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…what I’m about to say everybody knows, sports fans are incredibly reactionary, that’s the world I live in. I’m like the gatekeeper, the zookeeper of all the wild animals, their called sports fans, you people are nuts! Listen to this fb message I got yesterday morning, I had asked on my personal twitter account (which I’ve only shared with a select few) “Is Aaron Rogers elite?” and someone wrote in and say “oh without question Andrew he’s elite. Peyton Manning is the best QB, Brady is 2nd, Matt Shab 3rd,  Aaron Rogers 4th, Mark Sanchez 5th, Michael Vick probably 5A..” what?? Michael Vick beats the Lions and the Jaguars and now this guy meatball has got him as the 5th best QB in the league.

He wasn’t even a starter last year, and couldn’t beat Kevin Kolb out in camp. God, I am a zoo keeper! Your all the crazy animals. You’re all the chipmunks and the monkeys and the rhino’s cause your all nuts and I just have to make sure you don’t break out of the den and hurt somebody…you honestly have got to be kidding me! Michael Vick is now the 5th best QB in the league?? Sanchez…would you have said that two weeks ago?

Sports fans live in the moment, that’s who we are. The other thing sports fans do, the reactionary is the first. But the second thing that they always do is that they always want you to “buy” their team. “Andrew tell me you love the Bears from Monday night!” Nooo! They are totally a complete fraud! “Andrew, give us respect!”…people do this with their politicians, and they do it with their cars, and their doctors, and they do it with their teams…you know why? It’s called Insecurity. You’re not 100% sure that your Bears are any good and you want somebody to validate, what you deep down, really know is not a great team.

Steelers fans are not asking me to love their team, because they are good and they know it! It’s like how I always say about cities. If I make fun of San Diego, people say “please keep doing it!” because they want to keep people away. I make fun of Cincinnati, people go nuts! Because they are insecure about it. I mean, there are airports in Kentucky, they are insecure about it.

So the bottom line is…people want you to buy into their teams, and religions, and politicians, and it’s just merely insecurity. Chicago’s offensive line is a D+ and that’s me being nice. Their wide receivers are a C-, their head coach is a C-, and you don’t win big in this league with that grading.  Jay Cutler Monday night had 1 interception, as Don Banks points out in, Cutler could’ve easily had 5! He threw 2 others, Green Bay penalties erased those and the Packers dropped 2 others, he was typical Jay Cutler…you’re not winning big with Chicago.

I said before the year, Chicago and Denver you can just tell, it’s not going to go well. I also didn’t like San Francisco. The difference is that San Fran is bad, Denver is bad and Chicago eventually, will fool people. And Chicago is going to be one of the two teams in this league that are going to fool people, Seattle is the other. You know why?  Because they both play NFC schedules, and the NFC has got 7 dogs! 7 teams in the NFC are bad. And Seattle and the Bears play most of them, some of them even twice!

St.Louis is a dog, Washington, Arizona, Carolina, Tampa, 49ers, Lions…those are not good football teams, I don’t care if Tampa is 2-1, that’s not a good football team. So you got 7 dogs. As I’ve been saying for a while now about the NBA, teams go on big winning streaks in the NBA, and the first thing I ask is “let me see your schedule, who have you played?”

Houston went on a 22 game winning streak a couple of years ago and I said “don’t buy it”. I think they played Golden State like 4 times. Bottom line, they couldn’t win a playoff series…who did you beat? Did you beat the Lakers? Did you beat Lebron and the Cav’s at the time? Did you beat Chicago?  Did you beat Boston?. Pfft, you beat the Clippers, Goldent State, Sacremento, Indiana, Memphis…I’m not impressed.

So Monday night, Chicago didn’t do a thing for me; they don’t do a thing for me!! And there are some serious warning signs. Like right now, 4th Qtr passing, Jay Cutler is second in the league…do you think that’s going to last? Come on man!!! I mean Denver started 6-0 last year. But the bottom line is, let’s be honest here. Chicago goes to the Giants (they’re a mess) Carolina (a mess) Seattle is average, Washington and then to Buffalo, then they have a bye week thrown in.  So they have the makings of a 7-1 team maybe 6-2 worst case scenario. They don’t have another NFC North team until Week 10 when Minnesota visits.

So their schedule, like Seattle’s…Seattle is going to win, Seattle is a borderline dog and they may win the NFC West.  The NFC is like the National League in MLB. You can win a lot of games, yet be incredibly average. You can be a slightly better than average team like the San Diego Padres, you can win a ton of games in the National League. You don’t go on 19 game winning streaks; you don’t even go on 9 game winning streaks in the American League! You just don’t! There are too many good arms in that league.

