The New York Jets vs. Darelle Revis…What The New York Jets Have To Do And What Must Happen For Darelle Revis To Get His Money!

Posted: August 1, 2010 in NCAA Football, NFL

So I watched Hard Knocks last week, good show…Lots of swearing though…I’m not sure/I would never want a television camera in my house…first of all, it’s boring. Second of all you’d see that I live and breathe Real Madrid (since that’s my house shirt and shorts I wear around all the time and sport the headphones even when inside my house…sports podcasts 24/7!) so I have no interest.

One thing that you do learn is “gosh, these coaches swear a lot!” I mean it’s pretty foul mouth entertainment, but they got right to the Darrelle Revis story and right from the 1st episode… right from the very beginning. Now, there is an episode or a moment where Mike Tannenbaum, the General Manager, is in his car and you know, he’s clearly playing to the cameras to some degree…when cameras are on, you know there on! I mean this idea…like we all act when cameras are on, like on Hard Knocks your only on for like 8-10 minutes and the guy is like standing right in front of you.

Anyways, one of the things Mike Tannenbaum said is “they haven’t said one thing I agree with at know what’s soo funny, we’re soo freakin far apart, I feel like a failure…6 months later we haven’t moved the needle just yet, we’ve tried everything”…now to some degree you know, he’s playing it…now that the Jets are posturing it, but I will tell you this, and when your $40 million dollars apart…that’s deficit money…that might as well be a billion or a trillion.

Darrelle Revis is gonna have to change his entire contract philosophy and if you’re gonna demand to be the highest paid cornerback in the NFL; it’s just not gonna happen! The only way that Darrelle Revis is gonna get that money is if my beloved Jets start 0-4 (which I don’t think they will…because I think Mark Sanchez is gonna be improved) Darrelle Revis has to literally…it’s such a weird place to be…he has to root for the Jets to lose! It’s a weird place to be…but if my Jets go 4-0 Darrelle Revis ain’t makin his cash money brah…and that’s definitely not good for him. And this probably happens in the NFL, more than you think!

Sometimes, you have to root against the company, because if you’re gone and the company does just as well…I mean if I got into a contact situation and sat out for a month and the level of productivity in the department went up…do you think I’d be happy? It has to happen to all companies, just like it’s happening to my Jets right now! Darrelle Revis will root against the Jets in the 1st month of the season…because when you look at the Jets, Darrelle is not stupid…if they can beat Brady and Flacco and they can beat all these guys without Darrelle…he’s 25 yrs old, he’s given up…probably athletically, as good of a year as he’ll ever have…those legs don’t last forever!

Your peak years, and remember, when you come into the league you have the freshest legs but when you combine it with education and football smarts, your peak years tend to be 25,26,27,28, 29 years of age…about 5 years really. Now at 21, 22, 23 your legs are fresher but you don’t know enough…older you know more, but your legs aren’t there. Really the prime years are from 25-29 I’d argue.

He’s given one up if he doesn’t sign… and for the record, we may have a hold out for the next season, he’s given up 2 of his 5 years if he gives up next year as well. So you look, and don’t kid yourself, you and I are bigger fans of the Jets then the players are…this is something that we fans forget! To the players, it’s a business. When you go to a restaurant…ahh it’s a special night out for you and the lady! For the chef, your one of 600 dinners he makes over the week.

So players are loyal to the pay cheque and I don’t blame them! And this 1st month, if he keeps holding out…he’s looking at that schedule and he’s hoping that they lose to Baltimore, that they lose to New England and lose to Miami…because if they do, that’s how you get your money! But if the Jets start 4-0 dawg…you ain’t getting your dough bro…and if Cromartie has 4 picks in the first month, you ain’t getting your money! So it puts athletes in a really weird situation….now an athlete would never admit that and athletes always say “I’m a Jet for life!” really? If the Patriots tomorrow offered you $40 million…you sure you wouldn’t switch jerseys? Damn right you would…and I don’t blame you!

So be very careful when saying “I’m this or that for life” nobody is anything for life…other than the father of my future children and a proud University of Waterloo graduate…I’m almost nothing for life!


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