Its an 82 Game Season in the NBA, Even The 95/96 Season Bulls Lost To Dog Teams, Lebron And The Heat Will Be Fine!!!

Posted: November 10, 2010 in MLB, NASCAR, NBA, NCAA Basketball, NFL

…alrighty Lebron haters…god I tell you, it’s like shooting fish into a barrel…dumb fish that is. Listen to this meat ball (who I won’t call out) he texted me this morning saying “hey, what’s up with the Gods, they lost last night…lost to the Jazz? That’s like losing to a 3 year old boy. For so much hype you give them Andrew, they are pretty crappy!” Miami lost to Utah last night. Tell you what; you nailed it boss….NOT!! Dude, it’s the NBA. Its 82 games long, like even championship teams lose to dogs regularly.

Last year the Lakers, the NBA champs, lost to the Clippers twice! Lost to dreadful Toronto (that was my first game working for MLSE during my co-op, it was quite the spectacle) and lost to Memphis. They lost to the Clippers twice. The NBA runner up Celtics, listen to this, this is like a roll call for the NBA’s worst teams, Boston lost to all of them:  Philly, New Jersey, Clippers, Memphis, the Knicks and Washington. Boston lost to all of them.

Quit over-reacting to singular losses during an NBA season. Listen 95% of the people who read these posts or have commented on these posts are smart people, I really believe that. But I’ve got over-reaction guy Mondays during the NFL season (its why I rarely post a rant on Monday, people are too emotionally vested still after all the games, Tuesday you at least have some common sense back) and meatball fan who regularly drops in.

Miami and Lebron are going to win a ton of games…are they as good as the Lakers? Noooo!! I don’t think they’re that close, I think they lose in 5 games to the Lakers. I think they’d lose in 5 or 6 against the Celtics. They are the third best team in the league.

For the record, the last legendary team in the NBA was the Chicago Bulls. In the 95/96 season, that was the great Bulls team, they went 72-10, great team! Ever see who those 10 losses were to? 5 of them are against dog teams. They lost to Toronto! Toronto was 20-62 that year. They lost to the Hornets, Nuggets, Suns and Heat.  They lost to the Nuggets and Suns back to back. Those teams combined for like 76 wins that season…COMBINED!

So, this is the NBA, and I’ll tell you something. For the uniquely gifted in any field, be it law, medicine, sales, media, technology, for the uniquely gifted, the greatest challenge is often getting up emotionally for the have-nots! I mean think about it, you go play Memphis, in Memphis, it’s the one game they sell out all year, it’s there Superbowl and you’re the Celtics coming into town.

You people have got to get over this – the Miami Heat are a good team. They are not the Lakers and they are not the Celtics and you have got to get over that. They are not those teams, because those teams are currently better right now.

I mean, I don’t think people realize this, but the Lakers are 8-0 right now. They played poorly last night and won….that’s hard to do in the NBA. The NBA I believe has got enough talent – even for a team like the Clippers that everyone virtually laughs at, Clippers have a lot of talent. Blake Griffin and Eric Gordon are good NBA players. Blake Griffin is going to be a great NBA player, Eric Gordon is above average. This is the NBA.

College basketball and the NBA are different sports, one plays 30 games and the other plays 80-90 games. If you go to the playoffs in the NBA, which the top teams do, you’ll end up playing like 115-120 games. You’re not going to a full court press, you do that in the Big 10, you can’t do that in the NBA. In college, it’s mostly a regional traveling league. For Big 10 teams, once you get into the season, its buses and short flights. In the NBA, it’s coast to coast traveling for 82 games.

So you get teams that are tired. You play three games in four nights in the NBA and you fly from New York to Orlando and then two stops in Dallas and Houston, you are virtually shot! It’s amazing how people are over-reacting.

I will say this though; there is no question Miami has got issues on the interior. They are not, right now – there is no way in the world they beat Boston of Los Angeles in a 7 game series.  Like think about this, the Cleveland Cavaliers, in their home opener, beat the Boston Celtics. The next night they go to Toronto and lose by 20. You clearly don’t get the same effort every single night in the NBA. It’s not because guys don’t care. The Boston Celtics are old; they are terrible on the second game in a back-to-back situation. That’s where two of their losses are from.

If you get Boston on three days rest, they are going to beat you up! You get Boston on a second night in a back-to-back, they will fall apart in the fourth quarter, they have twice this year in two of their losses. You’re clearly not getting the same effort, your just not. Simply because you have teams who are rested and teams that travel across the country.

Listen, you have some NBA opinions at the start of the season which may are valid. For example, It is troubling that Chris Bosh’s rebounding numbers are down because the Heat need Bosh to be a little bit more of a power player, because they are soft,  Mike Miller is not there yet.

 I have to tell you something though, this is probably the best Laker team I’ve ever seen in my lifetime. Probably the best one on paper since Kareem Abdul-Jabbar team. This team is – folks! They are 8-0 and drilling people and they don’t have Andrew Bynum!  I honestly think this Laker team is a dynasty, they have won two in a row, we haven’t had a dynasty in Sports in a while (could argue Jimmy Johnson in NASCAR is currently one, but who really watches that for 3 hours other than myself and rednecks in the Bible belt.) but we don’t have one in the NFL or MLB. I think we are seeing the up rise of a dynasty in the NBA. Lakers have won it back-to-back and this team to me is significantly better than last year.


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