Swearing In Sports! From Rex Ryan To Tony Dungy, Why I Believe That Swearing In The NFL Creates Winners Outta The Players

Posted: August 18, 2010 in NFL

So Rex Ryan is getting killed for swearing, but you know…you can go all around and look through college sports and all through the professional ranks and your intense guys win! Mike Sushsefskie is super intense…he wins a lot of games. Tom Izzo, I don’t know about his practice (swearing or non-swearing) but he can be super intense and wins a lot of games.

Nick Saben does, Urban Meyers does…umm, Bill Belichick does, Parcell’s is historically, Kofflin as well…these are guys who swear, Andy Reid…their yellers and screamers sometimes…Jeff Fischer can get into guys’ kitchen, okay that’s fine. I’m not saying…swearing = winning, but this is not the post office, this is NFL football, it is sports…you’re dealing with alpha-males, sometimes you have to be confrontational, sometimes you have to get into the guys face, sometimes you have to yell and scream…and then people will say “well, what about Tony Dungy?” in his case, you become the exception guy…who is like the one exception to base your entire argument on.

That’s like saying “well Bob smoked and he never got cancer”…yeah but people who do, do get it and it’s a throat cancer! So there are exceptions to everything…some people survive things, jumping off a bridge, or jumping from an airplane 8000 feet and surviving…that doesn’t mean that if you jump from a plane, it’s a good idea… and Tony Dungy’s playoff record is sub .500 WITH the greatest QB of all time. In a pretty meager division (it should be noted) I mean, it does help that he has Jacksonville, Tennessee…it’s not like he’s going up against big markets….you know , at least Belichick has got to the beat the New York’s and the Miami’s of the world.

So you know, it’s nothing against Dungy (who I dearly love for his stance on his biblical principles) but don’t use his and say “this is the way to do it!” I would argue that there is significantly more guys…who have been in swear, Rex Ryan types, who have succeeded in football. Football is one of those sports, that its different then all the other sports…every single week matters. There is a physical fear that your career can end…there is a real fear in NFL locker rooms…go into an NFL locker room, it’s much more intense than a baseball game or an NBA game. Football is a different world…its hyper intense…it is the ultimate fear sport where guys…heck, you walk into an NFL locker room before a game…it’s unbelievable! I mean there is nothing like it in sports…soccer is not close to it, even at the world cup level nor Golf tournaments.

It is guys, chest out, heavy testosterone, banging walls…people can die playing football, you can get like concussions regularly…so to match that intensity as a coach, you gotta get into guys faces no?? And sometimes, stuff comes out…and you know, we always use Dungy…”Tony does it this way…” well Belichick is considered a better football coach and he swears! I mean ask yourself this…Belichick or Dungy? Well Belichick is more intense! So, his way has beaten Dungy…and has won more playoff games then Superbowl’s! He won 11 games with Matt Cassell! And he’s the opposite of Tony Dungy, so is Nick Saben as well. And they are winning championships.

So all I’m saying is…to say swearing doesn’t help, intensity helps, Tony is the exception to the rule! Wade Philips…nice guy…he’s a mess in Dallas! They have the best talent in the league, for probably the last 4 or 5 years, and he’s only got 1 playoff win! Got routed at the end of last year…so is that working? I mean I not advocating swearing or anything….if I’d swear in my ranks, I’d get the pull from my house! [Daddy reads these for fun too…Hi dad!] But I do think to some degree, we’re all over-reacting to this!

And remember this, Hard Knocks, they EDIT THE TAPE!! It’s not live…they just don’t take the tape and edit it for hours…you could be getting a lot more swearing then what you actually get from Rex Ryan, or he may not swear as much. It’s like reality television; there is nothing less real than reality television, their plying drinks with everybody. They take hours and hours of footage in reality television and then you see a fourty minute show after commercials, so they tape for a week and you get 38 minutes? That’s not reality!!

You can make anybody look like a buffoon, you can make anybody look like a jerk and similarly you can fool any people…Ted Hagger fooled a national convention of Evangelicals for a dozen year…you can fool millions of people! So to say “Rex is this or Rex is that…” eh come on!! It’s an edited show.


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