So, I mean, if people are buying into the Bears because they beat a Packer team that had 18 penalties, and they beat a Lions team on the last play of the game call, which at best was ridiculous…come on!! Would you rather have me go out and be a front runner? Noo! When you were all selling Sanchez I was buying him, when you were buying the Jets, I was selling (as much as it pains me to see the truth about them). Like everybody now is buying the Saints, but I’m buying the Falcons, you don’t want me to be a frontrunner do you?

Like I’m not buying the Yankees this year, I don’t buy the Yankees this year, they don’t have a # 2 pitcher, and I don’t want to be a frontrunner for them. You are a frontrunner today – fans always hate when sportscaster, analyst, experts are frontrunners. You’re a frontrunner today, if you are buying the Bears. You can’t possibly believe that that is an elite NFL team, you just can’t!

Folks, 3 weeks ago fans in Chicago wanted the coach fired! And now I’m supposed to believe that he’s great? Because they beat a Packer team with 18 penalties? And the Lions on the last play of the game? The Lions were using a backup QB….come on!!


…so increasingly the NFL, more than any other sport has gradually become a much better watch at home then away. US Today had a very interesting story on NFL attendance. Citing that it would be down by about 3%, and it’s quite obvious as to why it’s down.

What basically had happened to the NFL is that the NFL is so good on television, they’ve become victim’s of their own brilliance, this happens all the time. Happens all the time in business, happens all the time in life. The NFL is a victim of itself. The NFL is similar to a great therapist. The great therapist solves your childhood issues, so then suddenly you don’t need the therapist “Doc, thanks for solving my baggage! Guess I won’t be needing you anymore”

I mean, to some degree, they’re a great doctor. They are so great, that they lose a client! Now, the NFL is not losing fans, they’re going home and watching the game, but think about this. Baseball on television, the replays are better, but it’s pretty much the same game just as it was 20 years ago. The NBA on television, better replays, still the same as it was 30 years ago. The NHL was never great on television, because you still can’t find the puck. Hence why Fox Sports a couple of years ago would highlight the puck in blue to show where the heck it was. College Football does not have the money nor the cameras, so it’s better than it was 30 years ago. But the NFL, if you watch a regular season game today, it’s significantly better than a Superbowl was 15 years ago.

I get the Red Zone channel, I got HDTV, and they’ve invented the 1st down markers on television with the graphics. By the way, the 1st down marker is the best innovation in history in sports television…ever! There are people now that go to games, that don’t know that much about football who ask “where is that 1st down marker?” They think that is part of the field, its unbelievable!

So the NFL is a victim of itself #1. That’s why the attendance is slightly going down, but unlike the MLB, where the attendance is going down and the television numbers are into the toilet. The NFL, the attendance is going down slightly, but the television numbers are roaring up. So they are not losing audiences, they are gaining audiences from the comfort of their own homes. But here’s the #2 issue with the NFL, and I think the NFL has got to be very careful about this.

The #1 issue, they are a victim of their own brilliance. And there is nothing you can do about that, its just the dynamics of the way things work out. Coke experienced it; businesses all over the world experience it. You come out with a good product and it seizes another product, that’s the way the cookie crumbles. But the real issue, the #2 issue is this. You’re not losing fans equally, your losing a certain type of fan. I’ll give you an example.

 I did one of my co-op terms over at MLSE. MLSE started to notice that they were losing the true hockey fans. But the problem is, that they weren’t losing them equally. You know what they were losing? You to ESPN, You to CNBC, You to Cable Television, You…the smart educated people, with good jobs (hopefully going to Waterloo pays off for you!) Losing you to digital access, cable news (with better programs). So MLSE saw themselves now stuck with this type of demographic. Old people, who are fascinated by the weather, and less educated people who can’t afford television.

That’s what MLSE’s audience has become. You, both men and women out there, you don’t watch local television. MLSE didn’t lose grandpa, MLSE didn’t lose grandma, they didn’t lose rural people per se. MLSE lost you! People who are well educated, bound to make good money, bright individuals…they lose you! And that’s what’s killing MLSE. They lost the wrong people!

That to me is what is hurting the NFL. They are not losing Joey Meatball, they are losing smarter fans, educated individuals, who make a little more money, can afford multiple flat screens and media rooms. Translation? Stadiums are getting full of more low brow, vulgar, aggressive people, who has got nothing to lose, and acts like a meatball at the game. Like, what’s happening in NFL stadiums is that your losing family guy, your losing guy not interested in getting hammered by 11am, your losing guy who prefers not to be arrested, your losing guy who doesn’t call his wife mother or his “ballin chain” And what you’re getting in NFL stadiums is an increasingly vulgar, low brow dude, and it’s happening fast!

