What An Incredible Rating For The 1st Game of The 10/11 NFL Season…This Is Why The League Is So Incredible

Posted: September 10, 2010 in NFL

…So I got some fb messages and texts after Peter King, of ESPN, tweeted that the Saints/Vikings game Thursday night got a 18.7 rating. To put that in context, that is the rating Game 7 of the NBA finals got this past June.

I tell you, this league is just incredible! It’s become Italian food, the NFL is Italian food, if its not your favourite…its everybody’s 2nd or 3rd favourite food. Whereas MLB and the NBA are more like Chinese food or Indian food…where you either love it or hate it. The NFL rating Thursday night is ridicioulous! 28% of Americans were watching that football game, and they’re not doing it with Tavares Jackson at the helm. That’s a Brett Favre number!

Just like in the NFC championship Favre was in, it was the most watched non-super bowl football game in the history of the US. So the Dallas Cowboys and Brett Favre, you put them on TV, you just get an absurd number. Last year in the opening game, he got a 13, this year it gets an 18…that’s Favre! And by the way, looking over some of the texts that morning…you people just try to burry Brett Favre.

This is a sampling of some of those texts…”proves that grandpa Favre is past his prime!” or this other one “this guy is like Leborn…too much press!” or this one “Brett Favre looked really old” pfft, no he didn’t! You know what Brett Favre looked like?  I don’t know…maybe like any QB in the NFL who lost his star reciever for the opening game, on the road, against the defending Superbowl champs and maybe the hottest QB in the league for half a decade, Drew Breeze… That’s what he looked like!!

He looked like a star QB, on the road, tough environment, without his star reciever and his # 2 reciever, Percy Harvin, with blurrd vision, 80% of the time. That’s what he looked like. You sell your Lebron stock and your Tiger stock and your Kobe stock and your Celtic stock and your Yankee’s stock and your Favre stock. I my friends, I am your Smith Marine; I will buy your stock! You take away Randy Moss from Tom Brady against the Bengals tomorrow…@ home, with Wes Welkers only at like 80%, he’s not the same QB! You watch Philip Rivers this year, he doesn’t have Vincent Jackson. Go watch Philip Rivers…his numbers are going to go down.

Division is a little better, no Vincent Jackson. It’s amazing when you lose that 6’4 guy who runs a 4.45, who makes those catches that the other guys don’t….your completion rate and your yards go down. I mean, good god folks!, Brett Favre, missing his star receiver and his # 2 and suddenly you guys are making him out to look like Damian Hughward. Like his arm looked unbelievable, he’s still got an absolute cannon, the drive before half was classic Favre…throw’s a pick, no big deal, get me the ball back…bang bang bang! Two great throws and then touchdown!

I tell you, why people wanna bail on this guy….heck, you take away any star QB’s star receiver, on the road, super bowl champs, huge emotion…good luck with that! I mean, his arm…A+, his moxy is still high, his experience A+, right now his weapons’ are about a C-…this team runs better than 95% of the league. So if you have their defense, they held Drew Breeze to 14 pts at home…that’s pretty good defense.

You’ve got the best running back in the league (in my opinion). So I mean, you lose 14-9…its like Mariano Rivera, everybody wants to keep selling Mariano Rivera. Now Jeter is showing erosion, Mariano…doesn’t! His DNA is different…there are some guys out there, that their DNA…I don’t know what it is…like Nolan Ryan could throw 100mph for 20 yrs. I don’t know…maybe it was the wind-up, maybe it was his legs…he had different DNA. Mariano’s got it, Favre has got it.

I mean look at his numbers Thursday night, they weren’t terrible…15/27, 170 yards, TD, pick…not terrible. Again, here’s a guy missing his superstar receiver against the defending superbowl champs. So that’s what I saw Thursday night! He was directing traffic like he always does “let’s go, let’s go, let’s go” looking at the coaches sidelines “let’s go…huddle up, come on!”

There are like 4 QB’s in the NFL that act like that…he’s one of them. I’m watching him…and he’s literally a traffic cop! He was doing what Favre does… his line protected him. Listen, Favre is polarizing…why? because you HATE what you fear! A lot of you people who want him outta the league, you live in like Chicago and Green Bay.

By the way, how did Favre do against the Packers last year? He was 2-0! And they were a good team. Aaron Rogers, for as good as he is, still throw’s a ton of picks on the road in big games. He had 7 in 3 big road games last season.


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