Brett Favre, He’s Just’s An American TV Show That Gets Ridiculous Ratings!

Posted: October 25, 2010 in NFL

….what a bizarre NFL Sunday, I mean it was just absolutely bizarre, I’ll get to that. Also the most confusing ending to a football game ever, between Miami and Pittsburgh, people are still confused about that…I just figured it out moments ago and I don’t think you’ve heard the reason why the Steelers got another chance, it’s very complex.

But I’m watching Sunday night, the reason why you people love Brett Favre and listen…half of you love him and half of you hate him, nobody is indifferent about Brett Favre and now this sex stuff, text stuff just enhances that…so you love him or you hate him. Listen, I understand why people don’t like Favre, he wasn’t loyal and you know, middle America still clings to loyalty and they have this “you gotta work for a company forever” mentality…there’s a lot of people like that, I get the people who don’t like him, he makes big mistakes, he makes big mistakes in crucial times, I get all that stuff, I get the Favre critics.

But for those of you who message me or text or talk and say “I don’t understand why anybody loves him?” You are honestly clueless if you don’t know why Brett Favre is loved! Dude, he is – and don’t kid yourself, Sunday night the fans are not watching Aaron Rogers. Favre is the only player in this league – not Manning, not Brady, not Belichcek, not Tomlin. The only guy in this league that moves the ratings up 5 points, the rating Sunday night was a 16! That is an absolutely huge number…to put it in context, that’s like Game 7 NBA Finals Celtics/Lakers rating this year.

For two teams that are not even in 1st place…a 16! And he’s the only guy on the road; he’s got like a Clint Eastwood appeal to him. You think he’s done; but he comes out with another great movie! When Clint dies and Favre dies, there will be nobody ever again quite like them. He is great American drama.

Everybody Monday morning was like “Favre is terrible!” Excuse me? Percy Harvin comes within half a foot of Favre pulling that game out! Whether you like Favre or not, I don’t get the people that don’t understand why he’s popular. I mean, he makes an unbelievable throw, on the road, hostile territory, one leg, surrounded by controversy, it’s a shoelace or Monday morning he’s an American hero again. It’s a western movie when you watch Brett Favre. He takes you on these rollercoaster’s.

All sports is, is a transfer of emotions, nobody infuriates you more than Brett Favre and nobody elevates you more emotionally then Brett Favre. Sunday night was a classic Favre! If you love Favre, you were throwing a shoe at the television set with the pick, it was a terrible throw! And then at the end of the game he making throws that nobody else in the league, other than maybe Big Ben, can make. Big Ben and Favre, not Brady, not Manning, not McNabb, not Breeze. Big Ben and Favre are very similar.  They’re both sloppy on the field; they’re both sloppy off the field in their personal life. But they are the only two guys in this league that can put a football in a little tiny window, from 42 yards out, off balance, hurt and on one leg, they are it! They are playmakers and America loves playmakers. They love creators; they love those who go outside of the box.

So I’m sitting and watching Favre Sunday night…even after the game, Brett creates even more drama! Let’s go to after the game, first of all the coach Brad Childress basically says my QB Sunday night, on more than one occasion, just stunk! Here’s what he said “This still goes back to taking care of football, you can’t throw it to them, you gotta play within the confines of our system. Sometimes you just don’t get  to punt the football and you can’t give up 7 points going the other way, not in a game like this, not when you’re up against a high powered team”

So he throws Favre under the bus, then Favre comes out and everybody is sitting there waiting asking themselves “what is Favre going to say…is Favre going to kill the coach?” Here’s what Favre said “honestly I just threw to him…and after the fact when I saw the replay on the sidelines, Percy was wide open, so I can’t disagree with him, but from my vantage point, you pick a side on certain plays, I wish I knew where everyone was going to be wide open, it sure would make my reads a lot easier…but I can’t disagree with him”

And by the way, as Favre was saying that…he was clearly unhappy. Then Childress comes out and talks about pulling Favre out of the game at one point “yes I did have a though about pulling him out, I gave him that next series but he took us down the field so I couldn’t”

Okay, so he creates more drama by saying that he was going to take Favre out of the game. And then Favre responds to being asked if he was going to get taken out of the game, Brett said “no no, we didn’t talk about it, I don’t think I gave any illusion that I was hurt, not that I was limping on every play”

And then by the way, oh yeah there is this mess… Brett Favre admitted to the NFL; yeah I left voicemails, but not the other stuff. A reporter at ESPN has now said that Jen Sturggers’ group has hired a team of former FBI investigators, haha…I mean seriously! Favre is American drama, this is like an old cowboy vs. Indian move, its western, its gunfight, its tragedy, and it’s unbelievable.

Like he comes within Percy Harvin putting his foot down from winning that football game. Favre is the only guy in the league, where he has 3 picks …2 of them horrific throws and you come away going “oh wow, what a performance, that guy is unbelievable!”

 The dude had a 50 QB rating against Green Bay on the road and comes within a replay of winning the game and that’s why people love him! Clint Eastwood and Favre         , they are just gruff, you think they are done and they bring out a hit, they’re eighty, their hobbling and we like stuff like that, they are American icons…ugh great television, huge number Sunday night for this game.

There is so much parity in this league…you know everybody is an expert after the fact, oh everyone is an expert. “Oh Andrew I know who’s good” pfft, no you don’t! Buffalo should’ve beaten Baltimore in Baltimore, we thought St. Louis was terrible…oh by the way; they might just win their division. We thought San Francisco was good, they are absolutely terrible. They’ve lost 4 out of their last 6 games by a touchdown or less.

Listen, I’ve never seen a league in the history of American sports, because I went back and looked this morning, I don’t think there has ever been a league with zero terrible teams…zero! “Well Andrew, what about Buffalo?”  Nooo! When you’re talking terrible, you’re talking non-competitive, incompetent teams. Buffalo threw for 400 yards. If there are four teams in this league you would start calling incompetent like Cleveland, Buffalo, maybe Detroit and San Francisco?  Excuse me????? But Cleveland  goes to New Orleans and wins,  Buffalo goes to Baltimore and could’ve won, and Detroit has gone to the Giants and Chicago and outplayed those respective teams at times with back-up QB’s…it is just unbelievable! By the way, why did Brad Childress NOT pull Brett Favre? Did you notice that? “well I was going to pull him…” why didn’t you Brad? Because Favre came within two inches of winning the football game. 


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