A Round Of Applause To The Inferior National League on Finally Winning An All-Star Game…And Got Home Field Advantage For the 1st Since The Rule Came Into Effect…lol

Posted: July 13, 2010 in MLB

 …so let’s all give a hearty congratulation’s to the inferior National League for finally winning an all-star game…congratulations!! big big night!

I watched every pitch of it! So when I watched the game last night, I texted my buddy Andy and wrote to him “umm, let’s hit up the campus bar (Front Row) and get something to eat…to watch the game!” He’s a Tiger’s fan…originally from Michigan…I’m an Astros fan…and so we umm we watched the game, prime rib burger and pop…and we didn’t have the announcers…so whenever you can’t hear a game… you always just watch it…you know, your other senses are heightened…like they say with blind people, they are better listeners…because they have to be, their other senses are heightened.

So I’m watching the game last night with no sound…so I’m really watching the game, cause I knew I was going to rant about it today…and here is what I saw, and for both Andy and I it was both stark….Andy and I were like “holy smokes! Either every single Major League Baseball player is on P90X, they are vegans, or players are really off the juice now.

It is remarkable how much different Major League Baseball players look today, than the steroid era…during the first 5 innings, did anybody get a solid bat on ball? It was double play, strikeout, pop ups…so I went back to the steroid era of all-star games 92’ – 02’ you know what…I’ll even go to 2005…which is the range of years that you’d call the steroid era in baseball…listen to the All-Star scores…and remember, last night, runs were at a premium…getting the bat on the ball last night was a premium. Don’t tell me it’s all great pitching…listen to the scores of the all-star games during the steroid era, starting with 92’ 13-6, 9-3, 8-7, 13-8, 7-7, 7-6, 9-4, 7-5..their were a few 4-1 games in there…but every other year was basically beer league softball…I mean like last night, the first 6 or 7 innings, nobody was getting bat on ball!!

So that really jumped out to me and I’ll say this…even some of the guys who were suppose to be power-hitters like Cory Hart are slender…Ryan Braun is a big stick…small guy, slender….Jonathan Broxton of the Dodgers was the biggest athlete in the entire game last night, he looked like a monster…like Jurassic park size.

But I will say this, and I like runs too and I’m a proponent of HGH use in MODERATION, doctor supervision, I’ve said that before…I would use it, I probably will use it…I believe that HGH 20 yrs from now will not have the stigma that it does, I really do believe that one cycle, doctor supervised, it is going to help people more than hurt them.

But the good news, with all this offense or lack their off with all this pitching…did you see how long the game lasted? Under 3 hours!! I like home-runs too but during the steroid era, watching a Major League Baseball game was similar to golfing Saturday on a public course…you had to block out 4 ½ hours and last night, if you didn’t watch the pre-game show, and I don’t really watch pre-game shows…it was a 2 hour and 45 minute baseball game… I mean, you and a buddy basically have a burger and pop…perhaps order fries on the side or something…game over!! It was absolutely great…


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