Re-Alignment In The Big Ten: We Could Potentially See Ohio State and Michigan Play Twice In a Season…Why Is Everyone Complaining? More Is NOT Better…Better Is Better!

Posted: September 1, 2010 in NCAA Football

…I saw this story, and I’m not sure if this is a lead story, but it was very interesting to me…it’s my rant! So I’m going to rant about it! The Big 10 announced it divisional breakdown this past Wednesday night. And Ohio State and Michigan will be in different 6 team divisions.

So basically, the Big 10 has got now 12 teams, and just like the SEC they sliced them in half and put them into different divisions! And they put Ohio State and Michigan in different divisions. Which means…uh oh, they could play TWICE a year! They can play in their big rivalry game and then they could play in the big championship game. People are sorta worked up about this “oh boy, that is not good!” First of all, the one division has Iowa, Michigan and Nebraska…3 solid teams.

The other division has Ohio State, Penn State, Wisconsin…again 3 solid teams, so they seem about even to me. I personally don’t really care about the middle to bottom of a conference, so Michigan Iowa and Nebraska are all very good on one side. Ohio State Penn State and Wisconsin, especially when Penn State hires a coach…you know, under 83…they will be very good. I have no problem with Michigan and Ohio State playing twice…more quality is better, I’ve said this in my rants before….more is NOT better…better is better! Quality is better.

I don’t necessarily like going to eat at buffets, that’s not better…I’d rather just…well if it was a seafood buffet, then its better, more quality is better. If I get Michigan/Ohio State twice, I’m all for it! Ravens/Steelers…they can potentially play 3 times a year! Jets/Patriots…3 times in a year as well. So what! It’s all good!

And I saw this, and you know the Midwest has struggled to evolve over like the last twenty years or so, so they struggle with this….thank god their commissioner is a smart guy. It’s says “Michigan/Ohio State wasn’t the only traditional for Big Ten officials to consider. Long time rivals Iowa/Minnesota and Purdue/Indiana ended up in the same divisions as well.” Excuse me…Purdue/Indiana…that’s a rivalry? Where do they play? And who gives a crap stadium? Give Me A Break!!! Nooo body cares about that game. And you’re telling me that Iowa/Minnesota is a big rivalry as well?

There is not a single Iowa student who thinks that Iowa/Minnesota is a important as Iowa/Ohio State! Listen, there are 4 big games in the Big Ten, that the nation wants to see every year and they all include Ohio State, haha…. Ohio State/Michigan, Ohio State/Penn State, Ohio State/Wisconsin, and now it could potentially be Ohio State/Nebraska…heck you can have the rest of the conference. So Ohio State/Michigan play another time….who cares! People get so peroquial.

I grew up in Toronto and the bottom line is that the Northeast Division in the NHL has like 4 rivalries…Maple Leafs vs. everybody! That is the game! Same thing in the Big 12, Texas vs [fill in the blank!]…that’s the game I want to watch. I mean growing up in Toronto, you had the Battle of the QEW and the Battle of Ontario, you don’t think that still isn’t a hot ticket item?

So listen, with the Big Ten adding Nebraska and splitting into 2 divisions, just got significantly more interesting this past week, by adding Nebraska, splitting into 2 divisions and throwing in a championship game…the Big Ten just got really really interesting. Sorry if it wrecked that Indiana/Illionis classic…the battle for the last remaining bowl game, Purdue/Minnesota…the battle for the bucket of spit…honestly who cares! I get Ohio State/Michigan potentially twice!

So give the Big Ten credit; they did what the rust belt and the midwest have been struggling with for two decades…they evolved! And its great!! Its wonderful…we all win no? In college football, if Indiana is involved in any game…nobody honestly cares! God, Ohio State/Indiana is boring. So people get into their meaningless peroquial rivalries. I want the big boys playing the big boys and if they play twice…god I’ll love it! If Florida, Alabama, Oklahoma play again…great! Play another time.

You know, I pay a lot of money for the college football package; I called in late Tuesday to get it put into my package! I want more good stuff! I’ll take Michigan/Ohio State twice..are you kidding me? And I got this fb message from someone, I gotta transcribe it for you…he’s a mid level accountant, and boy can I tell he’s a mid level accountant by this email. He goes into this “every year…going into the final regular”…he doesn’t like this by the way…he goes “I think it’d hurt the Michigan/Ohio State rivalry” he goes on to say that “every year going into the final regular season game, both teams will know if they will be playing in the championship game or not. Therefore making the cross divisional games no conference games. If for example, it ends up like last years stand…” and on and on and on…

Dude, your making up hypotheticals! Who said that Ohio State is going to beat Penn State every year? Who said that Ohio State is going to win that division, once Penn State hires a coach is under 83 years old, every year? And who says that Michigan is going to beat Nebraska every single year? Just let it happen! I mean, every time that you get into a car you can die no? are you not going to drive? Life happens!! Evolve with it is my advice! More of quality is good for everybody! These people who would rather “Brett Favre retires or not” are seriously outta their minds!

When Barry Sanders retired, the running back position in the NFL became less interesting…we all lost! We all lost! Wow, you talk about counting things before they are hatched…there is no guarantee that Nebraska is gonna lose to Michigan and that Michigan will get to the championship game. Right now, heck Michigan is even struggling to beat Michigan State! Michigan might not even beat Uconn tomorrow, and you’re worried about them getting to a championship game? They might have a new coach in an hour or something…you don’t know everything with certainty!

And who says that Ohio State is gonna get their every single year? Penn State, once they hire like a Greg Sheiano or a really good young coach, they will become incredibly formidable. Listen, if I get Ohio State/Michigan twice …oppose to what? Keeping that riveting Iowa/Minnesota game in tactic? I’ll take the Buckeyes everyday of the week, I’ll take the rivalry…it’s honestly a great day to be a Big Ten fan. You finally are now back to being the Big Ten.

The word “Big” had been used loosely for years…you’d become the Soft Ten and the Can kicked Ten and the Slow Ten and every time you play a big game against the SEC you be embarrassed…you’ve finally become the Big Ten again! You’ve added Nebraska, Championship game…you split up the conference, major revenue…Ohio State/Michigan twice…it’s great!!


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