Chris Paul’s Doorway To Fame…Becoming A New York Knick…New Orleans Just Doesn’t Cut It Dawg!

Posted: July 25, 2010 in NBA

Here’s the story behind the story, Chris Paul wants to be a New York Knick. Maverick Carter, is Lebron James’ agent, Maverick Carter has signed Chris Paul…so Maverick Carter is telling Chris Paul “you gotta get to a major market…you get yourself to a sexy city…you can’t stay in New Orleans!”

Portland is a great fit for Chris Paul, but Chris Paul played at Wake Forest and now New Orleans…he’s done the small market thing before, he don’t wanna go to Portland, I think he’d be a great fit in Portland, I think he’d make Portland really good, but he’s done that…Maverick Carter doesn’t want to send this guy out to a region of the country that is geographically isolated, whether it’s a good fit or not – and it may be the only good fit –because you gotta give New Orleans something back, they wanna put him in New York.

The story behind the story is that Maverick Carter is now representing Chris Paul, that’s a guy that has some say in Chris Paul’s life, they’ve been talking recently, I’m sure Chris has a couple of guys representing him…they want him in New York. And for New York, it’d be better for the Knicks…he’s a better player than Amare Stoudemire, Chris Paul is the real deal…Amare Stoudemire is mostly fool’s gold, doesn’t rebound for his size, doesn’t play defense…those are huge in the NBA.

Chris Paul is the real deal…Chris Paul is a leader, he’s tough, he’s battled through injuries, he is a tremendous player, it’s a guard driven league, Chris Paul would turn you around much faster than Amare Stoudemire, Amare makes Amare better…Chris Paul makes everyone better, but here’s the problem…and this has been for 2 or 3 years… what the New York Knicks did is that they cleared out space, it’s called clearing cap space…anybody that had any money, they cleared them out! The problem is that when you clear out the contracts, you clear out most of your talent…so now the Knicks , they had all this room for Lebron and Bosh.

The problem is, so did Chicago and Miami, but while Chicago and Miami cleared their cap space, they were still viable and had a star on the team that was still attractive to Lebron and Bosh, cause Lebron and Bosh know that two good guys… doesn’t make an NBA championship when you’re as good as the Lakers or the Celtics, so Lebron never took the Knicks seriously as I had somewhat ranted almost two months before Lebron moved to Miami….because you look at the Knicks and Lebron was like “yeah okay…me and Bosh…who else??

Lakers got a bench, Celtics got a bench, they both got bigs…we can’t win it!…oh but 3 guys?” that’s why Lebron considered Chicago and Miami more seriously…and what has happened is, with the Knicks and Chris Paul…he wants to go to New York, he would be a great fit in New York, but what does New York give New Orleans?

Remember New Orleans still has to run a business…this is a day-to-day operation in the NBA…you can’t give me a bunch of Euro’s, nobody’s ever heard off…I’ve gotta sell tickets in an NFL city…and whereas Portland can give me something if I’m the GM, cause I’m giving you Chris Paul…well what am I getting to sell Tuesday night against the Memphis Grizzlies? Yeah, like this is not a liquidation sale…you gotta give me something back, I gotta day –to – day business, in an NFL city I’ve got an NBA franchise.

Well Orlando can give you Vince Carter and Jamire Nelson, I can sell that to New Orleans…you can’t sell anything on the New York Knicks except Amare Stoudemire!! And I’ll tell you what it’s very reminiscent off…it’s like staging a house, any realtor will tell you, and it’s much tougher to sell an empty house, than a house you stage!

When people walk into an empty house and they can’t SEE themselves in the house, but if you stage it…buy some furniture, there are professional staging companies…you stage a house, you put limited furniture in. But a guy walks in with his wife and says “you know that would be a cool den” and she goes “omg omg omg, I like so like love those bar stolls!…I like soo love this kitchen!” [High maintenance type’s lol] the Knicks are an empty house! They are an empty house…it’s hard for stars to envision …you know it’s hard for Lebron to look at the Knicks and go “ Yeahhhhhhh???” whereas he looked at Miami and Chicago and went “Yeah!!!!!!!! Derek Rose, Noah and I got that guy and this guy…and he’s not bad…pretty good house, I see where I fit!”

There’s no question that everybody in the Chris Paul camp…EVERYBODY wants New York…there’s no question it’d be great for the NBA, it be great for the Knicks, Chris Paul is the real deal…but I keep looking at all these deals with the Knicks and their drive to clear out all this cap space …they’ve got nothing left to sell you!…remember, to do a trade, theirs two GM’s, just because you want Chris Paul, your just one part of it…if you live in New York today, you’re the New Orleans Hornets’ GM, Orlando is offering Nelson and Carter…what are you giving to me that I can sell?

Don’t be a basketball purist and start naming euro’s and guys on the Knicks bench…who COULD be good…I gotta start selling tickets to the games soon….so it is interesting, umm you know the NBA is a dollar for dollar league when it comes to trades, theirs suppose to be equal values going both ways…if you’re getting Chris Paul, what am I getting? Haha, like Tony Douglas isn’t pulling of that deal, so it’s an interesting situation and all of Chris Paul’s people now and Lebron’s people now are involved in this…they want him to go New York because they know, they’ve done the small market thing…it doesn’t get you anywhere, he wants to play with stars!

So Chris Paul is at least so far, sounds like he wants to get outta New Orleans, I don’t blame him as you well know, I wanna see him as a member of the New York Knicks, I don’t hide that…not that I’m a Knicks fan, but I think it’s great when…I disagree with everybody, I think if the NBA has 6 great teams: Celtics, Lakers, Miami, Dallas, Chicago and New York…it’s a great league, baseball has got fewer great teams than that, and it’s doing well…


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