gotta tell you, New York has put all their eggs in this basket…and my gut feeling is that Amire Stoudmire is staying in Phoenix, and D-wade is staying where he’s at and Joe Johnson and Chris Bosh, if that’s all you get…that’s not getting you to the NBA finals.

I’m not even sure that’s getting you to the Eastern Conference finals….so your either going to wake up in New York with this free agency fiasco with a brand new Lexus for Christmas or some stationeries….cause you have literally done all or nothing on this Lebron thing and I’ve gotta feeling that its gonna come back to bite you in the butt! I know everybody in New York thinks that everybody else wants to live in New York and that it’s the greatest thing ever….but the population has been dwindling for the last decade okay….people are moving to nicer weather and lower state tax places and less density and there’s just a lot of stuff about New York that is tedious.

It’s got bigger rats than a lot of other cities…but I mean it’s not for everybody. It’s not for…it’s just not for everybody. It really….and I love New York City, I go there at least once a year…but if you’re telling me that I can live on Manhattan Beach and be a Laker like Lamar, or live in New York and be a Knick…it’s not even close dawg….it’s not even close!! If you’re telling me that I can play in Miami and on a great team or New York…I’m probably gonna be choosing Miami with no state taxes and the weather and my kids are close to Disney World and the beach…come on!

And Miami has got a tremendous owner, the Heat have a great owner…the Lakers have a great owner…the Knicks owner James Dowen you can make an argument…worst owner in the league many believe. Like he’s going to Lebron to make the pitch to change the reputation….James Dowen’s reputation around the league is terrible…so your gonna sit with Lebron and your big pitch is “Hi my name is James Dowen, I’m really not as bad as they say…oh and by the way, will you take less than max money!”…that’s your pitch? Haha…oh and by the way, you can be a team-mate of David Lee…David Lee Roth? Nooo, just David Lee…wow, like good luck on that pitch!


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