Why Cliff Lee’s Potential Deal to the New York Yankee Pretty Much Will Kill Baseball…But Doesn’t It Also Say “Sorry I whiffed on Signing AJ Burnett?”

Posted: July 24, 2010 in MLB

… Soo Cliff Lee of the Seattle Mariners goes to New York last night, he is now 5-0 in his last 5 starts against the Yankees in Yankee Stadium, he’s got a 1.73 ERA against the best hitting team in baseball….just say that out loud when your reading this…last 5 times Cliff Lee goes to New York, he’s 5-0. One of the things with pitching for and against the Yankees is that some guys don’t handle the pressure very well. Cliff Lee wants to pitch in New York, he said he loves to pitch in New York…admits that he’s a Mariner now, but knows he won’t be long-term. I think it’s better for baseball if he goes to Minnesota or the Dodgers, because I think if Cliff Lee goes to New York…it’s literally all over!

I mean it is all over. They literally will have a starting 4 in the post-season and they don’t need a 4th pitcher outta CC, Pettite and Cliff Lee…and a closer (still the best in baseball)…you’ve got 3 very experienced post season dominating pitchers…I don’t think you’ve had a staff in the history of baseball where you have 3 pitchers who are proven post season pitchers…Pettite is money in October and November, CC has proven it last season, Cliff Lee did very well against the Yankee’s last year. Then you have Phil Hughes, and you’ve also got Mariano Rivera at the end…I mean literally it’s all over!

With the Yankees’ hitting and probably will have home field advantage potentially…you know, I mean it’s good for the Yankee’s… I don’t know if it’s good for baseball…… But the thing is I can’t spend money all day, it’s hard for me to waste money…it drives me insane, and that’s how I was raised! If you sign Cliff Lee, and it looks like according to reports that’s what the Yankee’s will do…with them chasing after him and are the one team that would sign him after the season, as well as picking him up on his contract…..aren’t you acknowledging that you wasted $82 million dollars on AJ Burnett?

Seriously!! Brian Cashman picks up Cliff Lee and everyone pats him on the back…but your also acknowledging that you wasted $82 million against the opinion of almost all prominent baseball analysts in the country on AJ Burnett, who has never been strong above the shoulders, everybody doubted that he would be able to work on the big stage in New York!

So congratulations on getting Cliff Lee, but the Steinbrenner’s (with a lot of empty seats at Yankee stadium) and the Steinbrenner’s are not as free willing and willing to spend on wheeling and dealing as they were in the past, your basically saying if your Brian Cashman “I wasted $82 million dollars!” because Burnett at best has been inconsistent and right now he is a dumpster fire, he is like a car burning on the side of the road and Yankee’s are driving 75MPH past it! He’s an absolute mess…he can’t even get through the 4th inning anymore

So it’s very similar to you building a Ferris wheel in your backyard for your wife, costs you $10,000 and your kids think its dorky, and you then go out and spend another $10,000 on a pool and your kids say “wow, dad good call..We love you!” and your wife then asks you “why did you spend $10,000 bucks on a Ferris wheel?” The Steinbrenner’s, who aren’t in love with Cashman anyways, say “thanks! But you just wasted $82 million on AJ Burnett” because he is irrelevant if you get Cliff Lee. AJ Burnett will never throw in the post-season , especially with the ascension of Phil Hughes who is the real deal….then you got CC and Pettite, Hughes and Lee…you’re not going to a fifth guy! You don’t need him…you barely need to go to a fourth starter


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