College Football Rankings Unleashed! I’ve Got a Major Problem with One of the Top Ranked Teams and Their Fans Know It!

Posted: September 6, 2010 in NCAA Football

 Listen, the little guy mostly gets screwed in life! And the big guy doesn’t in life…but, one of the areas, and I’ll say this…I believe the fans know the truth when it comes to this, even the team I’m going to rip this morning,

Their fans know the truth…the media, the gooey soft “everybody deserves a fair shot” media, misses the ball on this…I love college football, within the last 2 years it’s quickly becoming my favourite sport (surpassing baseball) I live it, breathe it, watch like 12 games every Saturday!

So the NCAA football rankings were released this past Monday, and unlike rankings in other sports…these DO matter! Because if you get ranked 17th, it’s gonna take you almost 2 months to impress people. I don’t believe there should be college football pre-season rankings, but I even think these are a joke! # 1 is Alabama…got no problem. #2 is my beloved Ohio State…got no problem. #3 is Boise State…I’ve got a major problem!!!

Now, they are from the Pacific Northwest, I honestly think it’s a neat program and I like them. But Florida and Texas are both below Boise State, and Florida and Texas are better at 21 outta 22 starting positions, they both recruit totally different players…folks! USC has put something like 437 guys into the pros, Boise State has put in like 15! It’s a different class of athletes, in a different conference. Florida and Texas are better every day of the week than Boise State.

This is where the media drives me nuts! But the standard is soo much higher for the Texas, Virginia Tech’s, Ohio States and USC’s. Let me give you 3 examples…of how ridiculous it is…how ridiculous the voters and media have become in college football. We’ll be outraged if Boise State beats Virginia Tech narrowly and then beats all the dogs on their schedule…we’ll be outraged… “The injustice” that they didn’t play for a national title…Yet, let me give you an example of 3 teams in college football that have gotten ripped by the press and sometimes fans.

Let’s take my beloved Ohio State in 2007, they played in the national championship game against LSU…and oh by the way, they had to go down south and play it, in basically a road game!!!…and were very competitive… “Oh Ohio State didn’t deserve to be there” all everyone did was rip them. Ohio State beat the HELL out of everybody they played all year except Illinois, they lost 28-21, on a very iffy call late, and they actually outplayed them for much of the game! They went onto CRUSH teams…they beat Washington by 20, Northwestern by 50, Minnesota by 30, they crushed Purdue @ Purdue, they beat Michigan State, they crushed Penn State @ Penn State, they crushed Wisconsin, they completely suffocated Michigan @ Michigan…and everyone ripped Ohio State for playing, in a legitimate conference, and everyone ripped them because of one bad half!!

How about 2008 Oklahoma??? Oklahoma was even more impressive…we ripped Oklahoma…everybody rips Oklahoma for playing in the national championship in 08! They lost one game, to Texas…neutral field, tied with 10mins left! Lost to one great team…they beat Cincinnati by 30, Washington by 40, crushed TCU…the great TCU that is…they crushed 16th seed Kansas, they scored 62 on Nebraska, they beat Texas Tech…who were #2 in the nation at the time…by 40! They beat Oklahoma State by 20, they beat Missouri by 40. And we ripped them for getting to the national championships, because of a bad half against Texas!! If you recall, they absolutely dominated the 1st half…think about this.

USC in 08, in my opinion, is the greatest team that has ever played college football and didn’t get to the national championship (ugh, kills me to say that…hope your happy Derek lol) They beat Virginia 52-7, Ohio State 35-3 (ugly memories), Oregon 44-10, shut out 3 PAC -10 teams…they beat Cal 17-3 @ Cal, they beat Stanford by 30, Notre Dame by 35, UCLA by 3 touch downs and annihilated a very good Penn State team in the Rose Bowl…and all we chanted all year was “boy they are over-rated!!!” Yet Boise State, who beat 10 dog teams, will narrowly beat a TCU in a bowl game…really could’ve got either way…and yet this year, they are a pre-season #3, and if they beat Virginia Tech (oh my god) they better be playing for a national championship…our standards are so much higher for Ohio State and Florida and Alabama and Georgia and USC and Virginia Tech and Miami…it’s ridiculous!

And the fans all know it, if you put…listen, I got nothing against Boise State…I wish I’d grown up out there, I really like their team…but they should NEVER play for a national championship. “Well Andrew, they went undefeated!”…pfft, look at their schedule you moron…if USC had one game, listen…listen to Boise State’s schedule this year…and this is, by the way the schedule I’m telling you, it’s their schedule every year! Heck, I’ll read it backwards for crying out loud…Utah State, Nevada, Fresno State @ home, @ Idaho, Hawaii @ home, Louisiana Tech @ home, San Jose State, Toledo @ home, New Mexico state…that’s their last 8 games!! 6 at home…all they are asked is to play really well against Virginia tech…by the way, that’s not even a home game…it’s not even in Blacksburg…it’s on neutral field! Although it will be 60-40, 70-30 Virginia Tech….the media is seriously off their rocker.

If you put them in the SEC, Boise State is a nice bowl team…they are like 5th. They don’t match up with LSU, Auburn, Alabama, Georgia, Florida…give me a break!!! Arkansas?…it’s just, honestly, the media is off their rocker on this thing…USC’s 2008 team, with Sanchez at QB…humiliated 10 teams, lost a game in which they really came firing back…and all we said all year was “well, they play in the PAC-10!” pfft, have you seen what Boise State’s schedule looks like???? Listen, I would never let Boise State play in the national championship, although I love having them in a BSC bowl, I think it’s fun.

But I think the media….see, the fans get this, even Boise State fans know…what’s interesting about Boise State, and I’ve got nothing against them, but what is interesting about Boise State is this….think about all their “big wins” you ever notice this? Oklahoma, TCU…their always last second…they don’t blow anybody out, they never blow TCU out like Oklahoma did…they don’t blow Oregon out, they don’t blow…when they face better competition (often at home) or in a bowl game…where they are a huge dog, and they are playing with their hair on fire…they never blow anybody out!

They don’t have the athletes to blow anybody out! The media is totally unfair to the Ohio States, Texas, Oklahoma’s and they play this sappy… “The little guys deserve a little chance too!” They are asked 2 times a year to play a legitimate team, and that legitimate team, who has to play them…go look at what Oklahoma does to TCU, go look at what Boise State does to them…I watched the Oklahoma/TCU match like 2 years ago in 2008….it was pretty ugly!

This is a Boise State team that 3 years ago, lost bowl games, basically a home game…East Carolina had to travel across the country…it East Carolina!! The following year they lost to TCU…last year they narrowly beat TCU…and I’m suppose to believe that they are the best team in the country? Alabama is better than them at every position…every stinkin position! So is Florida, Texas…and those 2 are ranked below them!


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