PGA Championships or Watching Tim Tebow Play against the Bengals….Wow Tim Tebow Gives Denver Fans Optimism…He Won’t Be As Good As People Think, But He’s Better Than Jarmarcus Russell! You’ll Never Get Praise For Being A Good Parent, But When You Mess Up, You’ll Get Killed…This Is Pretty Much What The NFL Pre-Season Is All About!

Posted: August 17, 2010 in NFL, PGA

It is amazing, and I’ve always acknowledged that maybe I’m just superficial, but I do like some bling, I do like Brett Favre, I do like the Yankees and the Lakers, I like Duke basketball, I love Ohio State football, I like the big traditional powers, I’m a busy guy…I’m not gonna sit around and watch bad or mediocre sports, even as a sports ranter…so I like the big successful teams that have great coaching and are good year after year.

This past Sunday it was the PGA championships or a chance to watch Tim Tebow against the Bengals, and I gotta tell you…Tebow won! And he won by a landslide…I’m fascinated by Tim Tebow, I still think the Broncos gave away too many draft picks for him, I find him fascinating and interesting. I watched Sports Nation on Monday morning and everybody was pretty much talking about Tebow…let me just say this though, There are some things…most of the stuff that we do in life – that we do well –we get credit for!

If you’re a good banker, a good mortgage broker, or a good teacher…you’re gonna get credit for it…and you should! You deserve it! But the one thing you’re not gonna get credit for doing a good job is parenting!…there are like 5000 selfless things you’ll do in a year as a parent…that’s what your suppose to do…you might say “but I love my kids!” pfft, your suppose to moron, their your kids! “I feed my kids”…again, you’re suppose to…they’re your kids! And that’s the way it is with parenting…you love them, more than they will ever love you… and your job is to take care of them for a long time…how long, is negotiable.

But certainly when they pop out, their yours and your responsibility and nobody is gonna pat you on the back because your showing them how to be a good person and I feel very similar. Now that said, you can do a million great things as a parent and you’ll get no credit whatsoever! If you do one stupid thing…just one…you’re gonna get killed for it! “But Judge, I only left my kid in the car, in 100 degree heat…ONE TIME…just once!” pfft, he still throws you in jail. That’s just the way it is.

I feel the exact same way about the pre-season in the NFL, especially with QB’s. I’m not going to give you any credit for an impressive drive…in the NFL preseason as a QB…like dude, your facing back-ups, vanilla schemes, coaches are experimenting!! You see, no coach has ever in the history of the league, unveiled their best stuff defensively…conversely just like parenting. But if you screw up in the pre-season, that is troubling as a QB, they are vanilla schemes, are you facing back-ups, and so this morning, I think you have a right as a 49ers fan or as an Arizona Cardinal fan to criticize Alex Smith and Matt Leinhart…who were both below average, as veteran NFL QB’s, wanting and needing to impress people…they were below average.

Alex Smith of the 49ers still does not pass the performance or the eyeball test. Alex Smith has been in this league long enough…where you gotta be able to at least be able to move the chains in the pre-season. He’s completed 50%, 58%, 48%, 60% of his throws…his QB rating hovers around 65-70….sorry, not good enough, not acceptable…struggling in the pre-season and throwing behind people…similarly Matt Leinhart, same story…performance and eyeball test, he looks lethargic, he had a couple of nice throws late… I don’t see the energy, I don’t see the focus, I don’t see the motion…he looks like he’s barely engaged!…now conversely, Michael Vick and Tim Tebow had flourishes..Flashes…wow moments! (Yawn) don’t really care at this moment…It’s still pre-season.

Like parenting, being solid in the pre-season…doesn’t get you love! Tebow faced back-ups, there are some things I like, he faced back-ups, vanilla scheme, his mechanics are still below average…and Michael Vick is the most over-reported player in the history of the NFL! At least I think Tebow’s got some future…I have no idea, why people still think that Michael Vick is going to be a playoff bound QB. But I will tell you …I will tell you that I saw something Friday which made me at least appreciate and root for Tim Tebow.

