Independence! It’s What We All Desire! But Being Independent Sounds Cooler Than What It Really Is…Simply Because Nobody Really Is…We All Need Somebody! So When BYU Football Says They Want Independent! Good Luck Getting Into The BSC Bowl Game, Even If You Go 12-0 This Season!

Posted: August 21, 2010 in NCAA Football

I like to broaden stuff out, look at the bigger picture than sports, and that’s why I think the people who love these rants, love the rants! BYU wants to be independent in football. Let me tell you something about independent. Independent sounds a lot cooler than it is…when your 20 years old you’re like “man, I’m my own guy now…nobody is going to own me now, I’m not selling out man…cause I’m independent man!”

Well, do you want to make 28 grand for the rest of your life playa? Cause when that big corporation comes, and you’re in your 30’s and your married – don’t kid yourself, better looking women…they want guys who’ve come some cache…that big corporation offers you $180,000 a year + bonuses, you’ll start selling out dawg! “Yeah but I’m single man…I run my own life man!” …how are those 1 900 numbers coming along? Enjoy sitting watching your skank off the week…like Jersey shore? It’s quite the life you’ve carved out playa!!

Listen, everybody in life talks about being independent…but nobody truly is! We all need somebody…even politicians, you need a party! 99.99% of politicians in this country need a party! Mayor Mike Bloomberg of New York, Bloomberg News, Multi-billionaire doesn’t…he can run independent….win New York, manipulate the media. Mike Bloomberg is probably the only guy in North America today that can run independently and run viably! Ron Paul is not viable at all. Sorry! He may be right and may be smarter than everybody else…not real viable though. 99.99% of politicians need a party, in the radio business…only one person can be independent. Rush Limbaugh could syndicate himself and get on 400 stations…nobody else could.

Being independent sounds cooler than it is, BYU is like “hey, were BYU…we’ve got our own television channel!” pfft, who doesn’t? There’s a freakin transgender film critic channel for crying out loud, nobody watches that either! Everybody has got a channel…I had the BYU football channel in my package…I didn’t know where it was, I didn’t have it marked down, but I know I’ve got it …cause I bumped into it a couple of years ago and immediately turned it off, mostly because it was BYU football! It sounds great BYU, but even if you go 12-0…who says your gonna get a shot at the national championship!

Utah had a better team 2 years ago then you ever did for the last 30 years…they couldn’t get it! Boise State would beat you today and they’ve had great teams as well…and they can’t get it either! Who the heck says you’re gonna get it??? Honestly!! We’re even upset when Notre Dame gets into a bowl game and they recruit much better players than you do on average…it’s nothing against BYU, but if you wanna go independent, then you knock yourself out!

But you make like $40 million a year, Texas makes $140 million and they think they need a conference…so all to all these guys out there – in life, and this isn’t a shot at BYU it’s a fine school, but everybody wants to be independent and everybody talks a big game “I’m a man, I’m not going to sell out” we all need people, we all need help! We all need friendship, we all need love…we all need all this stuff!

So when I hear guys yapping about independence, the first thing I think is “you’re not even old enough to have an opinion on anything!” and you know, BYU can talk all they want…even if they go 12-0, you’re not going to get any home and home’s with major schools…you think Texas is gonna go play in your stadium? Good luck! You think USC, Ohio State, Virginia Tech are going to as well? Good luck!!

They will say to you “yeah, your independent…we’re not doing home and home…you come to our stadium…why are we going to go to your stadium? You don’t have 95,000 people” so again, it sounds….and I have no problem if you wanna do it, but it sounds a lot cooler than you think it is…and everybody is just like “yeahhhh, I’m independent!” Nooo, your single watching Jersey Shore in a ratty apartment…that’s what you are!! “Man, I’m never working for the man!” Congratulations on being a web designer…you and squiggy can go to Europe and freakin backpack! No chicks wanna go out with you…you can’t afford dinner!

And by the way, it’s not a bad thing to need people…”but Andrew, your selling out!” yeah I’ve been in contact with sports networks down south and one is very interested in having me do their sports ranting on their website! I’m about to turn 23 and pretty much…yeah I guess I’m selling out, yeah I guess U2 is selling out as well! But I don’t wanna be a garage band! Ehh, I’m selling out I’m Andrew Arevalo 4th Economics Major at U of Waterloo; I’m selling out, yes. But I certainly wanna make a great living….my bad! Knock yourself out.

But if you BYU think they can go 12-0 and that we can just slot them in for the national championship…no thanks, no thanks! Cause I can tell you right now, nobody is gonna wanna play BYU week 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10 of a conference season unless you’re playing them in your home…Oklahoma is not going to go to your joint, you gotta go to theirs! I mean, I still contend that the only school in the country that can go independent and do better than what they’re doing is Texas. Texas is the one school that could go independent and just take all their money and all their sports and probably do better than what they are doing now…but I’ve argued for the last couple of years that Norte Dame needs to get into a conference. Notre Dame’s big arrogant argument is “we have our own television network” Boise State gets on national television 7 times a year…everybody has got their own TV network…it’s called ABC, haha.

See you can pretty much get like every Ohio State football game, every year, once they get into conference…every Buckeye game is on television. You know what, Ohio State has their own football network, it’s called ESPN and it certainly is soo much easier to find than BYU’s football network, I’ll tell you that. Would I be willing to watch a Buckeye’s game when their like playing Youngstown or Everett? Only because I live in breathe Buckeye football, if I didn’t…not a chance!

But once they get into the conference, they’ve got their own football network…so stop braggin about your football network, everybody has got a channel! Independence is seriously over-rated


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