Tim McCarver and Dwayne Wade Enlighten Us with Analogies …Yet Both Find themselves Now On The Hot Seat And Must Apologies

Posted: July 19, 2010 in MLB, NFL

 I’ve never been a fan of public apologies, and the reason being is – do you really think that D-wade wrote that press release? Pfft no he didn’t! It’s not very authentic, people often seeking apologies get them, but the people granting the apology don’t really mean it or they wouldn’t have said it at the time…D-wade didn’t offend me, a lot of people are easily offended, so I don’t know exactly who he is apologizing too, but he did.

Tim McCarver is in trouble…well not really.Fox is not gonna fire him, at least when he has a career of 25 years, and I wasn’t terribly offended by what he said, but apparently it did offend somebody.

The reason I hate apologies is 1) their not authentic, I wouldn’t apologize to somebody unless I meant it. If you made me apologize, I probably would…to keep my job! But I wouldn’t believe it. So if I ever apologize 5 days later, I don’t really mean it…I’m just doing it to keep my job!

And that is what McCarver is doing…because what he said had a really valid point to it…and that’s why I hate apologies. What happens with apologies is that, generally you have to apologize for language that is too abrasive, that is not politically correct, and what it does is that clouds a really good point…and McCarver made a really good point, but nobody is gonna talk about it..instead it’ll be about the language that offended somebody… and that ends up being the story…and that is not really the story…here is what McCarver said, cause he was talking about the Yankees and Joe Torre and he makes a good point…but the way he makes, it apparently offended too many people…

He said “you remember some of those despotic leaders from WWII, primarily in Russia and Germany, where they use to take those pictures that they’d taken of former generals, who are no longer alive, they have shot them” McCarver continued “they have airbrushed the pictures, and airbrushed the generals outta the pictures. in a sense, that’s what the Yankees have done with Joe Torre, they’ve airbrushed his legacy, I mean there’s no sign of Joe Torre at the stadium, that’s ridiculous, I just don’t understand it”

Well first off all, I feel smarter after McCarver said that!! It’s historical knowledge being dropped on baseball fans, and I know most baseball fans are like freakin 80 years old, but for anybody in their 20’s (including myself) still watching the game, like 8 people… there was some actual historical perspective, which I personally appreciated!

He didn’t actually mention Stalin by name; he made a reference to those generals being airbrushed in photos. Somebody from there, took the leap and said “it’s outrageous!”…like literally everything offends anybody these days!!! So, but the problem is that the point he makes is a much better point, and nobody talks about it, which is in essence, let’s be honest here, George Steinbrenner was kinda of a shmuck a lot of the time

Sorry folks, the 24 hour window is over, we can talk about him now [in reference to 24 hours after his death] we’re all grown up right? And you all know it’s true…you’re a bad guy if you get banned from something…the dude was banned twice from baseball!!

Now George did a lot of good, but he was often a horrible person…a terribly petty and small person…and by not putting more of Joe Torre in the new stadium, is absolutely small and petty, power hungry…who didn’t want Don Mattingly to sport his hair a certain way and Guss Gosache…George was all about bullying, he was all about power, he did a lot of good things…but he was often a horrible person…there I said it! Is anybody offended with that too??? wouldn’t surprise me if it’s true

The problem I have with McCarver’s apology is that it clouds a really issue….now the 24 hour window, the ill of the dead, don’t speak ill of them… but just because you die, it doesn’t mean we could never criticize you, it doesn’t erase horrible things, you’re not absolved from your issues!!! who is firing managers?, being cruel and bullying people?, banned twice from baseball?…I mean you get banned from airports, you get banned from casino’s, you get banned from sports leagues ONCE …and you’ve got issues!!! Twice? Your kind of a criminal to some degree aren’t you?

If that’s how your sport views you…they’ve viewed George like that twice and Pete Rose once …your kinda a criminal to some degree…so the 24 hour window is over and McCarver makes a good point regarding the pettiness of Steinbrenner, which is absolutely true, which will deeply offend somebody who needs to get a life!! Now the way he said it might have been a bit too much…ugh it may be a little bit too abrasive, ugh it doesn’t bother me, but apparently it offended deeply some people in the organization.

But for as great as Joe Torre was…4 World Series Championships recently, turning around the franchise, he DOES deserve more than a picture or two at the new Yankee Stadium don’t you think? Maybe more than a picture or two? Absolutely!!! And, let’s be honest, if Steinbrenner wasn’t the Yankees owner, they would’ve never let him back in

You think the owner of the Kansas City Royals gets kicked out twice? And let back in? Heck noo!! …and for the record, you Yankee fans for 20 years have hated Steinbrenner, you hated him!! And the Yankee’s got better when he left, because the baseball people ran the team

So let’s not be overly offended by comments a well respected McCarver made…look, it really unfortunate that a smart guy like McCarver makes a good point, which is really a good topic, but we’ll talk about some WWII regime (which really isn’t the story here). But unfortunately somebody was offended and so it will overtake the real story

Similarly with Dwayne Wade!! Who made a really interesting point…he said “were gonna lose 2 or 3 straight games, and you guys are gonna make a big deal about it!”…that’s a really interesting point. What’s really interesting is that everybody concedes that Miami is really good, their gonna go on a losing streak…Lakers lost in Minnesota, Lakers lose in Sacramento, Lakers go on losing streaks and everybody freaks out!

But what happens when Lebron, Bosh and Wade go on a three game losing streak…but THAT POINT WAS LOST TOO!!! Because apparently somebody connected something he said, which I heard and I wasn’t offended by that either, and in both instances, McCarver and Wade made good points, too bad we can’t really talk about them.

Listen, I’m just not offended by words seriously, “that guy said something!” well what do you mean? “It was a sentence!” what do you mean? “It was words next to each other…I’m deeply offended by that!” I’m 22, you know I’ve lost friends to cancer, I’ve seen animals killed in front of me…I’m just not offended by sentences, I’ve had real pain…having to write rants about sports in July is real pain…feel my anguish please!!


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