Discernment In Sports 101: 3-1 Football Team Is Not Necessarily Better Than 1-3 Football Team

Posted: October 5, 2010 in NFL

…one of the things I ask my audience to have is discernment. The best team doesn’t always win, sometimes New Orleans loses to Arizona, New Orleans is a better team. Jacksonville beat the Colts; Jacksonville is not as good as the Colts. South Carolina beat Alabama, if they played in the SEC championship when they were both equally rest, you would take Bama by 2 touchdowns, you know it and I know it. I’ll tell you this, Favre and the Vikings that’s the best 1-3 football team in the NFL by a long shot!

But a lot of key injuries, brutal schedule… the good news is… 9-7 or 10-6 record can still win you that division. But you look over the Vikings schedule, 9 of the 12 remaining games, your facing good teams. I mean they do get Buffalo and Arizona and are at Detroit, but other than that, the Vikings are a classic case, where the fan with real discernment can say “wow, that is a really good 1 and 3 team”

Never forget this, the Vikings with the same personnel, maybe even better now with Randy Moss went 12-4 last year and blew good teams out. Blew teams like Dallas’ doors off, just blew teams out! Conversely this year, Chicago is 3-1, Minnesota is 1-3 and if they played tomorrow I’d take the Vikings by a touchdown on neutral field and by two touchdowns in Minnesota. “Well Andrew, Favre had turnovers…” It’s the Jets!! Okay? Tom Brady had three turnovers against the Jets. Joe Flacco had two picks against the Jets, thats what happens. You look much better did Tom Brady against the Bills, than you do against the Jets. The Jets are the real deal; you are looking at potentially the best team in the NFL. And the Jets, Ravens and Steelers play a different brand of football defensively than the entire AFC does.

So it’s pretty amazing to me that the Vikings, despite the three turnovers, were in that game with about 4 minutes to go. And I’m looking at the NFL right now…the Jets, Ravens and Steelers are playing a totally different brand of football. The Giants, Patriots, Vikings, Saints, Falcons, and Colts all feel very equal to me. Never forget, Denver 6-0 last year at one point last year, Giants 5-0 out of the gates at one point. Minnesota is an absolutely excellent 1-3 football team and Bama is still better than South Carolina, it’s called discernment.

You have to tell yourself “it’s not about stats and numbers, what do my eyeballs tell me?” Brett Favre by the way, I just thought last night I watched two exception football teams playing. Those were two start stuttered football teams playing. Brett Favre said afterwards “the addition of Randy Moss I think has been I think a pretty good addition, I think in just a week’s time, he’s helped Percy, there are some bright spots, but there is a lot of football left and with all the mistakes we’ve made tonight or the missed oppourtunities , we still a chance to win the game…that’s encouraging and what we have to build off of…”

It was funny, I was reading Gary Meyers on one of the New York papers, he says “Favre is old and distracted…” pfft, that’s not what I saw. I saw an unbelievable throw to Percy Harvin, an un-believable throw to Randy Moss, one of the great spin moves in the history of the league. Only Steve Young or Michael Vick could do that spin move. What I saw was two exceptional football teams and the Vikings are easily the best 1-3 team in the league.

If we got back to the Alabama thing, I was reading the LA Times Tuesday morning, Chris Dewfrane writes on College football, excellent college football writer, probably the best if not one of the best out west. And he talks about this outrage, and a lot of people are saying “how in the world is South Carolina ranked below Alabama?” Well because Alabama is better.

Am I not supposed to consider that South Carolina had two weeks to prepare? And Alabama was facing their 3rd brutal opponent in 3 weeks? Am not supposed to consider that? Well then how do I put Boise State in 2, 3 or 4th in the country? When they don’t play anyone significant! So you’re asking me – again, what you’re asking me to do – I’m supposed to be speculative on Boise State, but I’m not allowed to be speculative on Alabama?

Let me ask you this: Alabama, South Carolina play in two weeks, both don’t play until two weeks from now…Gun to your head, I take your kids from you if you’re wrong…who do you bet on to win the football game? I say Alabama by two touchdowns! “But Andrew, why do you even play the games?” Because of the course of a season, you may have to meet somebody for a second time. There is no question that Bama is better than South Carolina. Am I not supposed to consider everything? I’m a subjective pollster.

I don’t care that Chicago is 3-1 and the Vikings are 1-3, Vikings are a better football team! I mean if you just go by stats alone, the Giants were 5-0 last year. When the Denver Broncos were 6-0 last year, I ranted and stood out like a sore thumb saying “they are a complete fraud!” and they were! When the New York Giants were 5-0, I didn’t know it, but they were a complete fraud too!

You can be 1-3 and be better than a 3-1 team. The Vikings are better than the Bears and you can lose, Jacksonville beat Indy, Indy is still a better team. Arizona beat the Saints; Saints are still a better team. But you know when South Carolina and Alabama meet in the SEC championship…who are you betting? Why am I supposed to be outraged in Week 4 of the college polls when Alabama is ahead of South Carolina! Why? Because knowledgeable people with real discernment and see that Alabama coming off a horrendous schedule in the SEC was shot, emotionally spent and go knocked off by a team like South Carolina, who maybe played the best game that program has ever played in its history…alright!

But it’s funny, because I’m supposed to use all of this for Boise State, but if I use it for Alabama I get called out for it!


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