USC Cleans House…The Fresh Beginning USC Has Longed For…Pat Heighten Is The Man To Do it!

Posted: July 20, 2010 in NCAA Football

 Two days ago, USC basically cleaned house. They brought it Pat Heighten, he’ll be the new athletic coach and the first bold move he’s made is getting rid of anything that resembles Reggie Bush, they took Reggie’s Heizman outta Heritage Hall and moved it off campus, their getting rid of anything that resembles a likeness to Reggie Bush, they may even take away shrubs and bushes on campus, hahaha, just to get anything resembling a bush of the campus. I think it’s good, I think it’s symbolic and I think it’s totally smart!

Remember when you were like 4th of 5th grade? And the teacher had a chalkboard, you were in 4th or 5th grade and the teacher would bring the old dusty eraser and kinda move the chalk around. A couple of times a year though, the teacher would use the wet sponge to clean the chalkboard, and the board would turn forest green, USC just went to the wet sponge!! And it’s a real smart move…O.J. Mayo, anything with O.J. Mayo is gone, anything with Bush… gone! Anything with Todd McNair… gone! Tim Floyd… gone! Pete Caroll… gone! Mike Garrett… gone! Gone, gone, gone, gone, and gone!!! Get them outta there.

He’ll have nothing to do with USC’s appeal, because you can’t use these new people on the appeal process, it’s irrelevant in regards to the appeal, it won’t have nothing to do with the appeal process, it wouldn’t help them nor hurt them. They just did this, because when your USC right now (fair or not) a lot of people in the US, and some even on this side of the pond, you know what they say? “eek, kinda dirty…USC is dirty”

I got a facebook message yesterday saying “well Charles Woodson took money and he kept his Heisman trophy” yeah, but Michigan wasn’t facing the crisis that USC is…the new president at USC took a hose, turned it on full blast and he is cleaning out the athletic department…and I’ve always said this about Reggie Bush, If USC didn’t know that something was going on…they were NOT doing their homework!

Listen, when you go recruit a kid…and I don’t care if your Nick Saben or Urban Meyers or Mac Brown or Lane Kiffin, I don’t care!…when you go recruit a kid, you know the income of his family, you know the neighbourhood, the cars, the clothes…you can look around… if they got old shag carpets and wooden panels, this is a border-line poverty stricken story okay…..if they got a 1970 El Camino out in the front yard in a horrible neighbourhood, bars on the windows …you know the situation okay?

So if you go to an affluent suburb you know the situation as well…okay, so you know if the kid goes to Thousand Oak’s High School, just north of Los Angeles …you know the parents have money, it’s like 25K a year to send your kid there… Its a private school…so you know when you recruit Reggie Bush, that that family didn’t have a lot of dough…suddenly Reggie has got new cars, new clothes, the parents are now flying to road games, like to Notre Dame try to get a flight…LA, Chicago…that’s a $2,000 trip!!!…you were in that home recruiting him, you saw the house, the neighbourhood, and the lack of material items…you saw it! So when coaches say “I don’t know” you’ve got to have an idea.

And for the record, I would be highly suspicious of any of my star athletes, other than maybe (and I’m dead serious about this) other than my QB’s driving nice cars….but historically, if you look at college football, I mean most of your QB’s…the # 1 thinking position in football, come from pretty successful families, generally speaking.

I mean Colt McCoy’s dad is pretty successful, Bradford…I mean you look around, the family comes from some money, generally at QB…GENERALLY, not always…and by and large, most highs school athletes, most of the great Division 1 football players, don’t come from a lot of money families…there is a lot of desperation, there is some poverty…I mean , that’s what creates the athlete…desperation!! “I gotta get outta here…escape for a better life” that…essentially what creates it!


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