I was streaming ESPN on my laptop…and their reporter Colleen Dominguez had an interview with Jamarcus Russell, now he’s the former #1 pick of the Oakland Raiders…biggest bust maybe ever in the NFL, arguably…got something like $60 million and is just completely dis-interested in being an NFL QB now and what it takes to be one… The interview was perhaps one of the most shocking I’ve ever seen, since I heavily got into sports at the age of 10.

He didn’t even have the presence, he wasn’t talking…he was like mumbling! The eye contact was poor, he couldn’t look at anyone in the face for long periods, he didn’t even have the presence to make a case for himself to get another SHOT at QB, which he and his agent want…this is why, and I texted a good college football fan of mine in Toronto about this, this is why Lane Kiffin begged Al David not to draft him…yet they still did. It’s a legendary story, where Lane Kiffin was like “ohh we can’t draft him, it’s gonna be a disaster, he’s not the right guy, the DNA is not right, he’s not interested…” Lane Kiffin begged Al Davis not to draft him… Al Davis drafted him, because Al Davis was like “big arm…reminds me of plunckit” disaster came about!

So I texted my buddy after seeing this interview and was like “I saw the interview…wow, we were darn right!” and then he texts back saying “and this is why you can’t draft Jamarcus Russell” Folks, think about Jamarcus Russell…and before we do, let me get back to the Tebow thing. I don’t believe I would’ve ever spent 3 picks on Tim Tebow, but with Tim Tebow…here’s what I get: high energy, high optimism…”I’ll do anything for the team…I’m fan friendly, I’ll sell jerseys, I’ll play tight end”.

When you look around pro sports today, 70% of athletes are broke 5 years after retirement…attitude, drugs, un-coachable guy, 19 year olds with ego’s and entourages, kids from poor backgrounds who get quick money and it just changes their life and changes their personality…you watch that Jamarcus Russell interview…busted for codine possession. You know what that means? He’s using cough syrup recreationally! You don’t get that with Tim Tebow…now the biggest concern with Tim Tebow…he blows his signing bonus on a VA hospital in Bangladesh…like he misses a practice because he’s basically helping build homes for kids in a war-torn country!

But I get the Tebow thing, and I watched that Jamarcus Russell interview, Tebow has got limitations, but god I’m getting optimism…I’m getting a big body, I’m getting an active body, I’m getting a totally coachable guy, I’ll do anything for the team type of guy, I’ll play any position, I’m totally engaged, I’ll stay after practice .

So that Jamarcus Russell interview was disturbing!!! $60 million dollars, mumbling, no eye contact, doesn’t have the presence to sell himself when given ANOTHER oppourtunity…go back and achieve it and watch it …I just sat there and I’m texting my buddy and I’m saying “I’ve never seen anything like this…who in the Raiders organization sat down with Jamarcus Russell, listened to him and said “this guy is a franchise QB!” that is more disturbing than Jamarcus Russell…maybe that tells you why the Raiders over the last 7 years have averaged 4 ½ and 5 ½ wins.

But if you think of Denver sports, where Tebow has become an absolute icon…you got bronco players…didn’t you have bronco players who got shot and killed, the nuggets are incredibly talented but completely underachieve….you can see why people would fall in love with Tebow! At least you get a good attitude…at least you get a guy that will stay after practice.

I’ll tell you, that Jamarcus Russell interview…if you didn’t hear it, it is unbelievable! Check out the link below…where he’s talking to Colleen Dominguez on “Outside the Lines”

(skim over to 1:40 second part of the clip for response I’ve been ripping Jamarcus on)

Did you catch that part where she asks him “have you ever used a codine drug without a prescription?” and he answers…”yeah’ve”…pfft, at least he’s honest there! When you watched it, he was really mumbling, looking down, not engaged, not willing to sell himself…he’s sitting there looking for another NFL job, and then you watch Tebow, and you know, their shaving his head and he’s like “ahh whatever for the team!…whatever helps for the team…I’ll do anything for the team”

I don’t think Tebow is gonna be nearly as good as everyone paints him to be…but he’s likeable! God at least he makes you feel good if you’re a Bronco fan, at least I appreciate his leadership qualities!


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