So that is a problem the NFL faces. It’s going to keep going down and down. People with options in their life are leaving stadiums. Smart people left MLSE, smart people leaving the stadiums, family guy leaving the stadium, guy who can afford a media room and flat screen is leaving the stadium, and that is certainly a problem. So what is happening and Roger Goodell to his credit, he is a heck of a commissioner. Roger Goodell at the NFL meetings was the first guy to acknowledge this fact. They asked him about this and Roger Goodell said, and he told every NFL owner this he said “Our challenge is that we have got to make the stadium experience cleaner, we have to make it better, we have to make it less vulgar”

So To recap what I’ve argued thus far, #1 the NFL is a victim of its own brilliance, it happens all the time. But #2, stadiums are losing the wrong people. That is definitely an issue. Its career guy over job guy. Guy who goes with his kids, that guy is leaving. These stadiums, especially in Philly and New York, oh my god like the language is horrible.

Not All Losses Are Equal In The NFL!

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It’s interesting, we have started the NFL season, we are now in Week # 2, and all losses are not equal. People tend to over-react, last week Mark Sanchez was terrible and I basically said “I’ll buy your Sanchez stock if your selling it” claiming that Mark Sanchez would bounce back and be fine. Take the Baltimore Ravens, the Baltimore Ravens lost on Sunday. Now, nobody wants to lose, but that’s a good loss. Their coming off a Monday night football game which is a physical war with the Jets, so your physically a little bit deteriorated, you’re on Monday NIght Football, so it’s a short week anyways, you have one day less.

Whereas the Bengals  ended their game on Sunday afternoon, you don’t get finished until Monday night, you don’t get home til 1 in the morning. Then you gotta go on the road to Cincinnati, Cincinnati is a pretty good team. Cincinnati is also at home and their desperate, now that’s okay. They still didn’t give up a field goal, or a touchdown. The Ravens gave up 5 field goals, despite 4 interceptions; you were in the game until the very end. That is a really good football team, coming off a bruising win, going on the road, on a short week, the Ravens have nothing to be embarrassed about, you go ahead and sell your stock on the Ravens, and I’m a buyer.

Now the Dallas Cowboys loss is troubling. You’re at home, where your suppose to win, your semi-desperate because your schedule is getting tougher. Your facing a turnover prone QB in Jay Cutler, with one of the weaker offensive lines, your suppose to in Dallas have one of the better front 7’s in the NFL and Jay Cutler goes 21/29, 3 TD’s, no picks, on the road, 280 yards! That my friends, is a big problem. Now in Dallas on monday morning, I was briefly reading up some of the newspaper headlines.

Everybody was pretty much trying to pinpoint one reason why the Cowboys are 0-2 and there is NOT one reason! There is never one reason why a big company unravels.  LIke Enron did not have one bad department, they were robbing everybody blind. They were incompetent and deceptive in every department. Similarly with the Dallas Cowboys, its not one thing.

 It’s an owner who thinks he’s a GM, it’s a head coach who is an enabler, it’s a QB who wears stupid hats (win or lose), its running backs who are good (not great), its an old aging offensive line, it’s a stiffening schedule, it’s a big problem! And the problem with the Cowboys is that their personnel don’t match their ideology. It’s one of the things in life to remember, you can have a lot of hopes and you can have a lot of dreams…but ultimately, are you realistic?

Alabama is a power football team, they have power personnel. Pittsburgh Steelers, and the Ravens and the Jets are power football teams, they have power personnel. The Patriots, the Oregon Ducks, The Saints…they are all finesse football teams, they have speed personnel. The problem with the Dallas Cowboys is that they wanna be a race car, but they got a V6 for an engine, they may be a 4 cylinder. The Cowboys see themselves as this high flying, high talented offense and they just don’t have the parts. You know what the Dallas Cowboys really are?

Have you ever met that guy who, he is a young guy who maybe owns a Honda Civic or like a G.O. Metro? And he tries to fool you. He puts racing stripes on the side; he gets like mag wheels and like racing bucket seats. But it’s still a G.O. Metro, okay you can’t fool me! The Cowboys want to be one thing and they don’t have the personnel to be that thing. Steelers, Alabama, Raven’s, Titan’s they have the personnel to match it. The Saints, Patriots, Oregon Ducks…they can all match it. Cowboys want to be one thing, when they have completely different personnel. So I think the Cowboys are in really big trouble.

