Wow Cleveland! I Certainly Don’t Blame You For Venting Off…But Your Owner Preaches Loyalty, Yet Mike Brown Was Loyal…And You Canned Him!!

Posted: July 9, 2010 in NBA

….I don’t blame Cleveland fans for being all upset and emotional today and I’ve said this before “your job as the sports fan is to be emotional…my job as a sports blogger and analyst, to a certain degree, is to have perspective!”
I understand when it’s close, you know Dan Gilbert has lots of businesses and lots of things, I expect better from an owner.

The New York Knicks President came out and said that he was disappointed but wished everybody well. But here’s a point that I hope you will all be able to relate to in one way or another…what’s the big deal if he left his home town?

Don’t well all do it in some way or another…I left my Greater Toronto Area roots to move 100km to a relatively small town, Kitchener-Waterloo. Yeah it just so happens to house the head office on the makers of the Blackberry and is considered as the “Most Intelligent Community In The World” and is nicknamed as the “Silicon Valley of The North!” Did I not move there in the name of bettering my career by becoming a student at the University of Waterloo?

It’s been 5 years since I left home and you know what? I’m happy with the decision I made!!!” isn’t that what Lebron James is essentially doing? left Cleveland to pursue greener pastures.

It’s funny that Dan Gilbert doesn’t necessarily practice what he preaches. He vents about Lebron not being loyal to him yet, was he not trying to buy Tom Izzo’s loyalty from Michigan? He fired Mike Brown and Danny Ferry for having the best record in the league, back to back years of 60+ wins. So Dan Gilbert is lecturing on loyalty, Mike Brown is the

most loyal guy in the league and you canned him!!


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