Talented But Injured vs. Average But Healthy, Who To Choose??

Posted: November 2, 2010 in Uncategorized

On the Thursday leading up to Week 8 of the NFL season, reports had it that Vikings Coach Brad Childress was not going to potentially start Brett Favre and go with Tavaris Jackson instead. Now he did eventually side with starting Brett Favre, but it’s unreal to me why you would even contemplate not starting Brett Favre. Think about this for a moment, you’re going to New England…Patriots have got the #1 scoring offense in the league, Brady simply doesn’t lose at home in the regular season,  and your season is on the line, no question I would start Brett Favre.

I believe there are people all over this country who are reading this and are top professors, top researchers, top educators and they have bad days and that they fall sick. You know what? I’ll take a sick surgeon over a healthy average surgeon any day. If I’m running the sales department and my top sales person has a bad cold or something, I’d tell them “dude, I need you for an hour…close the deal!” Brett Favre, hobbling, could make a great play while Tavaris Jackson is totally limited by his skill.

So I’m watching Game 2 of the World Series and what was just staggering to me was that San Francisco was going to win the game anyways (they did 9-0 and won the World Series, congrats) so I’m not going to make too much of Ron Washington’s pitching moves even though they were horrible at best. Listen, you’ve got an ace, you’ve got a guy – and I’m not sure if he ended up leading baseball in saves – Neftalie Perez, he’s your closer, it’s a very tight game. You have a off day the next day, you’re going back home. If you win in San Francisco it becomes your series!

He [Ron] goes with rookie Michael Kirkland and Mark Lowe (who got shelled in Game 1). Dude, it is not August!! It is not time to “hope” a young prospect delivers, this is the World Series! If you’re Brad Childress in Week 8, this game against the Patriots…it’s the season on the line for you!

Michael Jordan against the Utah Jazz had a one hundred and three degree fever and he summoned greatness to win the game. The reality is with QB, they are virtually never healthy by Week 3. I don’t care about all these young arms in the Rangers bullpen, it’s the biggest game in the history of your franchise and your going with rookies and cast off’s and guys you didn’t have on the roster three weeks ago?

Like your literally depending on a rookie coming on, when you have a day off the next day and are going back home for three, you can split the series if you win this one…I say you roll the dice – now Ron Washington – I keep hearing what an intellectual game baseball is and then Ron Washington and Charlie Manuel speak. I’m sorry, but they don’t sound like profound academics to me, but that’s another issue.

But it is amazing, I guess my point is that when all else fails – I believe that there is just a ten percent group in this country. Top professors, top surgeons, top sales people, top attorneys, top personality hosts, top comedians, top writers, top producers, and top directors…you go with them! I don’t care if they’re sick, because they can take you places even during illness that ninety percent of the public can’t.

And another thing, that game for Favre in Week 8. If Tavaris Jackson had started, he would’ve looked to the sidelines and seen Belicheck and Brady. The great thing about people who have achieved greatness is that they’ve been there before and even with professional athletes, you have got to remember that, whether its QB’s or relief pitchers or comedians, there is a very thin line between confidence and “scared out of your mind” individuals.

I’ll tell you that when you’re in crisis, that’s why the Michael Jordan’s and the Kobe’s and as many mistakes as Favre has made – that in Green Bay, if Percey Harvin gets his foot in, he [Favre] wins again at Lambeau Field. And when I was watching that World Series game, I think that is honestly not a place to throw a rookie in. That is not a place to throw guys in who got shelled a game earlier, you go with your horse. Maybe I’m an elitist, I just think there is a ten percent “it” people in this country, and in every walk of life be it culinary, media, law, medicine and sports. I’d rather take those people sick, then other people healthy, especially in huge crisis situations. I thought the Vikings were nuts to even think about going with Tarvis Jackson.  Here is the season on the line! I’ll take Favre at 80% healthy over Tavaris Jackson at 100%.

I would take the closer for the Rangers, Neftali Feliz over any other guy. I don’t care who throws harder, I don’t care who is rested. I’ll take C.C. Sabathia on short days rest. By the way, the decision to start Brett Favre relied on the judgment of Brad Childress. Favre’s teammate Ryan Longwell told a reporter that he would be shocked if Favre didn’t play. “I think it would be shocking if Favre didn’t play, you know it’s never happened before and he’s had some bad injuries before, that you would think would lead him not to play and then he shows up and plays well, so I won’t believe it until I see it”

It absolutely made no sense to me, you had to play him and Brad came to his senses and did!

  1. Mike Crack says:

    I would say it depends on how hurt they are, as well as how capable the alternative(s) is/are. Like I know Tom Brady had a major injury in ’08 and couldn’t have possibly come back during that year, but let’s say the injury were something he could have played with, but probably should not have. The Pats had a capable starter in Matt Cassel who they went 11-5 with. The following year, the Pats went 10-6 with Brady. I know each season is different, but it shows what having good depth and great coaching can do for you.

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