Wade Philips was typical Wade Philips on Sunday, he’s looking for a saviour, a lifeline preserver, you’re looking for gutty leadership, you’re looking for a strong backbone after a loss, and here was what Wade Philips said after the Cowboys’ 0-2 start. “We can’t move the ball, we can’t play defense, we can’t do those things and we can’t play special teams. But we gotta be able to put it all together” So right now, the Cowboys are in trouble, I think the 0-2 is a really bad sign. For the record, if you’re wondering, the schedule does not get any easier.

At Houston, then against physical Tennessee, then at Minnesota whom according to reports Monday morning is trying to acquire Vincent Jackson, a superstar receiver from San Diego because Sidney Rice is out for another month. That would massively help Brett Favre and would massively upgrade the Minnesota Vikings. Who, it should be noted, have a bye week in a week. So they can get Vincent Jackson, seven or eight practices, get him into the offense. Minnesota Vikings are 0-2, they are in much better shape than the 0-2 Dallas Cowboys.

So let’s talk about expectations! if you expect your son to be the new president/prime minister of the US/Canada, I’m sorry, but you’re going to be let down, because that’s not going to happen!  What are you expectations is the question to always ask yourself. If your expectations are college degree, good human being , loving, compassionate, ethical, honest, family man/woman, and those are your goals, you got a real shot! You’re not going to be disappointed. And what happens in sports is this thing called the “hype machine”. And I’ve quickly received this reputation as being contrarian, because I just love punched a hole into the hype balloon. But most of the time I’m right! I read my inbox today “Andrew, Mark Sanchez of your beloved Jets is terrible!” Umm, no he is not. Believe it or not, there was real growth Monday night for Mark Sanchez, and I’ll get to that in a second. Mark Sanchez Monday night is exactly what he is, at this point in his career, against the best defense in the NFL.

Listen, Tom Brady couldn’t move the ball against the Ravens in the playoffs last year. Mark Sanchez isn’t no Tom Brady, he’s not close. The hype of Mark Sanchez in New York’s media is not deserved, its embellishment, he is a gifted young limited C minus QB, without his star wide receiver Holmes, who also played against the best defense in the NFL Monday night. Don’t forget, last year against New England, Sanchez had 4 picks.

Last year against elite Indy he was 12/19 for 106 yards. Against New Orleans he had 3 picks. Monday night, without his star receiver and facing the scariest defense in the NFL, no fumbles NO INTERCEPTIONS!! no major gaps…that’s exactly what Sanchez is, and your hoping for at this point. He’s not a fantasy football QB. He’s not Aaron Rogers, he’s not Drew Breeze. That is NOT what he is, and if you picked him for your fantasy team…that is a YOU problem. What he did Monday night though, for Mark Sanchez – if Mark Sanchez is a movie, the movie is titled “The Year of Fewer Mistakes!” He’ll not face another defense this year as good as that one, all year long! And by the way, Ed Reed didn’t even play, it’ll be better later. He will not face Ray Lewis again.

But we live in this world of fantasy nerds everywhere, who think Tony Romo is better than Big Ben, despite the fact that Tony Romo’s got one playoff win and Big Ben has got 2 Superbowl rings. But playoff people will convince you “oh Romo is a much better QB”. Romo has never been great in crisis in his life. Big Ben is only great IN CRISIS.

He’s better in December than in September. He’s better in the 4th Qtr statistically compared to the 1st, he’s the opposite of Romo, who gets tired at the end of every year and erodes. But we live in this culture now, of fantasy nerds, where they literally think that Aaron Rogers is better than Brady and there is probably not a single defensive co-coordinator in the NFL that would buy that, claiming that Romo is bigger than Big Ben. Brady and Big Ben have 5 Superbowl rings.

Collectively, Aaron and Romo have 1 playoff win. Mark Sanchez is going to be fine!!! What? Do you think he’s going to be worse this year than last year? He was good last year against Miami, a good defense. He was good against Houston, another good defense. Nobody is good against the Ravens, especially missing their top player, especially Sanchez. Again, when the expectations are realistic, like I mean ask yourself this “How did Matt Ryan look this past weekend against the Steelers?” This is his 3rd year, his start receiver Roddie White was healthy, and he’s got a hall of fame tight end, an upscale offensive line. Matt Ryan couldn’t move the chains against the Steelers this past weekend! Tom Brady couldn’t move the chains against the Ravens last year.

