Expectations on of Jets’ QB Mark Sanchez’s and His Year Of Fewer Mistakes!

Posted: September 15, 2010 in NFL

So let’s talk about expectations! if you expect your son to be the new president/prime minister of the US/Canada, I’m sorry, but you’re going to be let down, because that’s not going to happen!  What are you expectations is the question to always ask yourself. If your expectations are college degree, good human being , loving, compassionate, ethical, honest, family man/woman, and those are your goals, you got a real shot! You’re not going to be disappointed. And what happens in sports is this thing called the “hype machine”. And I’ve quickly received this reputation as being contrarian, because I just love punched a hole into the hype balloon. But most of the time I’m right! I read my inbox today “Andrew, Mark Sanchez of your beloved Jets is terrible!” Umm, no he is not. Believe it or not, there was real growth Monday night for Mark Sanchez, and I’ll get to that in a second. Mark Sanchez Monday night is exactly what he is, at this point in his career, against the best defense in the NFL.

Listen, Tom Brady couldn’t move the ball against the Ravens in the playoffs last year. Mark Sanchez isn’t no Tom Brady, he’s not close. The hype of Mark Sanchez in New York’s media is not deserved, its embellishment, he is a gifted young limited C minus QB, without his star wide receiver Holmes, who also played against the best defense in the NFL Monday night. Don’t forget, last year against New England, Sanchez had 4 picks.

Last year against elite Indy he was 12/19 for 106 yards. Against New Orleans he had 3 picks. Monday night, without his star receiver and facing the scariest defense in the NFL, no fumbles NO INTERCEPTIONS!! no major gaps…that’s exactly what Sanchez is, and your hoping for at this point. He’s not a fantasy football QB. He’s not Aaron Rogers, he’s not Drew Breeze. That is NOT what he is, and if you picked him for your fantasy team…that is a YOU problem. What he did Monday night though, for Mark Sanchez – if Mark Sanchez is a movie, the movie is titled “The Year of Fewer Mistakes!” He’ll not face another defense this year as good as that one, all year long! And by the way, Ed Reed didn’t even play, it’ll be better later. He will not face Ray Lewis again.

But we live in this world of fantasy nerds everywhere, who think Tony Romo is better than Big Ben, despite the fact that Tony Romo’s got one playoff win and Big Ben has got 2 Superbowl rings. But playoff people will convince you “oh Romo is a much better QB”. Romo has never been great in crisis in his life. Big Ben is only great IN CRISIS.

He’s better in December than in September. He’s better in the 4th Qtr statistically compared to the 1st, he’s the opposite of Romo, who gets tired at the end of every year and erodes. But we live in this culture now, of fantasy nerds, where they literally think that Aaron Rogers is better than Brady and there is probably not a single defensive co-coordinator in the NFL that would buy that, claiming that Romo is bigger than Big Ben. Brady and Big Ben have 5 Superbowl rings.

Collectively, Aaron and Romo have 1 playoff win. Mark Sanchez is going to be fine!!! What? Do you think he’s going to be worse this year than last year? He was good last year against Miami, a good defense. He was good against Houston, another good defense. Nobody is good against the Ravens, especially missing their top player, especially Sanchez. Again, when the expectations are realistic, like I mean ask yourself this “How did Matt Ryan look this past weekend against the Steelers?” This is his 3rd year, his start receiver Roddie White was healthy, and he’s got a hall of fame tight end, an upscale offensive line. Matt Ryan couldn’t move the chains against the Steelers this past weekend! Tom Brady couldn’t move the chains against the Ravens last year.

Folks, Mark Sanchez didn’t make the big mistake…it was baby steps for him! I mean, when you look at the AFC, it is unbelievable! I’ll tell you something…they don’t play that kinda football in the NFC. Everybody keeps telling me how good the Cowboys’ defense is, pfft it sure as heck doesn’t look like those defenses (Ravens & Jets). It doesn’t look like Baltimore’s, and they we missing Ed Reed. It doesn’t look like the New York Jets. The AFC right now has become the SEC in college football. The QB play may be spotty, it may not be flashy, but the SEC just looks different than every other conference in college football, and what I saw Monday night…you just don’t see that in the NFC. It was vicious! Intimidating, 9 in the box, put up a wall, we dare you to run on us style of football. I mean that type of football Monday night was intense! You do not see that anywhere else.

Like, you watch the SEC, it just looks different than the PAC -10. That sure as heck doesn’t look like the Cowboy’s either and the Giants. But the only team in the NFC, that is starting to look like an AFC team, is probably the Redskins. I don’t like that team much, but they hit like an AFC team. But to go back to what I’m saying about Mark Sanchez. Folks, the #1 stat…all you fantasy nerds out there gotta get this straight.

The # 1 stat in the NFL, more than any stat….turnovers! 81% of the time, fewer turnovers win! Mark Sanchez didn’t have a turnover! Stop paying attention to yards. With a minute to go, the Jets had the ball, despite being outplayed and only trailed 10-9. A year ago, Sanchez has one horrible pick, fumbled twice; lost one of them, the game is 21-9, game over! With a minute to go, Jets have the ball! Against the best defense in the league!

Baby steps, HE IS FINE!! and he’ll never see anything this year, quite like what he saw on Monday night. I contend that Ray Lewis will be 53  and still be somebody’s middle linebacker. I mean this guy is utterly unbelievable. He and Mariano Rivera of the Yankees…whatever is in the soup that their drinking, whatever it is, I don’t know what it is….but they both are absurd!


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