What To Look For In A Gig…The Vikings vs Cowboy Gig, Which To Choose?

Posted: November 15, 2010 in NFL

…I’m going to start with this today, what is a good job? I want you to pretend (or maybe you don’t have to) that there are a couple of big jobs out there. What do you consider to be a good job? Now I’ve had the good fortune to interview with top notch companies and for really good gigs during my university co-op experience and some I’ve landed. I know there are 3 or 4 things I always think about.

#1 Do they have resources? Great resources? Do they have the best technology? Resource is the #1 thing to me. I use to always joke around at MLSE with some of my superiors saying “you can have the greatest surveyors in the world, but if it’s not properly done, the data is garbage!” So to me, resource is the key.

#2 Do you have an educated or talented employee base? Am I going to be working with good people? Again, you could be a superstar, but if you got a bunch of knuckleheads…bad job! How are your resources and how is your employee base?

#3 Do I have strong supportive bosses, but not medaling ones. I don’t want to deal with micro-management. You hired me; you’re paying me good money, strong boss, not a medaling one. #4 is it a good culture? Is it the right culture? Is it a driven, ambitious, ethical culture?

So the four things I look at, when there is a big job, and let’s say I want to apply to it – but let’s face it, we still got unemployment in this country. Now some people just want jobs and I totally get it. But, great resources, good employee’s, strong management but not medaling and the right culture.

So let me ask you this: Am I the only person who thinks today that the Minnesota Vikings job is a lot better than the Dallas Cowboys job? The Cowboys’ is open (face it, Garrett is not staying for long) and the Vikings job will be soon. Let’s compare the two.

With Dallas, I’ve got to face Andy Reid, Tom Kofflin and Mike Shanahan twice a year….No Thanks! In Minnesota, I get the Lions twice (looks like Stafford could be a physical bust…I mean the guy is an injury magnet) and I’ve got Levy Smith of the Bears twice and Jay Cutler…I’ll take Minnesota! I mean, I’m 3-1 or 4-0 right there.

In Dallas, I get some good players. Austin Miles is good, Terrance Newman and Tony Romo…those are good players. In Minnesota I get star players. Adrian Peterson, Jarred Allan, Percy Harvin. Look around the league folks, stars win games, not good players.

In Dallas, there are a lot of distractions…pretty girls, more strip clubs per capita, warm weather, and it’s the Big D. In Minnesota, its cold, in the winter it’s dark by 4:20pm and players are focused. In Dallas, I’ve got an owner who wants to be the GM as well. In Minnesota I get an owner who hires a GM to be a GM. Now the Minnesota short coming is “boy what to do with Brett Favre!”

Well that’s really not that difficult. You walk in and say “Brett, I’m going to draft a QB, stick around for another year, I’m not Brad Childress, and I like you. In fact I would ask you to please come back; I’m begging you to come back for a year. We can negotiate it after that, but I want you to be the mentor to a young next Brett Favre, please stay”. So that ugly relationship with Brad Childress, just patch that up. Then you say to him “Oh by the way, I’m going to keep the OC and use the same play book. So I’ll let you call your own plays, nobody will interfere.”

I’m not saying that the Dallas Cowboys job is the Notre Dame job, where the value and name is greater than the actual value by a lot. But it has some similar trait of the Notre Dame job. The name value is greater than the actual value. I mean with the Cowboy job, 6 times a season, I’m facing 3 of the top 5 coaches in the NFL! Facing Eli Manning, Tom Kofflin, Reid, Shanahan. In Minnesota I get real stars, winnable division, a great committed hands-off owner, no built-in dysfunction and that northern winter work ethic, Nordic toughness.

Let’s be honest, this is the sound of Dallas [party music in the background]. This is the sound of Minnesota in the winter [hard work ethic music lol] I get to party in Dallas, great weather, the outdoors. While in Minnesota you got dad telling his kids “hey kids, let’s go rake the yard and shovel the driveway as a team….alright!!” Nordic, winter, rust belt.

I read this quote from Troy Aikman the other day, he said “the talk of Jerry Jones stepping aside as a general manager is pointless to talk about, it’ll never happen” And people think that’s not a huge road block? Go look at the 2009 draft for the Cowboys; they whiffed on 10 of 12 picks. They gave up 3 picks for Roy Williams.

You know, I’ll never forget what a former co-worker at Airmiles, now in the gambling business, told me. He said “the Casino’s (especially in Las Vegas) hire from the rust belt. They don’t target the rust belt as consumers; they target Los Angeles, New York, Miami and Asian countries, London. But they hire from the rust belt, they hire from the Midwest. They want Midwest employee’s to bring that work ethos, but they are not going to target Iowa for their consumer base. They can go to local casinos and that’s where the money is”.

It’s interesting that we fall in love with the hype and the sexy, but Dallas has real road blocks, not a great culture, an owner who wants to and will be the GM and a bunch of good players. The Vikings job is a better gig! Your big road block in Minnesota is a hall a fame QB who is stubborn.

Look around the league, not a lot of guys in the last 2 years, winning more games than Brett Favre has, he wins a lot of games, players like him, I don’t have a backup that is capable anyways [Tavaris Jackson]. So I’ll go draft one of the good QB this year like Stanford’s Andrew Loch. I’ll sit him behind Brett for a year, maybe two and then let him play. Philip Rivers sat for two years, Drew Breeze sat for a while, so did Aaron Rogers, I kind of like my QB’s to sit.

  1. Mike Crack says:

    Yeah, it must be tough to have Jerry over your shoulder. It takes a strong coaching personality to try to overrule him, such as a Jimmy Johnson or Bill Parcells. Johnson even had to leave after winning 2 SBs cuz Jones and him couldn’t co-exist.

    Of course, some people would love to have a chance to make the Cowboys “America’s Team” once again, as well as have the chance to work in a city/state where football is second only to God Himself. Dallas also offers the stability of knowing that you will remain in Dallas for the foreseeable future. Minnesota doesn’t offer that.

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