Folks, Mark Sanchez didn’t make the big mistake…it was baby steps for him! I mean, when you look at the AFC, it is unbelievable! I’ll tell you something…they don’t play that kinda football in the NFC. Everybody keeps telling me how good the Cowboys’ defense is, pfft it sure as heck doesn’t look like those defenses (Ravens & Jets). It doesn’t look like Baltimore’s, and they we missing Ed Reed. It doesn’t look like the New York Jets. The AFC right now has become the SEC in college football. The QB play may be spotty, it may not be flashy, but the SEC just looks different than every other conference in college football, and what I saw Monday night…you just don’t see that in the NFC. It was vicious! Intimidating, 9 in the box, put up a wall, we dare you to run on us style of football. I mean that type of football Monday night was intense! You do not see that anywhere else.

Like, you watch the SEC, it just looks different than the PAC -10. That sure as heck doesn’t look like the Cowboy’s either and the Giants. But the only team in the NFC, that is starting to look like an AFC team, is probably the Redskins. I don’t like that team much, but they hit like an AFC team. But to go back to what I’m saying about Mark Sanchez. Folks, the #1 stat…all you fantasy nerds out there gotta get this straight.

The # 1 stat in the NFL, more than any stat….turnovers! 81% of the time, fewer turnovers win! Mark Sanchez didn’t have a turnover! Stop paying attention to yards. With a minute to go, the Jets had the ball, despite being outplayed and only trailed 10-9. A year ago, Sanchez has one horrible pick, fumbled twice; lost one of them, the game is 21-9, game over! With a minute to go, Jets have the ball! Against the best defense in the league!

Baby steps, HE IS FINE!! and he’ll never see anything this year, quite like what he saw on Monday night. I contend that Ray Lewis will be 53  and still be somebody’s middle linebacker. I mean this guy is utterly unbelievable. He and Mariano Rivera of the Yankees…whatever is in the soup that their drinking, whatever it is, I don’t know what it is….but they both are absurd!

…So I got some fb messages and texts after Peter King, of ESPN, tweeted that the Saints/Vikings game Thursday night got a 18.7 rating. To put that in context, that is the rating Game 7 of the NBA finals got this past June.

I tell you, this league is just incredible! It’s become Italian food, the NFL is Italian food, if its not your favourite…its everybody’s 2nd or 3rd favourite food. Whereas MLB and the NBA are more like Chinese food or Indian food…where you either love it or hate it. The NFL rating Thursday night is ridicioulous! 28% of Americans were watching that football game, and they’re not doing it with Tavares Jackson at the helm. That’s a Brett Favre number!

Just like in the NFC championship Favre was in, it was the most watched non-super bowl football game in the history of the US. So the Dallas Cowboys and Brett Favre, you put them on TV, you just get an absurd number. Last year in the opening game, he got a 13, this year it gets an 18…that’s Favre! And by the way, looking over some of the texts that morning…you people just try to burry Brett Favre.

This is a sampling of some of those texts…”proves that grandpa Favre is past his prime!” or this other one “this guy is like Leborn…too much press!” or this one “Brett Favre looked really old” pfft, no he didn’t! You know what Brett Favre looked like?  I don’t know…maybe like any QB in the NFL who lost his star reciever for the opening game, on the road, against the defending Superbowl champs and maybe the hottest QB in the league for half a decade, Drew Breeze… That’s what he looked like!!

He looked like a star QB, on the road, tough environment, without his star reciever and his # 2 reciever, Percy Harvin, with blurrd vision, 80% of the time. That’s what he looked like. You sell your Lebron stock and your Tiger stock and your Kobe stock and your Celtic stock and your Yankee’s stock and your Favre stock. I my friends, I am your Smith Marine; I will buy your stock! You take away Randy Moss from Tom Brady against the Bengals tomorrow…@ home, with Wes Welkers only at like 80%, he’s not the same QB! You watch Philip Rivers this year, he doesn’t have Vincent Jackson. Go watch Philip Rivers…his numbers are going to go down.

Division is a little better, no Vincent Jackson. It’s amazing when you lose that 6’4 guy who runs a 4.45, who makes those catches that the other guys don’t….your completion rate and your yards go down. I mean, good god folks!, Brett Favre, missing his star receiver and his # 2 and suddenly you guys are making him out to look like Damian Hughward. Like his arm looked unbelievable, he’s still got an absolute cannon, the drive before half was classic Favre…throw’s a pick, no big deal, get me the ball back…bang bang bang! Two great throws and then touchdown!

I tell you, why people wanna bail on this guy….heck, you take away any star QB’s star receiver, on the road, super bowl champs, huge emotion…good luck with that! I mean, his arm…A+, his moxy is still high, his experience A+, right now his weapons’ are about a C-…this team runs better than 95% of the league. So if you have their defense, they held Drew Breeze to 14 pts at home…that’s pretty good defense.

