Cam Newton/Auburn and the SEC…Where There Is Smoke, There Is Fire

Posted: November 12, 2010 in NCAA Football

…even if you don’t follow college football, what I’m about to say is not even really a college football issue, I think it’s bigger than this. Cam Newton is a quarterback at Auburn and he is really good. People think he should win the Heisman trophy (an annual awarded given to the player deemed the most outstanding player in collegiate football), and Cam should probably win it. He used to play at Florida; but there are a lot of allegations around this kid. There are two more allegations, one surfaced just last week where his dad, Cecil Newton, basically said “if you want my son, it’s gonna take more than a scholarship”

 I don’t know if any of this stuff is true. Like I mean there’s a lot of smoke and generally in life, where there is smoke there is fire. And you’re not going to get an objective comment from an Auburn fan, so let’s move past that. But I will tell you this; let me squash two things right now. I was streaming Fox Sports Radios’ Auburn affiliate last week (WAUD AM 1230), and all I heard Auburn fans say was “I don’t like the timing of this, it’s very suspicious!” I’m sorry, but that’s a “you” problem.

If I’m the CRA or IRS, you cheat on your taxes “knock knock knock, its Christmas, I’m screwing your Christmas…give us our money back!” Don’t cheat on your taxes because I can audit you whenever I want to. Never forget that George Bush got a DUI and didn’t report it before he was elected president. And it was a few days before the election with Al Gore, when the news broke. It cost George Bush, according to Harris interactive poll, 2 million votes. Many suggest that Al Gore’s people released it right before the election.

So what if they did? You got a DUI and you didn’t report! If you cheat on your taxes, the CRA/IRS has the right to audit you on Thanksgiving or your Wedding Day, okay? Don’t cheat on your taxes! The perpetrator doesn’t have a choice. The guilty don’t go to jail when it’s convenient for the guilty. So if this Auburn/Cam Newton stuff is true, of course SEC (Southeastern Conference) rivals are going to rain on your parade at the perfect time…for them! Do you think they’re going to release this in June? No, they’re going to 2 days before  the SEC championship, okay?

Sports is like politics, it’s a battle every day. Auburn fans , I also – spare me on this moral high ground. Your history is lined with sketchy NCAA stuff. Remember the 91’ men’s basketball program? Where you got two year probation?  Or the 90’s Eric Ramsey tapes? The payment scheme? Pat Dire re-signed because of it. So forget the moral high ground argument, this is the SEC, its Auburn, there is already a history there.

Now, the other issue is – and I keep hear this all the time as well. A guy who I think is very thought provoking, from, Greg Doyle. He’s a thought provoking guy, he says – and he makes the argument that a lot of people do in life. “Well, what about the source? I don’t know if I believe the source” For the record, the source is John Vaughan; he played the quarterback position at Mississippi State, he’s a Mississippi state booster! (They are an Auburn rival and currently in the running for the SEC title)

Well just because you have an agenda, it doesn’t mean you’re wrong! I mean Fox News has an agenda, doesn’t make them wrong. MSNBC has a liberal agenda, doesn’t make them wrong either. Just because you are rooting against somebody, it doesn’t mean you weren’t able to un-surface allegations against them.

Never forget that the US government allowed Sammy “The Bull” Gravano to testify and imprison John Gotti. Sammy killed 30 people! He acknowledged it and the US government still used him. How do you catch a jewel theft? You hire an ex-jewel theft. Some of the most sinister people in this country are used to find other sinister people.

So I guess my two takeaways from this are that 1) anybody complaining about the timing of this Auburn allegation…that’s a “you” problem. 2)  Just because somebody, say from Michigan State, does have an agenda, it doesn’t make them wrong. I was thinking about this story while taking the GO Train into work last week.

Let’s say you’re going to get married, think about this. And you’re clearly picking up the tab; you’re the guy, the groom, your picking up the tab. And you and your dad and your family have spent – perhaps overspent, say $70,000. I mean that’s a lot of money…your really spending a lot of money. You find out 3 weeks before that she’s been having an affair, and you’ve spent $70,000, it broke your heart. You know what? There are a lot of guys out there that would wait until the day before the wedding and say “how funny, you’ve been having an affair eh…sorry I broke your heart, chaos!” Don’t cheat…and the guy won’t break your heart!

I never buy into the argument of “well I mean that guy is shady!” A lot of shady people are used as witnesses; I mean a lot of them, by our government. So I’ve never bought into that argument. If you go look around in this country on how we’re finding – from serial killers to child predators – you often have to go to talk to those who’ve been jailed for that. Ted Bundy, the US government talked to Ted Bundy about how to find the Green River killer. They went to him and said “how do we find this guy in Washington State that is killing all these women?” and Ted gave them a great piece of advice, he said “he’ll go back to the site of the crimes. Go back to where you find the women, because serial killers kill the person and like to go back and revisit the place” Cops took his advice and it helped cops find the serial killer! So you’re using serial killers to find serial killers

So I don’t care if John Vaughan played football and he hates Auburn, everybody in the south hates the other school, that’s the whole game in the SEC.

  1. Mike Crack says:

    I agree. Sometimes you just have to analyze what the person is saying, and disregard their credibility (or lack thereof) and their bias. It’s hard to do, so it’s understandable that Auburn fans would think Vaughn has some angle.

    • DerekMayo says:

      Ya i agree with you on this one Andrew. It just pisses me off how one minute the media is all over you and the next minute they hate you. I totally understand Randy Moss now.

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