Presenting The 2010-2011 Miami Heat…And They Start With A Loss, No Biggy Right?

Posted: October 26, 2010 in NBA

… Everybody has that one guy in their office, the doom and gloom guy. Now you’re probably not it, I can look and see the demographics of my readers, I’m very proud of the audience I have, there’s a high incidence of women in my audience, a lot of African Americans, very diverse audience and a lot of managers and smart university educated people…I have a good idea on who reads my rants!

So I’m probably only talking to about 1% of my audience today. But, everybody has got that one guy in their office, the doom and gloom guy. You remember him; he paraded around the office for an entire year claiming that Y2K was the end of society. These days he’s telling you that the American dollar will be worthless in 6 – 8 weeks, he’s on board with December 12th being the last day of the world. He tells his friends “that Glen Beck guy is onto something”.

He says this to give himself credibility at work and in his social circle, because he has little of it with either. So to stand out, he figures to say this because he’s average everywhere else in his life. He believes he has the inside scope on the future that nobody else does in the office. He’s the guy who emails radio shows, considers himself on equal with the host.

He’s the guy who was telling you Wednesday morning “MIAMI IS DONE! I mean, you can just tell….you can just tell that the Heat season is done! What a mistake Lebron made their”

It’s the “I’m not relevant or successful in any other walk of my life, so I’m going to be the guy who sees the future before anybody else does. I maybe a loser presently, but I know the future” wacko who says that. Every office and every household has that guy. By the way, if any time during any conversation somebody refers to “The World Order” Excuse yourself immediately from that room. That guy uses terms like “The World Order” a lot. So Wednesday morning when I get the texts/bbms and emails, there’s no reason to give them credit. They get street credit if I read what they sent me. Here is all you need to know about what happen Tuesday night with Lebron.

Think about this, big picture, for a second…and I know it’s hard for “the world is going to end” guy. I know it’s not easy what I’m about to ask you to do. To just sit back and have common sense, like 99% of my audience, but think about this. Chris Bosh, if I gave you the boxscore of the Celtics/Heat game Tuesday night. Chris Bosh went 3/11; D-Wade went 4/16 with 6 turnovers. Off the bench, Eddie House, James Jones and Udonis Haslem…awful!

Conversely, Paul Pierce had 9 boards and 19 points, Ray Allen…hot! Dropped 20, Shaq even had 7 boards, Daniels and Davis off the bench combined 10/22 and Rondo 17 assists. You would think “holy molly, Boston boat raced Miami!” Oh no, it was a one possession game late. With D-wade playing his worst NBA game, Chris Bosh was completely out of sync, the bench did nothing. So I know that Y2K is going to end society, the American dollar will be worthless in 6-8 weeks. I know that guy this morning thinks has the league figured out.

But let’s be honest about what happened, and I predicted that Boston would win by 11 points, but let’s be honest about what the league is right now. LA & Boston, right now this second, have peaked, are slowly eroding, deepest teams, best coaches, they’re both are at the top of the league today. With Miami, Orlando, Oklahoma City and Chicago behind them, but having the most upside. And of all those teams, Miami has the most upside. Right now, Miami has got great bones, great neighbourhood, now they just need to add some furniture. But if you look, big picture, at Tuesday night, Wade and Lebron played 3 minutes together in the pre-season. They go into Boston, it kinda felt like a scrimmage for them in the first half. Bosh and D-wade completely out of sync. It’s a one possession game late…a one possession game.

And it’s interesting when you watch the Celtics, they’ve never been – this is kind of a myth, they are a defensive team, they’re not an offensive team. If they are an offensive team, then they beat the Lakers last year, okay? They go through long stretches of struggling to drop a ball into the hoop. They struggle to score the ball. Rondo doesn’t shoot, KG is way past his prime, Ray Allen is super streaky, and lock down Paul Pierce…they go four minutes without scoring all sorts of times throughout the season.

Miami is not going to have that problem; they are not going to have six minute holes of no scoring. Wow, I gotta tell you, it was great…it was a floppy game as you’d expect. It’s the NBA, its October. Lebron said this afterwards “this is a work in progress, we felt like we all know the world wasn’t built on one day…you know? So it’s gonna take time and we understand that and we just have to keep making progress every single day and just continue to get better.”

Listen, I said before, I think Boston and LA are the teams that are built to win today. I believe Miami is built to win the championship next year and then for about a seven year period, they will win it 3-5 times. I still believe – I’ll tell you what though…keep your eye on Chicago folks! They are going after Carmelo Anthony; keep your eye on Chicago. They will prove that they are deserving of the accolades they are getting from a lot of the media. That is an excellent basketball team, it’s a gritty basketball team, and it’s a very good defensive basketball team. You know what they are? They are the Boston Celtics Lite! They are about one shooter from being the Boston Celtics.


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