You’ve got the best running back in the league (in my opinion). So I mean, you lose 14-9…its like Mariano Rivera, everybody wants to keep selling Mariano Rivera. Now Jeter is showing erosion, Mariano…doesn’t! His DNA is different…there are some guys out there, that their DNA…I don’t know what it is…like Nolan Ryan could throw 100mph for 20 yrs. I don’t know…maybe it was the wind-up, maybe it was his legs…he had different DNA. Mariano’s got it, Favre has got it.

I mean look at his numbers Thursday night, they weren’t terrible…15/27, 170 yards, TD, pick…not terrible. Again, here’s a guy missing his superstar receiver against the defending superbowl champs. So that’s what I saw Thursday night! He was directing traffic like he always does “let’s go, let’s go, let’s go” looking at the coaches sidelines “let’s go…huddle up, come on!”

There are like 4 QB’s in the NFL that act like that…he’s one of them. I’m watching him…and he’s literally a traffic cop! He was doing what Favre does… his line protected him. Listen, Favre is polarizing…why? because you HATE what you fear! A lot of you people who want him outta the league, you live in like Chicago and Green Bay.

By the way, how did Favre do against the Packers last year? He was 2-0! And they were a good team. Aaron Rogers, for as good as he is, still throw’s a ton of picks on the road in big games. He had 7 in 3 big road games last season.

 Listen, the little guy mostly gets screwed in life! And the big guy doesn’t in life…but, one of the areas, and I’ll say this…I believe the fans know the truth when it comes to this, even the team I’m going to rip this morning,

Their fans know the truth…the media, the gooey soft “everybody deserves a fair shot” media, misses the ball on this…I love college football, within the last 2 years it’s quickly becoming my favourite sport (surpassing baseball) I live it, breathe it, watch like 12 games every Saturday!

So the NCAA football rankings were released this past Monday, and unlike rankings in other sports…these DO matter! Because if you get ranked 17th, it’s gonna take you almost 2 months to impress people. I don’t believe there should be college football pre-season rankings, but I even think these are a joke! # 1 is Alabama…got no problem. #2 is my beloved Ohio State…got no problem. #3 is Boise State…I’ve got a major problem!!!

Now, they are from the Pacific Northwest, I honestly think it’s a neat program and I like them. But Florida and Texas are both below Boise State, and Florida and Texas are better at 21 outta 22 starting positions, they both recruit totally different players…folks! USC has put something like 437 guys into the pros, Boise State has put in like 15! It’s a different class of athletes, in a different conference. Florida and Texas are better every day of the week than Boise State.

This is where the media drives me nuts! But the standard is soo much higher for the Texas, Virginia Tech’s, Ohio States and USC’s. Let me give you 3 examples…of how ridiculous it is…how ridiculous the voters and media have become in college football. We’ll be outraged if Boise State beats Virginia Tech narrowly and then beats all the dogs on their schedule…we’ll be outraged… “The injustice” that they didn’t play for a national title…Yet, let me give you an example of 3 teams in college football that have gotten ripped by the press and sometimes fans.

Let’s take my beloved Ohio State in 2007, they played in the national championship game against LSU…and oh by the way, they had to go down south and play it, in basically a road game!!!…and were very competitive… “Oh Ohio State didn’t deserve to be there” all everyone did was rip them. Ohio State beat the HELL out of everybody they played all year except Illinois, they lost 28-21, on a very iffy call late, and they actually outplayed them for much of the game! They went onto CRUSH teams…they beat Washington by 20, Northwestern by 50, Minnesota by 30, they crushed Purdue @ Purdue, they beat Michigan State, they crushed Penn State @ Penn State, they crushed Wisconsin, they completely suffocated Michigan @ Michigan…and everyone ripped Ohio State for playing, in a legitimate conference, and everyone ripped them because of one bad half!!

How about 2008 Oklahoma??? Oklahoma was even more impressive…we ripped Oklahoma…everybody rips Oklahoma for playing in the national championship in 08! They lost one game, to Texas…neutral field, tied with 10mins left! Lost to one great team…they beat Cincinnati by 30, Washington by 40, crushed TCU…the great TCU that is…they crushed 16th seed Kansas, they scored 62 on Nebraska, they beat Texas Tech…who were #2 in the nation at the time…by 40! They beat Oklahoma State by 20, they beat Missouri by 40. And we ripped them for getting to the national championships, because of a bad half against Texas!! If you recall, they absolutely dominated the 1st half…think about this.

