Carmelo Anthony is Pretty Much Set To Become A New York Knick Come Next Season…This Move Symbolizes The Passion And Aggressiveness Sports Fans Have East of The Mississippi River…An Analysis On Lebron James’ Interview With GQ!

Posted: July 13, 2010 in NBA

So I guess my audience wants to argue with me today…I saw this…and I will tell you and I will defend East of the Mississippi when it comes to sports, because of their passion and their aggressiveness.

If you wanna run a .org, if you wanna run a flower shop, or be a school teacher…then compassionate, thoughtful and patient wins! If you wanna be successful in business or sports…a male dominated arena…aggressive wins! Aggressive and relentless wins!!

And I read this story where the Denver Nuggets are going to lose Carmelo Anthony and I’ve been told by a source, a couple of months ago, I dropped in one of my early rants, he’s gonna be a New York Knick! Carmelo Anthony is going to be a New York Knick…he does not want to be in Denver.

Now Denver can sit there and hold their breath… and not trade or make moves on this… and then they’re going to get burned and get nobody…he’s leaving Denver! And once again, the East Coast is raiding the West! Look at this off-season…Amare Stoudimire…West to East…Carlos Boozer…West to East…these are star players! Carmelo Anthony…West to East…good news for Laker fans, it’s getting a lot easier to get to the finals.

But if you look around the NFL, seven of the top eight teams…East! NBA, the East is now better than the West at the top…MLB, who are the best West teams? San Diego and San Francisco…between the two of them they have only one legitimate All-Star hitter in Adrian Gonzalez…sorry Abruy Huff, not buying it!

Like even in the NHL…the Central, Chicago and Detroit…best division in hockey…you can say that they are in the Western Conference…pfft is it really? That’s an East Coast vibe really…college basketball, the PAC -10 has become a running joke! Why? Because of a lethargic commissioner and a terrible television contract…it’s become the worst major basketball conference in the US. If USC goes down the tubes, I’m not sure if they will…but good luck! Because the Big 10 has completely separated and the SEC financially…even the ACC now lapse the PAC -10.

So you can talk about East Coast bias all you want. I’m writing this and put myself in the shoes of a West Coast person, living in the East…who will hopefully retire in the West, I’m about as objective as anyone can really be…and I’m here to tell you, once again the East Coast wants it more! They are just more aggressive, more relentless and they just want it more! This has been an unbelievable off-season for the Eastern Conference in the NBA…they just cherry pick players!

I’ve always said this, the reason why I grew up in the East Coast…and why I love Ohio State is because they really acted like an SEC team…Ohio State is the SEC in the Big 10…they pay their coaches millions, they pay their assistants millions, they push the envelope with NCAA , they steal coaches and players and don’t feel guilty and their goal is to always win an national championship! That is in a nutshell the SEC…I love it!

Again, maybe for my retirement I’ll wanna be in Santa Barbara where its passive …but if you look at the National League West, the AFC West, NFC West, PAC -10 basketball…it’s just timid, just getting worked! And I’ve heard and read about studies showing that people out West are skinnier, more liberal, less intense, more independent…god love all of you! But just not in sports though! But I mean umm, it’s just amazing …if you look at what’s happening now…in this sports, in this shrinking economy…where the cream is really rising to the corporate top …god the East is just separating! And this NBA off-season is incredible…just cherry picked all the really good players.

So I saw Lebron talk to GQ magazine…this was funny, this got me going yesterday morning…Lebron James talked about how growing up as a kid in Akron, Ohio…40 miles from Cleveland could grow up rooting for Chicago and Jordan….he said “it’s not far, but it is far…and Clevelanders, because they were bigger kids…when we were growing up, they would look down on us in Akron…so we didn’t actually like Cleveland, we hated Cleveland growing up…there’s a lot of people in Cleveland to this very day that we hate!” wow, that’s really interesting….and you know what, and I’ll say this…I live like a hundred miles from Toronto…if someone said to me “you’re from Toronto!” I’d say…”errr, nooo I’m from Waterloo”…so he grew up 40 miles outside of Cleveland and rooted for Michael Jordan, he didn’t like Cleveland growing up …his loyalty wasn’t to Cleveland…he got drafted by Cleveland…and you think “ohh that’s ridiculous…”

Growing up I’ve always liked the Houston Astros and I’m from Toronto!” I mean Lebron is a Yankee/Cowboy fan…he’s not a Brown’s fan, or an Indians fan….and you think to yourself “well, he wears our jersey, thus he is loyal to us” …pfft you drafted him! He grew liking Jordan, just as the Yankees and Cowboys…but you think “well, he wears our jersey, he’s gotta…” pfft not really!

I mean we’ve all learned that guys are basically rooting for laundry at this point, we all know that right? We all know that we like the team more than the players like the team…right? Their doing it for the dough…I get it; I’m not ripping them for that!


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