Dear Chicago Bears: You May Be 3-1, But Don’t Forget Previous Mistakes!

Posted: October 4, 2010 in NFL

…I will say this…the things we are truly in love with we tend to get overly emotional about and I tend to see myself as less emotional, more common sense type of guy, that’s how I see myself, weather I’m right or wrong, I don’t know. But when it comes to kids, sports or politics we got crazy! That’s fine!! I’m not blaming anybody for it; I do the same thing sometimes. But just don’t forget previous mistakes…Don’t forget previous mistakes.

So for all you Bear fans, by the way…where did you go this morning? Can’t find any of you!! When your 7-1 or 6-2 this year and your schedule is so messed up that you will be with either record. The Bears now face Carolina, the Seachickens, the Redskins and at home against Buffalo. Alright, so you’re going to be 6-2 or 7-1, but don’t forget about what happened last night, because THAT IS WHO YOU ARE!!! Against a quality pass rush, because what happens with kids, politics and sports is sooo reactionary…that’s honestly okay. But just don’t forget…when your kid burned the house down, or when your politician had an affair or when your football team faced a real crisis situation against a good pass rush. The Bears are going to be 7-1 folks! But just don’t forget about the following: You cannot be an elite football team in this league with that type of offensive line and a mistake prone QB, an offensive line that is the worst in the league.

A good friend of mine and I were talking about this 3 weeks ago, concluded that it’s the worst offensive line in the league. But their schedule is garbage, they face Carolina, host the Seachickens, host the Redskins, at home against Buffalo…and Buffalo is just dreadful, they are truly the worst team in the league (sorry Mike N.) But if you go back and look at the Bears and their 3-1 record…In Game 1, let’s face it, they lost to Detroit, it was a horrible rule. Legit win in Game 2.  In Game 3, Green Bay beat Green Bay and in Game 4 they were humiliated. That is a 3-1 team that is really a 1-3 football team.

The other team is Seattle. Now people will say “but Andrew, Kansas City is 3-0 but they aren’t any good either?” you know what…your right. But nobody is beating the drum for Kansas City. Nobody even in Kansas City is saying “this team is a Superbowl team!” There are people in my inner circle (sports circle that is) that have called the Bears the best team in the league. They are a complete fraud, and I’ve said it last week and the week before that.

The other complete fraud is the Seachickens, who I picked against Friday and said that the Rams would be that team. For the Seachickens and the Bears, unlike Kansas City, there are people out there beating the drum for the Seachickens and Bears…they are absolutely ridiculous! The Seachickens don’t have a single offensive star, you take away their special teams touchdowns and they can’t get into the endzone, and they are living off other people’s mistakes. It’s a very young team that plays well under Pete Carroll, but put them in crisis; put them on the road…they’re terrible! They have been crushed by Denver and crushed by St. Louis. And I just don’t want you Seachicken fans, in your horrible division…cause yeah you division is so awful, that when you rack up 9 or 10 wins, don’t forget yesterday, don’t forget Denver. And when the Bears go 7-1, don’t forget yesterday.

The Bears have a horrible low line, mediocre skill people, an immature turnover prone QB. In 20 starts, he’s got 29 picks in Chicago and he’s also got an average head coach. Now I will say this, unlike the Seachickens which aren’t even interesting to watch, I mean Seattle is boring! Chicago has got a very weird, faces of death quality about them. Record sacks, record penalties, weird rules, Jay Cutler…they’re like a bondage film, uncomfortable yet fascinating and you keep one eye open. Rick Tolander, in a Chicago newspaper today summed it up best. He said “the Bears are like some kind of obscene and long outlawed carnival act.

Some modern day freakin geek show where instead of biting the head off a chicken, the host went straight for the cranium of Jay Cutler”. The Bears are the weirdest team in the league, with a hand full of stars, a temperamental QB, who is dating someone from the Hills. An offensive coordinator who gets fired like every 48 hours… big plays, big mistakes, record penalties, record picks, you keep one eye open…have you ever seen those movies, the Saw movies. Saw 1, Saw 2, Saw 3…that’s what the Bears are. It’s hard to take your eyes off of it, I’m not sure it’s very good film though.


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