USC in 08, in my opinion, is the greatest team that has ever played college football and didn’t get to the national championship (ugh, kills me to say that…hope your happy Derek lol) They beat Virginia 52-7, Ohio State 35-3 (ugly memories), Oregon 44-10, shut out 3 PAC -10 teams…they beat Cal 17-3 @ Cal, they beat Stanford by 30, Notre Dame by 35, UCLA by 3 touch downs and annihilated a very good Penn State team in the Rose Bowl…and all we chanted all year was “boy they are over-rated!!!” Yet Boise State, who beat 10 dog teams, will narrowly beat a TCU in a bowl game…really could’ve got either way…and yet this year, they are a pre-season #3, and if they beat Virginia Tech (oh my god) they better be playing for a national championship…our standards are so much higher for Ohio State and Florida and Alabama and Georgia and USC and Virginia Tech and Miami…it’s ridiculous!

And the fans all know it, if you put…listen, I got nothing against Boise State…I wish I’d grown up out there, I really like their team…but they should NEVER play for a national championship. “Well Andrew, they went undefeated!”…pfft, look at their schedule you moron…if USC had one game, listen…listen to Boise State’s schedule this year…and this is, by the way the schedule I’m telling you, it’s their schedule every year! Heck, I’ll read it backwards for crying out loud…Utah State, Nevada, Fresno State @ home, @ Idaho, Hawaii @ home, Louisiana Tech @ home, San Jose State, Toledo @ home, New Mexico state…that’s their last 8 games!! 6 at home…all they are asked is to play really well against Virginia tech…by the way, that’s not even a home game…it’s not even in Blacksburg…it’s on neutral field! Although it will be 60-40, 70-30 Virginia Tech….the media is seriously off their rocker.

If you put them in the SEC, Boise State is a nice bowl team…they are like 5th. They don’t match up with LSU, Auburn, Alabama, Georgia, Florida…give me a break!!! Arkansas?…it’s just, honestly, the media is off their rocker on this thing…USC’s 2008 team, with Sanchez at QB…humiliated 10 teams, lost a game in which they really came firing back…and all we said all year was “well, they play in the PAC-10!” pfft, have you seen what Boise State’s schedule looks like???? Listen, I would never let Boise State play in the national championship, although I love having them in a BSC bowl, I think it’s fun.

But I think the media….see, the fans get this, even Boise State fans know…what’s interesting about Boise State, and I’ve got nothing against them, but what is interesting about Boise State is this….think about all their “big wins” you ever notice this? Oklahoma, TCU…their always last second…they don’t blow anybody out, they never blow TCU out like Oklahoma did…they don’t blow Oregon out, they don’t blow…when they face better competition (often at home) or in a bowl game…where they are a huge dog, and they are playing with their hair on fire…they never blow anybody out!

They don’t have the athletes to blow anybody out! The media is totally unfair to the Ohio States, Texas, Oklahoma’s and they play this sappy… “The little guys deserve a little chance too!” They are asked 2 times a year to play a legitimate team, and that legitimate team, who has to play them…go look at what Oklahoma does to TCU, go look at what Boise State does to them…I watched the Oklahoma/TCU match like 2 years ago in 2008….it was pretty ugly!

This is a Boise State team that 3 years ago, lost bowl games, basically a home game…East Carolina had to travel across the country…it East Carolina!! The following year they lost to TCU…last year they narrowly beat TCU…and I’m suppose to believe that they are the best team in the country? Alabama is better than them at every position…every stinkin position! So is Florida, Texas…and those 2 are ranked below them!

…I saw this story, and I’m not sure if this is a lead story, but it was very interesting to me…it’s my rant! So I’m going to rant about it! The Big 10 announced it divisional breakdown this past Wednesday night. And Ohio State and Michigan will be in different 6 team divisions.

So basically, the Big 10 has got now 12 teams, and just like the SEC they sliced them in half and put them into different divisions! And they put Ohio State and Michigan in different divisions. Which means…uh oh, they could play TWICE a year! They can play in their big rivalry game and then they could play in the big championship game. People are sorta worked up about this “oh boy, that is not good!” First of all, the one division has Iowa, Michigan and Nebraska…3 solid teams.

The other division has Ohio State, Penn State, Wisconsin…again 3 solid teams, so they seem about even to me. I personally don’t really care about the middle to bottom of a conference, so Michigan Iowa and Nebraska are all very good on one side. Ohio State Penn State and Wisconsin, especially when Penn State hires a coach…you know, under 83…they will be very good. I have no problem with Michigan and Ohio State playing twice…more quality is better, I’ve said this in my rants before….more is NOT better…better is better! Quality is better.

I don’t necessarily like going to eat at buffets, that’s not better…I’d rather just…well if it was a seafood buffet, then its better, more quality is better. If I get Michigan/Ohio State twice, I’m all for it! Ravens/Steelers…they can potentially play 3 times a year! Jets/Patriots…3 times in a year as well. So what! It’s all good!

