Sports Fans Live In The Moment And Are Very Reactionary…QED!

Posted: September 27, 2010 in NFL

…what I’m about to say everybody knows, sports fans are incredibly reactionary, that’s the world I live in. I’m like the gatekeeper, the zookeeper of all the wild animals, their called sports fans, you people are nuts! Listen to this fb message I got yesterday morning, I had asked on my personal twitter account (which I’ve only shared with a select few) “Is Aaron Rogers elite?” and someone wrote in and say “oh without question Andrew he’s elite. Peyton Manning is the best QB, Brady is 2nd, Matt Shab 3rd,  Aaron Rogers 4th, Mark Sanchez 5th, Michael Vick probably 5A..” what?? Michael Vick beats the Lions and the Jaguars and now this guy meatball has got him as the 5th best QB in the league.

He wasn’t even a starter last year, and couldn’t beat Kevin Kolb out in camp. God, I am a zoo keeper! Your all the crazy animals. You’re all the chipmunks and the monkeys and the rhino’s cause your all nuts and I just have to make sure you don’t break out of the den and hurt somebody…you honestly have got to be kidding me! Michael Vick is now the 5th best QB in the league?? Sanchez…would you have said that two weeks ago?

Sports fans live in the moment, that’s who we are. The other thing sports fans do, the reactionary is the first. But the second thing that they always do is that they always want you to “buy” their team. “Andrew tell me you love the Bears from Monday night!” Nooo! They are totally a complete fraud! “Andrew, give us respect!”…people do this with their politicians, and they do it with their cars, and their doctors, and they do it with their teams…you know why? It’s called Insecurity. You’re not 100% sure that your Bears are any good and you want somebody to validate, what you deep down, really know is not a great team.

Steelers fans are not asking me to love their team, because they are good and they know it! It’s like how I always say about cities. If I make fun of San Diego, people say “please keep doing it!” because they want to keep people away. I make fun of Cincinnati, people go nuts! Because they are insecure about it. I mean, there are airports in Kentucky, they are insecure about it.

So the bottom line is…people want you to buy into their teams, and religions, and politicians, and it’s just merely insecurity. Chicago’s offensive line is a D+ and that’s me being nice. Their wide receivers are a C-, their head coach is a C-, and you don’t win big in this league with that grading.  Jay Cutler Monday night had 1 interception, as Don Banks points out in, Cutler could’ve easily had 5! He threw 2 others, Green Bay penalties erased those and the Packers dropped 2 others, he was typical Jay Cutler…you’re not winning big with Chicago.

I said before the year, Chicago and Denver you can just tell, it’s not going to go well. I also didn’t like San Francisco. The difference is that San Fran is bad, Denver is bad and Chicago eventually, will fool people. And Chicago is going to be one of the two teams in this league that are going to fool people, Seattle is the other. You know why?  Because they both play NFC schedules, and the NFC has got 7 dogs! 7 teams in the NFC are bad. And Seattle and the Bears play most of them, some of them even twice!

St.Louis is a dog, Washington, Arizona, Carolina, Tampa, 49ers, Lions…those are not good football teams, I don’t care if Tampa is 2-1, that’s not a good football team. So you got 7 dogs. As I’ve been saying for a while now about the NBA, teams go on big winning streaks in the NBA, and the first thing I ask is “let me see your schedule, who have you played?”

Houston went on a 22 game winning streak a couple of years ago and I said “don’t buy it”. I think they played Golden State like 4 times. Bottom line, they couldn’t win a playoff series…who did you beat? Did you beat the Lakers? Did you beat Lebron and the Cav’s at the time? Did you beat Chicago?  Did you beat Boston?. Pfft, you beat the Clippers, Goldent State, Sacremento, Indiana, Memphis…I’m not impressed.

So Monday night, Chicago didn’t do a thing for me; they don’t do a thing for me!! And there are some serious warning signs. Like right now, 4th Qtr passing, Jay Cutler is second in the league…do you think that’s going to last? Come on man!!! I mean Denver started 6-0 last year. But the bottom line is, let’s be honest here. Chicago goes to the Giants (they’re a mess) Carolina (a mess) Seattle is average, Washington and then to Buffalo, then they have a bye week thrown in.  So they have the makings of a 7-1 team maybe 6-2 worst case scenario. They don’t have another NFC North team until Week 10 when Minnesota visits.

So their schedule, like Seattle’s…Seattle is going to win, Seattle is a borderline dog and they may win the NFC West.  The NFC is like the National League in MLB. You can win a lot of games, yet be incredibly average. You can be a slightly better than average team like the San Diego Padres, you can win a ton of games in the National League. You don’t go on 19 game winning streaks; you don’t even go on 9 game winning streaks in the American League! You just don’t! There are too many good arms in that league.

So, I mean, if people are buying into the Bears because they beat a Packer team that had 18 penalties, and they beat a Lions team on the last play of the game call, which at best was ridiculous…come on!! Would you rather have me go out and be a front runner? Noo! When you were all selling Sanchez I was buying him, when you were buying the Jets, I was selling (as much as it pains me to see the truth about them). Like everybody now is buying the Saints, but I’m buying the Falcons, you don’t want me to be a frontrunner do you?

Like I’m not buying the Yankees this year, I don’t buy the Yankees this year, they don’t have a # 2 pitcher, and I don’t want to be a frontrunner for them. You are a frontrunner today – fans always hate when sportscaster, analyst, experts are frontrunners. You’re a frontrunner today, if you are buying the Bears. You can’t possibly believe that that is an elite NFL team, you just can’t!

Folks, 3 weeks ago fans in Chicago wanted the coach fired! And now I’m supposed to believe that he’s great? Because they beat a Packer team with 18 penalties? And the Lions on the last play of the game? The Lions were using a backup QB….come on!!


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