Christmas in August!! The Las Vegas Consultant for Sports Releases There Over’s And Under’s for The Upcoming College Football/NFL Season For 2010.

Posted: August 2, 2010 in NCAA Football, NFL

….it is Christmas for me today! This is the day every year, that I don’t listen to anybody and I just do the type of rant that I really want to and I’ll tell you why (at least I kinda lead the rant with what I want to) I’ve always wanted to move to Las Vegas, and will hopefully have the oppourtunity later on this year to go there,

I just wanna say this… although I’m NOT a proponent of gambling of any kind, I like to be a  moralist when doing my rants. Since day 1, that’s been my stance and it will be….but if YOU wanna spend money on gambling, I’m just here to give you some tips to make it easy…how’s that?

And when I first started doing these rants I just wanted to do it all on college football and the NFL, because big picture…those are the only 2 spots that truly matter in life and to 70% of my audience (hardcore football people) that’s what matters, so those of you who get the occasional baseball, golf, European soccer, and basketball rants, you’ve been getting a treat all this time.

But those individuals in my inner circle gave me some great advice one time and told me “you gotta come across as being able to relate to the general masses…the more diverse you are, the more accepted you’ll be, the more your rants will turn you from a friend to a sports advisor…it could even be profitable [the rants] if you’re able to potentially show networks you can attract eyeballs…” so I’ve talked about a lot of sports and its worked out pretty well! But what happens is that I’ve continued my relationship with a lot of the hardcore football fans…and over the last couple of days, Vegas and the Las Vegas Sports Consultants have released their NFL and College Football over and under’s!

I think betting on football has gotten tougher, there’s more information. Betters are more sophisticated, Vegas is more sophisticated…it’s tougher! The one place I think you can really really find value (and I’ve done it for the last 4 years, is today!!) And that is the day that they give you every team in College Football and they say to you “here is how many games they’re projected to win!” and I have no social life apparently because I will literally spend hours on this [spent a good 6 hours today just pouring all over this] and every year (for those who like to pick my brain) I’ve given you a couple of winners and I do feel pretty good about it…there are sometimes, when I’ve had some teams lose their QB to injury and that screws it all up for me…

So barring a major injury to someone like your QB, there are 4 teams in College Football that I believe Vegas has massively under-valued….4!!! Not 1, not 2, not 3…4 teams that Vegas is under-valuing! Later on in the rant, I’ll give you the NFL teams… and my research from this morning shows that there are many over-valued teams!

But in college, and I don’t really want to bum anybody out… so I’m gonna give you 4 teams that I THINK are better than Vegas thinks…I had several bookies that contacted me via email last night and asked me if I was gonna release and sure heck am ready to release it…I told them by 4:00pm today I’d have it and [looking at my watch] looks like I’m on schedule…so here we go…drum roll please!!

I think Vegas have made an unbelievable gaff on Auburn! Vegas believes that Auburn is gonna win 8 games!! And if you’re by some miracle in Vegas or Niagara or Atlantic City go to a casino and bet it now before they change the line… Nick Saben has made Auburn virtually invisible, but Auburn could potentially go 11-0 before they even play Alabama.

An incredibly light out-of-conference schedule, which includes Arkansas State, Chattanooga and something called ULM…they get every, and in betting there’s something called “go either way games” the kind of games that could go either way… they get all 4 of their “go either way games” @ home! South Carolina, Arkansas, LSU, Georgia… this year, it’s gonna be a pretty light offensive year in the SEC, don’t kid yourself…only 1 great QB returns, I mean one great QB, a lot of low scoring games… Auburn returns 10 of 11 defensive positions, juniors and seniors, their road games are easy games they’d win anywhere, they get every coin flip game at home…Auburn is a 10 win football team! that’s team # 1…

Another drum roll please….the 2nd one is (and it kills me to say this) is the University of Michigan! Who Vegas sees as a 7 win football team, outside of the game against Ohio State…they can win pretty much every single football game. The two toughest games that they play (Non-Ohio State) are Wisconsin and Iowa…which are both at home! Massively improve at QB with freshman Matt Torsiea, who’s now a sophomore, another year under the system of Rich Rodriguez that is complicated and he’s healthy…with several starts under his belt, 5 of the top 6 defensive lineman are back! 15 returning starters that Rich recruited for HIS system and a desperate coaching staff that’s gotta win 9 games or they will get canned!

Desperation, massive improvement at QB, a schedule that includes a lot of those “go either way games” @ home…Michigan State, UConn, Illinois, Wisconsin, …Michigan, its straight up cash homie…is winning more than 7 football games!….

Alrighty now the 3rd one I really like… Washington was set by Vegas at 6 ½ …money straight up cash homie…if Washington just wins their home games, and they will be favoured in 5 of 6 of them…they pretty much have 6 games… 6 W’s, Vegas says that they are a 6 ½ win team. They have a senior QB, so this is not a team that is going to be rattled on the road…and their road games are winnable anyways!! @ Oregon, @ Arizona, @ BYU, @ Cal, @ Washington State, they have one or two road games that they will be heavy favourites in, their “go either way games” …mostly at home! Arizona, Stanford, Oregon, Nebraska, UCLA…senior QB, their schedule is prefect, excellent skilled people… the PAC-10’s 2nd best skilled group of people, running back/receiver/cornerback /tight end…in a defensive light conference…Washington is an 8 or 9 win team before the bowl game, so there you go!

Okay and now the 4th and final one, this one to me…I couldn’t believe it when I saw it….this is my # 1 Vegas win…drum roll please…..barring an injury, I just don’t get it… Utah is going into the PAC-10 conference, their administration has known it for a year, and they’ve been recruiting like that… so in their conference (the Mountain West) they have better talent than everybody except TCU…they have the best running game in the conference, Vegas has them at 8 wins…even if they lost all 4 of their toughest games, Pittsburgh @ home, TCU @ home, BYU @ home, and @ Notre Dame…if they lost all 4 of them, they’ve got 8…they will be as decided favourite in 8 to 9 games!! Jordan wins their QB…the nation doesn’t know too much about him, he came in late in the year, massively explosive, massive upgrade at QB…Utah has been recruiting for the PAC-10 in the last year…it is a no frills, well coached, power football team…that lines up, and outside of Notre Dame and TCU, just has better personnel then everybody that they play. And the schedule benefits them greatly…because 3 of their 4 toughest games…are at home!! Including a Thursday night Pittsburgh game, Pittsburgh new QB…good luck with that!

Goes to the high altitude…lights out! Utah, my betting friends, is a 10 win football team…Vegas has them for 8….so in review, Vegas says Auburn wins 8 games…I think they’re a much better football team. Vegas has Michigan at 7 wins…I think they’re a better football team…I think Washington is much better than 6 ½ wins, and I think Utah is SIGNICFICANTLY better, barring an injury to their QB Jordan, than 8 wins in that conference…so there you go, I’m just giving people cash!! Now, don’t blame me if you lose…you know this is big boy betting…as I said, of course, I would never bet…only invest lol I’m just here for YOU if you’re CONSIDERING it…


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