Belicheck Still Holds The Reigns in New England, Not Randy!

Posted: October 3, 2010 in NFL

…you know if you have been reading my rant publishing’s for the past year or so, you know I have a collection of theories in life; they work for me, may or may not work for you. One of those theories is this “date the diva, date the stripper don’t marry her”. Some people have short term personalities, some people have long term personalities. I believe that Randy Moss, Terrell Owens and Chad Ochocinco, you date them you don’t marry them or in other words, three years tops, then move on and build your team around somebody else.

So I’m watching the Patriots against the Dolphins Monday night down in Miami. I said at the start of the season that I picked Miami to win the AFC East (happy Gerald?) I don’t think they’re as offensively good as the Patriots or defensively good as my Jets. But what I really took from the game Monday night is…did anybody else notice? Randy Moss is no longer a big part of that offense? Zero catches Monday night, Brady threw to him once in the first half. New England scores 41 and he didn’t account for any nor was he ever really close…9 catches in 4 games?  “Well Andrew, they are just double teaming…” Umm excuse me? Randy has been double teamed for a decade.

Bellicheck doesn’t have to announce it, but to me, he is slowly fazing Randy Moss out. And Belicheck is proving “I can drop 32 points a game…I don’t need you!” He is further saying to Moss “I can blow out Cincinnati, I don’t need you…I can blow out Miami, I don’t need you” I do believe this answers the question “Will Randy Moss get a new deal?”

Listen Bellicheck, for all his warts, is the smartest guy in the league…smart people! I always say that about Vince Scully, he is the best baseball announcer ever. Even other great announcers go “oh Scully is the best!” Same thing with Michael Jordan, even other great basketball players like Magic Johnson and Larry Bird “MJ was the best” Bellicheck is the smartest guy in the league okay? He doesn’t let his assistant coaches talk to the press.

Randy now, on three separate times, has just called a press conference to air things out. How do you think that plays with Bill? It doesn’t!! Tom Brady has thrown about 122 passes this year. He has got 85 completions, his go to guy Randy…has 9! Rookie tight end Erin Hernandez has double of that! Today Randy is fourth in catches.

Okay, so we know this…Bellicheck is a grudge holder…. and he likes control and we also know this…Randy Moss has yapped to the media without Bill’s okay several times, about once a year. We know Bill doesn’t let his assistant coaches talk. Now will this grudge with Randy happen throughout the course of the year? I don’t know! But I’m watching the sidelines Monday night and everybody is fired up…Randy is not. Everybody is high fiving…Randy is not. And Moss, historically is great on Monday night football. They threw to him once in the 1st half…no catches!

And here is what’s interesting. With Randy Moss in New England and a lot of this is because of the weather, open air stadium. He starts fast and then fades as the weather gets colder and windier in New England. So if you go look at 2008, 6 catches, 4, 3, 7, 7, 6, 5, 8, last month of the season he had 3, 2 and 1. Then you got to 2009, 12 catches, 10, 8, 6, 9, 5 in the last six weeks 3, 2, 1, 5, 4, 5 shorter routes, less vertical, less important.

This year, Randy’s starting slow, so what does that tell you about how it’s going to end? In New England, the vertical passing game, by November, is pretty much eliminated. Even Tom Brady…now I’m not insisting that Bellicheck is going out and telling Tom Brady “Hey, don’t throw to Randy Moss” I’m not saying that, you don’t have to say that. You just tell Tom “let’s spread the ball around, spread the ball around here!”

Did you hear Tom Brady Monday night about his receiving core?   “…it’s so important because you know…because as an offense, you want them to defend everybody…and if they are only defending one guy and if you keep throwing to him…then you know, that’s not a very good offense. So Brad has to be involved and Woody has to be involved and Sammy and all the backs and tight ends, their doing a good job…so we just have to find a way to continue spreading the ball around…”

Yupe, never Randy’s name! Mentioned other young guys by their first name, but where is Randy? Randy was off to the side on the hutle. I said this last year, you can say what you want…and Brady and Belicheck defended Moss last year, in the middle of a season…because they had to, it’s like Dennis Rodman or Ron Artest. Sometimes you have to bail water, keep them happy until the season is over…keep them happy until the season is over. Last year Randy Moss, for about 2 or 3 games if not quit…went into a shell and Bill Belicheck this past off-season determined “I’m not letting that happen again…I’m not letting Randy Moss hold us hostage!”

The dude has got 9 catches in 4 games!! And that’s with the Patriots leading the NFL in passing. So I think New England has made a point this off-season. Randy went into a shell, did his thing, Bellicheck is tired of it! They went out and drafted 2 tight ends, we’re going to do a shorter passing game, Randy is not going to be the focal point…I mean, Brady is completing 69% of his passes, less than 9% are going to Randy.

It’s easy – but again, you don’t want to lose Randy Moss, you don’t want to lose Randy – and everybody knows it’s easy to lose Randy. So you better play the game – I mean don’t kid yourself – Phil Jackson plays the game, Bill Belicheck plays the game, Andy Reid plays the game. It’s every manager who will ever read these words, dealing with a temperamental sales guy who is really talented. You’re not going to bail on Randy, you’re going to still throw to Randy, and he’ll have games where you throw to him. But, you go look at what he did last year and you go look at how many times he’s been targeted this year. Significantly younger and less talented people are getting way more looks than Randy Moss, way more looks than Randy Moss.


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