Why Brett Favre Deserves All The Press Coverage He Can Get…He’s Like A Hurricane Or BP Oil Spill

Posted: August 3, 2010 in NFL

I’ve been ranting for about almost a year or so, recently its gone from a bi-weekly rant to almost a weekly rant and will be soon rolling out a daily rant (hopefully) now people have been recently fb messaging me about this “all hands on deck” coverage.

You know, the weather channel has a hurricane, and that’s essentially what it is ”all hands on deck” coverage, that’s what you cover, that’s all you cover, everybody is in, everybody’s committed. You know, I have hands, I have limbs, it’s called a remote and I would check in every hour or two. Some might say”it’s still a fluid story, he’s a Viking…oh now he’s not a Viking”

I never understand people who complain about over-coverage of, in this case, ESPN’s coverage. It’s called Direct TV, I’ve got over 100 channels…like heck, its Shark Week on the Discovery Channel, you’ve got hands right? Go outside!! Its August…the golf courses are all empty! Like nobody ever criticizes Fox News when they go out and talk about the Tea Party for the 83rd consecutive night. People criticize Fox for being too conservative, but nobody ever says “wow!” nobody ever gets mad at CNN for continuously covering the BP oil spill EVERYDAY when there are other stories…nobody kills the weather channel for covering that hurricane, nobody kills Fox News for that Tea Party.

But if I cover Brett Favre, who literally can change the lines in Vegas (which he freakin did and all my research into the NFL schedules and setting up my bets went down the drain), people would then be like “well that’s just outrageous Andrew!” my question is “really?” it’s called  “going to another webpage! It’s called going outside, it’s called August, it’s called Direct TV, it’s called a Golf Course!”

I mean, last night I sat at home (after watching Inception at the local theatre) and was flipping through the channels and was like “okay, that’s Brett Favre…what’s the latest” I watched for like 4 or 5 minutes and was like “Alrighty, bang…then I went over to HGTV and that bored me, and then I went over to this channel and was like yeah okay, I like this channel!”

Like ESPN’s job is to program just for me…like McDonald’s job is to program, to sell Big Mac’s, one hour a day when I’m hungry?….noo! They sell them all day! I’m the “in and out” crowd…they don’t sell it for the 24/7 guy who sits in the Starbucks….do you think that Starbucks, literally, was created for that one guy in the Starbucks in the country…the pseudo intellectual who reads a book and stays there for 8 hours??? Nooo!! He’s the exception, 99% of customers to Starbucks are the “in and out” crowd!!

So the guy or lady that is complaining about my coverage of Brett Favre…I’m not targeting you, the networks are not targeting you…you’re not going anywhere, your here all day (either reading all my previous rants and probably copying and pasting them and then keeping a file of them for yourself)

You know what ESPN does that bothers me? Is when we give (and I know I’m shooting myself in the foot here…cause it’s about my Jets) but when we give Baby LT to the Jets a lot of press coverage…he has nooo impact, realistically, on that team, he won’t win a game nor lose a game…like I wouldn’t cover it! And I didn’t when it was announced, only dropped a brief status on it…but not to the extent where a rant was needed!

And when things like that take place, that’s when ESPN is ridiculous. Amaire Stoudemire to the Knicks…ridiculous! It’s not really worth wall to wall coverage…Favre retiring is worth wall to wall coverage! He changes the Packers’ season, the Saints season…everybody’s season!! He changes the number in Vegas…that’s the Titanic!!

By the way…if you don’t like it…well I mean you guys all have hands right? Your men and woman….I always thought that it was funny, I think ESPN is the only broadcaster who gets killed for coverage…Fox News will go months on the same…I guess just turn over to CNN…the truth is folks! You have always from the outset dictated my rants…you don’t want to admit it, cause you can’t control yourself, most people lack discipline!

But you completely dictate what I rant about… I woke yesterday, and the number of emails with subject line on Favre had popped! Thanks…I guess you like Favre! If they were down…I’d move off it!


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