Traditional Powerhouses In Sports Are Like Trust Fund Kids…Freak Out When They Are Told “No!” For The First Time!

Posted: October 19, 2010 in MLB

…it’s really funny when these traditional powers in sports, like the Los Angeles Lakers or the Ohio State Buckeyes or the New York Yankees, when they lose or are going to lose. Their fans are like trust fund kids, who are told “no!” for the first time…they like freak out. Like to Yankee fan out there “hey! You’re the second best team in this series bud!” Texas is a better baseball team. The Yankees have been outscored 30-11, Texas is hitting .307, and the Yankees are hitting under .200 and are batting .154 with runners in scoring position.

You can blame Joe Girardi for giving AJ Burnett one too many extra innings to pitch, but let’s say you would’ve pulled AJ Burnett, it wasn’t like Mariano Rivera was right there waiting in the wings. You would’ve had to go to your…bullpen?  Which like, all your other pitching, has been batted around by the Rangers the entire series? Look in the mirror and tell yourself “the Rangers are the better team in this series” simple as that!

They’ve got an un-hittable ace, Josh Hamilton is tough to get out, they are playing better baseball. The Yankees going into this season, and you saw it throughout the season, are an old baseball team and right now Derek Jeter, who didn’t hit during the regular season, can’t hit. Mark Texiera is out and he couldn’t hit. A-rod is past his prime, so is Posada…it’s an old team. The younger, energized Rangers right now, look like a significantly better baseball team!

And you find with these Lakers, Buckeyes and Yankee fans that they are trust fund kids. They’ve always gotten their own way and now they’re not getting their own way and they’re freaking out! Quit blaming Girardi, your just simply not as good as the Rangers right now.

And I thought this was interesting. Jim Capel of said this yesterday. He said “We don’t need another World Series team, so rich and smug, that the New York mayor announced two weeks ago that they were already planning their World Championship Parade route. We don’t need a team whose fans are so spoiled, that 40% of them had already left the stadium when the Yankees loaded the bases and brought the tying run to the plate in the 8th inning”. Jim Capel continues “I’m tired of hearing about ratings justifying the New York World Series appearances. World Series ratings have been dropping like a rock for the past 15 years and the Yankees have been in a lot of them.”

I will say this about the new stadium, so I’m watching the game Tuesday night and it doesn’t feel like a special New York team…is that this new stadium is very expensive, so therefore it’s more corporate and the fans are more indifferent and they are a little older and a little more sedated. But you know what? Last year with the Yankees there was urgency! Joe Girardi didn’t win…he was out! At least that was the speculation. You paid a fortune for Burnett & C.C and Teixeira…there was real pressure. A-rod needed to do something finally in the post season. It just doesn’t feel like that this year.        

There is no real energy in the stadium, it doesn’t feel special. Last year, the Yankees had gone nine years without a World Series and went out and bought all the good players. Bought C.C., bought Texiera, bought Burnett, real pressure on Joe Girardi. You know what the Yankees feel like right now? A bunch of super rich guys, who got theirs last year, they are all pretty secure, they are not playing for anything, nobody has their job being held over their head and even the Yankee crowd can feel it and there was an audible groan. You don’t see that very often in baseball, where like a star player is taken off the field during a game, you just don’t see it very often. Like pitchers get yanked, but when’s the last time a Jeter or an A-rod get pulled outta the game? When Teixeira slid into 1st base, pulled his hammy and the trainer came out, after his first limp, did you hear the audible groan out of Yankee stadium? It last for about a second and a half? There was “ugh crap, series over” so like to me it doesn’t feel like there is a lot of urgency.

I’ll tell you this, that Texas players and Tampa players…they know this is the year. The Rangers know they’ve gotta win it this year. Because Cliff Lee is a Yankee is about a month, they know the Angels are going to rebuild, that’s an excellent franchise. The Angels will bounce back, Cliff Lee is going to be gone…this is it! You can feel it. Tampa knows, they are cutting payroll massively in Tampa.

So this just feels like a “we won it last year” there is no real pressure. It’s an old Yankee team and it does beg the question and I’ve said this time and time again…everybody just says in New York “well you gotta give 4 or 5 years to Derek Jeter…cause he’s Jeter! You gotta give Jeter his…” really? 4 more years of Jeter? How many more years can you withstand Posada, A-rod already peaked same as Jeter, Teixeira is coming off an injury, Burnett is a mess. The Yankees can’t keep throwing bad money at bad money. Everybody, including the Yankees, every business there is no such thing as bottomless pits. The Yankees have lines that they don’t want to cross. I think they have real interesting questions this off-season. So this idea that you can just give Jeter what he wants…good luck with that!         

But you can’t keep telling me that you can keep making these AJ Burnett mistakes and say “hey hey, we’re the Yankees, we can withstand it” No you can’t! The Steinbrenners are not in the business of losing money, they wanna make money too! And I think that there is…heck, even Rangers manager Ron Washington was asked about the empty seats at Yankee Stadium Tuesday night and he said “…no I haven’t, but Yankee fans are so intricate to winning so much, I really don’t have anything to say about it. Other than the fact that I’m glad my guys finally opened up offensively tonight…”

It seems, you know, that people are banning on the Yankees that the game wasn’t sold out. That’s a very tough call because behind home plate. Those seats are sold, but in the new stadium, you can duck in doors and watch the game indoors, on a cold October night in New York when it’s a little windy. So a lot of those seats are sold and the people are at the stadium where they are indoors. So I’m not going to kill the Yankees for not selling out, it was 98% sold out, according to the boxscore Wednesday morning.


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