Written Rules vs Unwritten Rules: Why Baseball Is Shooting It’s Own Wound!

Posted: August 17, 2010 in MLB, NFL

…so I was talking about baseball a couple of weeks ago with some of my friends…and if you didn’t hear about it, there was a big brawl in the Marlins/Nat’s game and it was all because this Nigel Morgan guy has been running into catchers all season long. So he goes into the game and the Marlins throw at him for runnning into their catcher the night before…fine, that’s baseball!  And then they throw at him again later in the game because he stole a base while the Marlins were trailing 13-4 or something like that…sorry I don’t watch too many Nat’s/Marlin’s games in August/September, I’m sorry I apologize for that …my bad.

First of all, its ridiculous and I don’t even wanna go and spend any time on that incident, but I told my friends that I thought the interesting part in all of this was – and I asked them – does football have any unwritten rules? And I don’t think they do. You know there has always been this feeling that you can’t throw the bomb when leading in the 4th…heck, that’s not my rule Belichick would do it and so would Urban Myers. You know, Belichick and Urban Myers are not well liked, but there’s a lot of Super Bowl rings and National Championship title between the two and they are very good friends, so I don’t buy that. I am absolutely throwing the ball down field leading big in the 4th.

 In the NFL, your tie breaker is points! I really couldn’t care less if you’re offended. Bill Belichick is the most hated guy in the NFL, it’s not hurting him much. Urban Myers is not well loved either. Yet Lane Kiffin…everybody hates him because he’s coaching at USC. Well heck, where are you coaching? Grand Valley Tech? Bottom line is that if you wanna be liked, get out of it and go home and sell Hallmark cards.

Football is not about being liked it as about combat and violence and winning games and scoring points and Jimmy Johnson years ago nailed it! He said ” It’s not my job to stop me from scoring…it’s your job!” And I will ABSOLUTELY throw the ball down field in the 4th, especially – and what happens is that – if you’re trying and I’m trying, and teams will put 10 in the box. Well when you put 10 in the box and nobody on the island, out there on the left side with my flanker…I’m throwing to him!

 Now the ONLY unwritten rule in football – and you know I was thinking it this morning – generally there has always been a feeling  “no special teams, trick plays, with big leads in the 4th” You’re not going to do a double reverse and punt or fake a field goal with a 35-0 lead in the 4th. But even that has a qualifer, even that has an asterisk. If you’re going for a blocked punt and I put two guys out, my guy is on the outside, and you don’t cover him and you’re going for the block, then I’m going to throw the football. 

The burden of responsibility is still on you! if you call off, you don’t go for blocks, you’re not blitzing …then I’ll call off the dogs with a huge huge lead in the 4th. Your putting 10 in the box, your blitzing up against my QB, who is the franchise player of my system and your bringing your linebackers and your ringing the outside guys and your trying to hurt my QB…I got news for you, I’m throwing the football down the field and I’m doing trick plays. Because my QB and the NFL/College are the star of my program. Go look at Oklahoma last year, when Sam Bradford got hurt…they lost to BYU @ home basically, in sort of a home game, not officially home, but sort of a home game.

And I just think that unwritten rules …that’s why society’s got rules! I’m not a big believer in unwritten rules because you’re a moralist and I’m not. We all basically don’t agree on anything in this country. If you don’t put it down…I’m doing it! Like there has always been the unwritten rule…as a neighbour.  Don’t mow the grass Saturday at 7am. It’s sort of an unwritten rule of not being a tool as a neighbour.  But then, what time can you mow the grass? If you live in Florida and its 98 degrees and humid…heck, I’m not waiting til 9! So, you know, like what time can you mow your lawn then?

Like say today were the hottest day in the history of your city and its soo humid. If you gotta mow the grass. Like Monday through Friday, I’ll mow the grass at 7am, that’s a you problem if you don’t like it…get a real job and get up like the rest of us! But on the weekends on Saturday, I’m not mowing the grass at 7am, I’m not going to be a jerky neighbour…I’d probably wait until 8:15-8:30…but even THAT is subjective! I mean, what if you are a bartender next door to me? What if you are a bartender? And you don’t get home til 4 in the morning. My 8:20am is driving you crazy! So let me ask this to you the reader, what is the unwritten rule on mowing a lawn in the weekend? What time do you think is unwritten? I mean, to me…again, I get up like around 5:30 – 5:45 in the morning, and I live in a pretty comfortable neighbour, majority have office jobs and I think most of them get up early to… this is not slackerville or an apartment complex.

Its guys with businesses who have to get up early, you can tell from the car’s, you can tell from the lifestyle…their probably up at 5:45am as well. On the weekend, I’ll give them 8:30. But am I a jerk if I mow the lawn at 8:31? And you’re a bartender? Again, if you don’t want me to mow the lawn, then you gotta tell me not to mow the lawn or you have to have an ordinance in your jurisdiction of not mowing the lawn. Like a lot of times when you move into a place, they say “no parking boats on the side walk” They tell you that…well, if you don’t tell people that, they are going to do it! Like I mean, I’ve never heard of an unwritten stop sign. You want people to stop? Put a sign there…ugh I’m just not a big unwritten rule’s guy.


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