Not All Losses Are Equal In The NFL!

Posted: September 19, 2010 in NFL

It’s interesting, we have started the NFL season, we are now in Week # 2, and all losses are not equal. People tend to over-react, last week Mark Sanchez was terrible and I basically said “I’ll buy your Sanchez stock if your selling it” claiming that Mark Sanchez would bounce back and be fine. Take the Baltimore Ravens, the Baltimore Ravens lost on Sunday. Now, nobody wants to lose, but that’s a good loss. Their coming off a Monday night football game which is a physical war with the Jets, so your physically a little bit deteriorated, you’re on Monday NIght Football, so it’s a short week anyways, you have one day less.

Whereas the Bengals  ended their game on Sunday afternoon, you don’t get finished until Monday night, you don’t get home til 1 in the morning. Then you gotta go on the road to Cincinnati, Cincinnati is a pretty good team. Cincinnati is also at home and their desperate, now that’s okay. They still didn’t give up a field goal, or a touchdown. The Ravens gave up 5 field goals, despite 4 interceptions; you were in the game until the very end. That is a really good football team, coming off a bruising win, going on the road, on a short week, the Ravens have nothing to be embarrassed about, you go ahead and sell your stock on the Ravens, and I’m a buyer.

Now the Dallas Cowboys loss is troubling. You’re at home, where your suppose to win, your semi-desperate because your schedule is getting tougher. Your facing a turnover prone QB in Jay Cutler, with one of the weaker offensive lines, your suppose to in Dallas have one of the better front 7’s in the NFL and Jay Cutler goes 21/29, 3 TD’s, no picks, on the road, 280 yards! That my friends, is a big problem. Now in Dallas on monday morning, I was briefly reading up some of the newspaper headlines.

Everybody was pretty much trying to pinpoint one reason why the Cowboys are 0-2 and there is NOT one reason! There is never one reason why a big company unravels.  LIke Enron did not have one bad department, they were robbing everybody blind. They were incompetent and deceptive in every department. Similarly with the Dallas Cowboys, its not one thing.

 It’s an owner who thinks he’s a GM, it’s a head coach who is an enabler, it’s a QB who wears stupid hats (win or lose), its running backs who are good (not great), its an old aging offensive line, it’s a stiffening schedule, it’s a big problem! And the problem with the Cowboys is that their personnel don’t match their ideology. It’s one of the things in life to remember, you can have a lot of hopes and you can have a lot of dreams…but ultimately, are you realistic?

Alabama is a power football team, they have power personnel. Pittsburgh Steelers, and the Ravens and the Jets are power football teams, they have power personnel. The Patriots, the Oregon Ducks, The Saints…they are all finesse football teams, they have speed personnel. The problem with the Dallas Cowboys is that they wanna be a race car, but they got a V6 for an engine, they may be a 4 cylinder. The Cowboys see themselves as this high flying, high talented offense and they just don’t have the parts. You know what the Dallas Cowboys really are?

Have you ever met that guy who, he is a young guy who maybe owns a Honda Civic or like a G.O. Metro? And he tries to fool you. He puts racing stripes on the side; he gets like mag wheels and like racing bucket seats. But it’s still a G.O. Metro, okay you can’t fool me! The Cowboys want to be one thing and they don’t have the personnel to be that thing. Steelers, Alabama, Raven’s, Titan’s they have the personnel to match it. The Saints, Patriots, Oregon Ducks…they can all match it. Cowboys want to be one thing, when they have completely different personnel. So I think the Cowboys are in really big trouble.

Wade Philips was typical Wade Philips on Sunday, he’s looking for a saviour, a lifeline preserver, you’re looking for gutty leadership, you’re looking for a strong backbone after a loss, and here was what Wade Philips said after the Cowboys’ 0-2 start. “We can’t move the ball, we can’t play defense, we can’t do those things and we can’t play special teams. But we gotta be able to put it all together” So right now, the Cowboys are in trouble, I think the 0-2 is a really bad sign. For the record, if you’re wondering, the schedule does not get any easier.

At Houston, then against physical Tennessee, then at Minnesota whom according to reports Monday morning is trying to acquire Vincent Jackson, a superstar receiver from San Diego because Sidney Rice is out for another month. That would massively help Brett Favre and would massively upgrade the Minnesota Vikings. Who, it should be noted, have a bye week in a week. So they can get Vincent Jackson, seven or eight practices, get him into the offense. Minnesota Vikings are 0-2, they are in much better shape than the 0-2 Dallas Cowboys.


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