And I saw this, and you know the Midwest has struggled to evolve over like the last twenty years or so, so they struggle with this….thank god their commissioner is a smart guy. It’s says “Michigan/Ohio State wasn’t the only traditional for Big Ten officials to consider. Long time rivals Iowa/Minnesota and Purdue/Indiana ended up in the same divisions as well.” Excuse me…Purdue/Indiana…that’s a rivalry? Where do they play? And who gives a crap stadium? Give Me A Break!!! Nooo body cares about that game. And you’re telling me that Iowa/Minnesota is a big rivalry as well?

There is not a single Iowa student who thinks that Iowa/Minnesota is a important as Iowa/Ohio State! Listen, there are 4 big games in the Big Ten, that the nation wants to see every year and they all include Ohio State, haha…. Ohio State/Michigan, Ohio State/Penn State, Ohio State/Wisconsin, and now it could potentially be Ohio State/Nebraska…heck you can have the rest of the conference. So Ohio State/Michigan play another time….who cares! People get so peroquial.

I grew up in Toronto and the bottom line is that the Northeast Division in the NHL has like 4 rivalries…Maple Leafs vs. everybody! That is the game! Same thing in the Big 12, Texas vs [fill in the blank!]…that’s the game I want to watch. I mean growing up in Toronto, you had the Battle of the QEW and the Battle of Ontario, you don’t think that still isn’t a hot ticket item?

So listen, with the Big Ten adding Nebraska and splitting into 2 divisions, just got significantly more interesting this past week, by adding Nebraska, splitting into 2 divisions and throwing in a championship game…the Big Ten just got really really interesting. Sorry if it wrecked that Indiana/Illionis classic…the battle for the last remaining bowl game, Purdue/Minnesota…the battle for the bucket of spit…honestly who cares! I get Ohio State/Michigan potentially twice!

So give the Big Ten credit; they did what the rust belt and the midwest have been struggling with for two decades…they evolved! And its great!! Its wonderful…we all win no? In college football, if Indiana is involved in any game…nobody honestly cares! God, Ohio State/Indiana is boring. So people get into their meaningless peroquial rivalries. I want the big boys playing the big boys and if they play twice…god I’ll love it! If Florida, Alabama, Oklahoma play again…great! Play another time.

You know, I pay a lot of money for the college football package; I called in late Tuesday to get it put into my package! I want more good stuff! I’ll take Michigan/Ohio State twice..are you kidding me? And I got this fb message from someone, I gotta transcribe it for you…he’s a mid level accountant, and boy can I tell he’s a mid level accountant by this email. He goes into this “every year…going into the final regular”…he doesn’t like this by the way…he goes “I think it’d hurt the Michigan/Ohio State rivalry” he goes on to say that “every year going into the final regular season game, both teams will know if they will be playing in the championship game or not. Therefore making the cross divisional games no conference games. If for example, it ends up like last years stand…” and on and on and on…

Dude, your making up hypotheticals! Who said that Ohio State is going to beat Penn State every year? Who said that Ohio State is going to win that division, once Penn State hires a coach is under 83 years old, every year? And who says that Michigan is going to beat Nebraska every single year? Just let it happen! I mean, every time that you get into a car you can die no? are you not going to drive? Life happens!! Evolve with it is my advice! More of quality is good for everybody! These people who would rather “Brett Favre retires or not” are seriously outta their minds!

When Barry Sanders retired, the running back position in the NFL became less interesting…we all lost! We all lost! Wow, you talk about counting things before they are hatched…there is no guarantee that Nebraska is gonna lose to Michigan and that Michigan will get to the championship game. Right now, heck Michigan is even struggling to beat Michigan State! Michigan might not even beat Uconn tomorrow, and you’re worried about them getting to a championship game? They might have a new coach in an hour or something…you don’t know everything with certainty!

And who says that Ohio State is gonna get their every single year? Penn State, once they hire like a Greg Sheiano or a really good young coach, they will become incredibly formidable. Listen, if I get Ohio State/Michigan twice …oppose to what? Keeping that riveting Iowa/Minnesota game in tactic? I’ll take the Buckeyes everyday of the week, I’ll take the rivalry…it’s honestly a great day to be a Big Ten fan. You finally are now back to being the Big Ten.

The word “Big” had been used loosely for years…you’d become the Soft Ten and the Can kicked Ten and the Slow Ten and every time you play a big game against the SEC you be embarrassed…you’ve finally become the Big Ten again! You’ve added Nebraska, Championship game…you split up the conference, major revenue…Ohio State/Michigan twice…it’s great!!