The Shortest Championship Celebration In Sports History!!

Posted: November 3, 2010 in MLB

… I got this email text from a buddy in Orange County on Monday night and he says to me “Andrew, I don’t know if you’re watching this, but the post game coverage of the World Series is so bad that it’s uncomfortable. I’ve never seen a more lackluster job of covering a championship” To answer the question, I did notice it, but I don’t want to bang on Fox, I’m not really blaming Fox here. But I did notice it and I felt terrible for the San Francisco Giants.

If you did not see the post game celebration, it lasted like 12 seconds! It was so odd and I felt bad for San Francisco, because this team is so forgettable outside of San Francisco. I said this last week, this team is the Saints!

Fifty years from now, one or two players like Breeze and Lincecum, and you just won’t remember a thing! And there are lots of odd and random pieces that are only truly appreciated in their hometown. This team doesn’t have a national appeal, it’s not their fault. They are quarky, they are well put together by Ryan Sabian.

But when the Chicago Bulls won championships, it didn’t matter if they won it at the home…if they won it in Chicago or if they won it in Los Angeles, it just didn’t matter! Because they were so appreciated by the entire country. They would win in Salt Lake City, the crowd would stand and people would go “wow” and grab their cameras. The San Francisco Giants, they need to win a World Series at home, and that’s not a shot at them. You know what they are a little bit like? They are like that girl in high school that was really funny and really witty and really quarky and she had very few friends and very few people got her. She sorta has this Tina Fay chick personality.

Now later, she becomes a big start… but in high school, she was not very popular. Didn’t have the looks, not glamorous, funny, quarky, and outrageously successful. But in high school, only a few people got her. And that to some degree is the San Francisco Giants. And you sat there on Monday night after the game and the championship was over and after about like 12 second it was like they just didn’t have anybody to hug, nobody really appreciated them.

And I feel the same way about the Saints – San Francisco and New Orleans are totally unique American cities. Now mainstream, independent, they’ve got their own sub-culture, odd eccentric cities that party more than average. And that’s what makes them great and what makes them quarky, they are the opposite of corporate American, that’s what makes both cities, great!

It’s make makes the Saints and the Giants, because I believe teams become their cities. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that every Laker championship team has been largely built around offense and every great NBA team from Detroit has been the bad boys or the tough team.

The Steeler are always a tough “in your face” football team, the Niner’s, like San Francisco, were clever, ambitious, inventive and creative, that’s why the technology boom starts out west. Basically teams become cities. The Cowboys have historically, when they’ve won championships… big stars, flashy…that’s who they are, that’s what the city is…nothing wrong with that!

And the Saints and the Giants are quarky and forgettable and different and not mainstream and not corporate. So I felt bad for the Giants Monday night…winning the championship and then looking around for about 12 seconds and nobody outside of San Francisco really appreciated that team!

And just to show you the quarkiness of the San Francisco Giants organization, when you think of Lincecum, the first thing you think of is pot! I mean it is so uniquely San Francisco. You know, you think Bonds, Zito, Lincecum and pot. It is such a classic San Francisco team!

  1. Mike Crack says:

    I like when teams have a strong culture and build their teams around them. Like the Oakland Raiders. They have sort of lost that toughness nowadays, even during their 2002 Super Bowl appearance season. They weren’t that smash you in the mouth, then bomb it over you offense..Nor did they have the intimidating defense. But I hope to one day see that.

    True points bout them Cowboys and Steelers. I guess they’ve had guys at the top who were big on glitz and glamour (Tex Schramm, Jerry Jones for Dallas and then the Rooney “dynasty” for Pittsburgh)

    In hockey, I’ve found the Sabres to always be a team of sort of no-name, blue collar type players, just like the city of Buffalo.

    Good post, it’s interesting to discuss the permeation of a city’s culture to its sports team(s).

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