The Parallels Between The Miami Hurricanes of 01-06 And The Dallas Cowboy During Wade’s Era

Posted: November 9, 2010 in NCAA Football, NFL

…so Jerry Jones was fuming after the game on Sunday – I believe this all goes back and has parallels between the Miami Hurricanes when Larry Coker took over and with Wade Philips, when he took over at Cowboys for Bill Parcell. Fans were all high and emotional saying that it was all great, but Coker and Wade Philips never looked a part. They just never looked a part, the sideline demeanor was not that of a head coach, they didn’t look like guys that instilled respect or fear from players and both took really really good franchises and have driven them into the ground.

But it’s really interesting – when Bill Parcell left the Cowboys, the one and most important move he made – and this is one that NFL people keep saying over and over again and Cowboy fans were like “oh it doesn’t matter, we’re 13-3” They took a kid named Jeff Ireland, Parcell’s thought of him as a prodigy – a sort of personnel scouting prodigy – so he takes Jeff Ireland to the Miami Dolphins. Well, just take the 2008 draft and look at what Jeff Ireland, former Cowboy hotshot, did in Miami. Jake Long (pro bowler), Chad Henne (current starting QB), 3rd round Kendall Langford, defensive end starts. They went out and got an un-drafted receiver named Davone Bess – who by the way had the second most catches in NFL history for an un-drafted rookie. They go sign Brandon Marshall, very sharp, you can go back and look at their drafts, like the 2009 drafts like Dante Davis, Chris Clemons – fifth round, starting safety. This Jeff Ireland guy – and like every draft, some guys you do miss on – but they went out and he’s been able to go into the 4th and 5th rounds, un-drafted free agents, get real like big time players.

Conversely, the Cowboys general manager Jerry Jones, three draft picks for Roy Williams…I cannot tell you how damaging one bad trade like that is. Go back – and this is fascinating – go back and look at the 2009 draft, no Jeff Ireland, this is Jerry Jones: ten of the twelve picks are disasters. Listen to this, their first pick has been released, their second pick is on the practice squad, 3rd pick has never played, 5th pick has only played in one game, 6th pick is was a member of the Browns’ practice squad and then released, starting kicker is on injured reserve on the Bengals practice squad…10 of their 12 picks have been non-effective, Jerry Jones has been the GM.

You gotta be very careful – and this is why a lot of people are dancing on the Cowboy fans’ grave, I’m not one of them, but when they were 13-3 outside of Parcell’s, Cowboys were hollering “Bill’s terrible, Wade Philips is the man…” remember, I’ve said it before, it’s called discernment. Take the emotion out of it, you were seeing real slippage when they lost to the Giants in the playoffs that year, they were like the first team in 21 years who had the best record in the league, won their division and lost in the first round, you were already seeing slippage by the end of that year in the playoffs.

“Well Parcell’s didn’t win any playoff games either Andrew!” Listen, Parcell’s took a garbage dump team and completely rejuvenated the football operations. He took Jeff Ireland to Miami – and say what you want, that guy has aced the draft and free agency. The Cowboys are a complete mess right now an absolute mess! And Jerry Jones wasn’t talking after the game on Sunday, he was mostly fuming after the game by saying “I’ve got a lot of work to do, we’ve got a lot of decisions to make and it’s not just one or two or three or four, there are several decisions. I think everybody in this country would agree that there is a lot wrong with this team and we’ve gotta address it and certainly I’m the one who needs to address it”.

What’s really interesting to me is defensively, and that’s Wade Philips’ side of the ball, the team just quit on him. There was that play with Jenkins at the end of the game, there were smirks on the sidelines, Chris Collingsworth of ABC called him out on it during the commentary. They have seriously quit as a team.

It’s really weird, but when Larry Coker took over the Miami Hurricanes, I said it – you know he starts out 12-0 and I’m like “he doesn’t look like the part, he doesn’t speak like the part, he doesn’t feel like the part” he’s more one of these long time assistant guys. Anybody that has got the mindset of “I’m going to be #2 for 20 years is never going to be the guy in football”. If you go look at the Steve Spurrier, Urban Meyers, Nick Saben, they were not willing to be assistants for 25 years. The mindset, your either a head coach or you’re an assistant. So these guys who are assistants for 32 years that get the head coaching job, it is an absolute lock that they are going to bomb!

So there has been a lot of rumors circling on who’s gonna take the position (I know Garnett was named the interim, but let’s face it…The season is a write off!) Bill Cowherd has been a name whispered around. What’s interesting about Cowherd is that Cowboy fans are like “oh we’re going to win championship here!” If you look at the NFC – I mean I’ll tell say this about the NFC East. Tom Kofflin, Andy Reid, Mike Shanahan. Those are great coaches, whoever you hire as the new head coach is not going to magically make you great. The Eagles are talented and young, the Giants are talented and young as well, the Redskins aren’t very talented but whoever you get is not going to be some magical potion that will give you a 12 win team.

That division now, I would argue it’s the best coached division in football. Tom Kofflin, Andy Reid, Mike Shanahan. That is three hall of fame coaches. So whoever you hire…good luck on that! And there are some divisions here where I don’t think you have legendary coaches. Like I don’t think Pete Caroll, Mike Singletary and Steve Spagnola are great, but I think Spagnola is doing a wonderful job. But if you’re a Cowboy fan, this is not pretty, this is a really well coached division with the Giants and the Eagles having a ton of talent, are under the cap, very well run organizations and very young. Philadelphia is really really young.

  1. Mike Crack says:

    Yeah, Coker inherited a greatly recruited team from Butch Davis and won a national title, then ran it into the ground. I can see the parallel with Phillips-Parcells.

    I do give credit to Phillips for getting TO more involved in the offense than Parcells ever did, and for getting the ‘Boys their first playoff win since 1997. Also, the Cowboys weren’t the team with the best record in 2007, the undefeated Pats were, although they were the first seeded team in the NFC. I believe it’s happened before (top seeded team in the conf. losing their first game). The Titans did it in 2000 to the Ravens, the Rams did it in 2003, the Colts in 2005, Chargers in 2006, and then after the Cowboys, the Giants and Titans in 2008.

    Cowher would probably do the ‘Boys some good, and he’s a coach the players would respect. However, word is that he would like some more control over the team, so unless Jerry has more of a hands off approach as he did during the Parcells era, Cowher won’t sign. To add to that, even in the Parcells era, Jones still made some calls, from what I’ve heard. Parcells apparently wanted Shawne Merriman in the 2005 draft, while Jones favoured DeMarcus Ware. Jones won out, and at first, many people felt the Cowboys missed by not going with Merriman. Now, it looks like Jones made the right call. Also, Parcells did not want TO, but Jones went with him, anyway. I don’t know if Cowher could stomach Jones’ interventions.

    I wonder where Cowher would go if he had a chance to come back.

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